Conversion Rate Optimisation

Landing Page Testing: 12 Tests to Run Right Now

PPC Geeks Blog Landing Page Testing - Landing Page Testing: 12 Tests to Run Right Now

Is the landing page the most important element of your entire AdWords campaign? After all, it’s the last step of the customer journey. It’s the place where people are going to decide, once and for all, whether to buy from you. Every element of your landing page has the potential to make or break conversions.…

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Marketing Tip of the Month: Nail Your Call to Actions

PPC Geeks Blog - Nail Your Call to Actions

We all know the importance of CTAs, right? They can be the difference between a successful landing page and a failing one. When conversion is key, good CTAs are god. There’s no time to lose, let’s get down to the business of improving your CTAs. Call to Action Audit Unfortunately, there is only one place…

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What is a Squeeze page? And How to Make a Great One

PPC Geeks Blog - What Is a Squeeze Page

You can put all the effort (and money) in the world into getting people to your website, but if they don’t do what you want, what’s the point? You might be expecting me to say what the point is. But, really, there isn’t any. via GIPHY You should always have an objective you want your…

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Back to Basics: Landing Page Best Practice to Generate Leads


    Search the web and you will find 5,920,000 results for designing a good landing page People will always disagree. Articles will always claim to have a new silver bullet tip. Learning is great, but these tools and techniques can cause the dreaded analysis paralysis. Business owners then end up sending all traffic to…

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