Outsourcing: Advantages & Disadvantages

PPC Geeks Blog - Outsourcing Advantages & Disadvantages

Reducing costs and increasing productivity are goals for any successful business. Outsourcing could help you do both! Outsourcing is simply using an external contractor (third-party provider) to fulfil services which generally fall outside of your business’ key functions. Ask yourself, do we need to create that new department or invest in new equipment? But outsourcing…

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Build the Perfect PPC Landing Page: Best Practice & Examples

PPC Geeks Blog - Build the Perfect PPC Landing Page

No matter how big your PPC budget, and no matter how clever your keyword and bidding strategy is, and no matter how beautifully written and relevant your ads are, if you’re not sending users to good landing pages you might as well not bother. If your leads don’t like what they see when they reach…

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How to Use AdWords to Promote and Inform Branded Content

PPC Geeks Blog - How to Use AdWords to Promote and Inform Branded Content

When we talk about promoting branded content, AdWords rarely comes into the fore. But AdWords is a great opportunity that so many advertisers are overlooking. What is branded content? Think advertorials in newspapers and infomercials on TV. Branded content can take many forms online and offline. If you’re able to create genuine, interesting branded content…

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YouTube Ad Changes: What do They Mean?

PPC Geeks Blog - YouTube Ad Changes

This year, YouTube has made a host of changes to keep advertisers using their service. What was the problem? YouTube has long been under fire for policing their content, or lack of. Some big businesses like Mars and Hewlett-Packard stopped YouTube advertising last year after their ads had been appearing on videos which included explicit…

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