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PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords in 2018

AdWords in 2018: What Happened and What’s to Come

So, we’re almost half way through 2018, feel like you’ve caught up yet? What have we seen so far and…

PPC Geeks Blog - Bing v AdWords

Bing PPC vs. Google AdWords: Which is Best for You?

So you want to get in on the PPC action but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve been…

PPC Geeks Blog - Customer Match

What is Customer Match and Why is it Good for Small Businesses?

Customer Match launched in 2015 and is the perfect way for small businesses to target their customers through AdWords. What…

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Checkup Step 2

AdWords Check Up: Step 2 – Audiences and Performance

Now that you’ve completed step one, you’ll already be familiar with the basics of your AdWords account: Key business aims…

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Checkup Step 1

AdWords Check Up: Step 1 – The Basics

If you’re taking on a new AdWords account or just battling inertia, an AdWords account check up should be on…

PPC Geeks Blog - Improve AdWords Quality Score

10 Ways to Improve your AdWords Quality Score

Whether you’re brand new to AdWords or you’ve been running multiple accounts for a while, Quality Score is always going…

PPC Geeks Blog Google AdWords Cost How Much Will it Cost You 298x300 - Google AdWords Cost: How Much Will it Cost You?

Google AdWords Cost: How Much Will it Cost You?

So you’re thinking about setting up an AdWords account but you’re not sure how much it’s all going to cost.…

The PPC Geeks PPC Management Blog

What are Custom Intent Audiences in AdWords?

At the tail end of 2017, Google added Custom Intent Audiences to AdWords. Haven’t heard of them yet? You’re not…

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