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Google Limit Personalised Ads for Consumer Finance

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Google Limit Personalised Ads for Consumer Finance

Google’s New Policy on Consumer Finance Ads

Starting February 2024, Google will restrict personalised ads for consumer finance. Specifically, advertisers can no longer target their credit and banking ads based on sensitive personal attributes such as gender, age, parental status, and marital status.

The range of products affected by this new policy is extensive. It includes but is not limited to, credit cards, various types of loans (such as home loans, car loans, appliance loans, and short-term loans), banking and checking accounts, as well as debt management products.*

Implications for Advertisers and Businesses

This policy change signals a shift in how businesses can approach advertising for consumer finance products. The removal of the ability to use sensitive personal data for ad targeting means advertisers will need to rethink their strategies. It’s a move towards more generalised, less tailored advertising within this sector. This change may challenge businesses to find new, innovative ways to connect with potential customers without relying on the previously available personal data.

Navigating the Changes in Consumer Finance Advertising

Adapting to these new regulations will require a fresh approach to targeting and messaging. It’s an opportunity to explore different aspects of market segmentation and to develop creative ways to engage with a broader audience.

For businesses in the consumer finance sector, staying ahead of these changes and adjusting your strategies accordingly is key to maintaining a competitive edge. Whether you’re already running Google PPC advertising campaigns or planning to start, understanding these new limitations is essential for effective advertising.

At PPC Geeks, we recognise the importance of staying up-to-date with Google’s policies and leveraging them for maximum impact. As an award-winning, Google Premier Partner, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed about the latest updates from the Google PPC marketing industry. If you need help navigating these changes, or want to improve your Google Ads campaigns, consider investing in a 100% free PPC audit.


*For a comprehensive understanding of Google’s policy update, please refer to their support page.


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