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Comparison Shopping Services

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CSS Shopping Ads: Did you know that Google had opened the doors for Comparison Shopping Services to buy Google Shopping space?

Indeed, with an approximately 20% discount on CSS traffic - giving users of CSS a clear 20% advantage in the shopping auctions they appear in, Comparison Shopping Services are there to help advanced advertisers gain an edge over their peers.

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How Do Comparision Shopping Services Work?

Comparison Shopping Services can bid to place Google Shopping ads on Google’s general search results page on behalf of the merchants they represent. Like any CSS, Google Shopping bids on behalf of merchants. Meaning you can choose to take part in shopping auctions.

Image showing Shopping Ads on Google's serach results page - PPC Geeks

Furthermore, you can provide your product data to any CSS, including Google Shopping. This means that anyone who clicks on the ad needs to be taken directly to a merchant’s bespoke landing page where they can buy the advertised product.

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There’s never been a better time to enjoy the opportunities of Google Shopping with a Comparison Shopping Service. With the online retail marketplace continuing to grow, there is an ever-increasing customer volume generated through Google searches.
With the constant evolution of Google Shopping Ads, Comparison Shopping Services are providing more ways for brands to be online and generate sales.

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Why Use Comparison Shopping Services

Comparison Shopping Services lean heavily on the CSS partner program. This helps Comparison Shopping Services merchants to connect with shoppers through Google Shopping ads.

Below shows the Google results page showing shopping ads with three of the six using CSS partners to place their ads. We have Highlighted in Green the three posted by CSS Partners with the Orange Highlighted ads posted through Google itself!

Google results page showing shopping ads with three of the six using CSS partners to place their ads

So why use CSS? In doing so, Comparison Shopping Services can help you maximise the potential of your Shopping ads, making the process seamless for merchants and consumers alike.

History of Comparison Shopping Services

Comparison Shopping Services was thus created as a separate entity in 2002. This was a consequence of a European Commission judgment filing against Google. Because of this decision, Google Shopping now functions as a separate unit. Meaning that CSS merchants are forced to buy advertising space from Google.

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How to Choose a CSS Partner?

If you can work with one or more partners, what goes into choosing a Comparison Shopping Partner?

The main ones include:

1. Service Models

A managed service from a Google Shopping agency lets you provide your product data directly to your Comparison Shopping Service, they then handle the optimisation of your feed, uploading it to Google and managing your campaign.

Self-servicing models help you manage your Google Shopping ads once they have been created by your Comparison Shopping Service.

2. Bidding Strategies

Every CSS has their own approach to impactful bidding, some focus on specific products rather than an entire industry, others concentrate on creating structures and bidding optimisation.

That said, the AI approach also works throughout the day and night to implement smart bidding on every product.

3. Billing Models

A lot of Comparison Shopping Services operate on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis with an additional fee on your bids. Google Shopping ads a 20% charge onto bids before entering an auction, referencing the 20% discount noted previously.

While it’s possible to run an optimised campaign on a CPA basis, meaning you can pay a commission, the Cost Per Click model is best for optimising your bids.

4. Reach

Massive amounts of data come with scale, empowering your Comparison Shopping Services to benchmark your exploits and understand where improvements can be made. One key comparison is the reach of your CSS website and/ or landing pages.

How to be Successful with Google CSS

There are two main areas which form the solid basis for success with Google Comparison Shopping Services: the quality of your business, and your partner strategy.

Indeed, the best practice for Comparison Shopping Services matches up closely with a positive ecommerce strategy. Furthermore, a good CSS strategy can even improve your results in the likes of Google Shopping and Paid Search advertising.

Positive Existing Conversion Rate

A good indication of success with Google Shopping Services is a positive existing conversion rate. As this shows increasing visitors are more likely to result in more sales. Your inventory should be competitively priced and your product information should be emboldened by good quality images and positive reviews from previous customers.

High Customer Demand

The other indication of success is that there is high customer demand for your products. This is mainly highlighted by the search volume for individual items or the product category in general. Benefiting from making the most of the search volume metrics, you can then be best placed to increase sales as demand for your products grow.

Furthermore, there are four other levers to drive success with Google Comparison Shopping Services. They include:

  • Your Offering - A quality website, products and data feed, with an equally good existing conversion rate is guaranteed to drive success with Goggle CSS.
  • Your Competitiveness - To achieve success with Google Comparison Shopping Services products must be well priced, have good reviews and be available to buy regularly.
  • The Market Demand - Customers are actively looking for products and there’s a super high amount of search volume.
  • Comparison Shopping Service - Choosing the best partners, brand and marketing strategy, and the right commission rates.

As highlighted above, when leveraged right, you can certainly benefit from Google Shopping Services.

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Google Shopping Product Display

By their own admission, Google does its best not to show multiple instances of the same product served up by the same merchant.

Indeed, if Google identifies that the same product from the same merchant has been uploaded by several Comparison Shopping Services, the platform then only shows it once in the ad carousel.

That said, alternative products from the same shopping merchant can appear via several shopping services.

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There’s never been a better time to benefit from the opportunities of Google Shopping with a Comparison Shopping Service.

With the constant evolution of Google Shopping Ads, Comparison Shopping Services are providing more ways for brands to be seen online and generate sales. You do not want to miss out, do you?

If you want to vastly improve your results on Google Shopping and Google in general?

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