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Are you searching for the best PPC agency in CumbriaIf so, congratulations - you've found us!

We have helped many businesses just like yours in Cumbria. We maximise their sales and leads, we draw upon not only a wealth of data and a pool of exceptional marketers but also years’ worth of experience in order to get the utmost out of your PPC campaigns. 

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PPC Geeks the Pay Per Click Experts in Cumbria

Our PPC Geeks are all Google Ads Certified digital advertising specialists.

Cumbria PPC Experts

Working with the right PPC agency in Cumbria such as ours, we can guarantee to place your ads in front of your target demographic fast and maximise the return on your investment for you.

Grow Your Business

In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, put your trust in a PPC agency in Cumbria that understands the vital role both data-driven decisions and unbridled creativity play in any promising PPC campaign. Our PPC Geeks are here to help grow your business at a pace that suits your needs.

Exceptional Results

So, whether you want to outperform your competition, generate more sales or boost brand awareness, this expert PPC agency in Cumbria is fluent in everything from Google Ads and Google Shopping to YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and many more.

#1 PPC Agency in Cumbria

Do you run a business and want fast results? Then you absolutely need to consider PPC advertising, and with it the best PPC agency in Cumbria. If you want to land more sales - and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t - then paid advertising on Google, Amazon or social media can form the basis of a strategy that could take your business to the next level.

So, if you’re not generating the leads you’d like or have no idea even how to, then this PPC agency in Cumbria, with a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated experts, can help.

With multiple years’ worth of knowledge to draw upon and a team of experienced PPC experts who thrive on exercising their creativity and delivering results, we pride ourselves on getting the best possible return for your ad spend. Just some of the sectors we’ve worked with over the years include the hospitality, tourism, finance, education and ecommerce industry verticals.

So, whether you’re interested in paid campaigns for Google, Google Shopping, YouTube, Amazon or even Bing, this PPC agency in Cumbria is most known for delivering the best, most impactful campaigns that deliver results, whether that’s an increase in brand awareness or a boost in sales.


Our robust and trusted PPC strategies encompass paid advertising across multiple platforms such as Google Shopping, Google Adwords, Facebook, Amazon and YouTube.

Do you want to outperform your closest rivals? Do you want to boost your brand awareness? Maybe you want to increase sales; whatever it is, this very knowledgeable PPC agency in Cumbria is proficient in placing your ads not only quickly but also targeted at the right people!

PPC Agency in Cumbria - A Tailorable Marketing Plan

Data-Driven PPC Agency in Cumbria


By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail, and with paid advertising this mantra remains as pertinent as ever.

Not only do we provide an absolutely incredible service unmatched by many, but, as a PPC agency in Cumbria which prides itself on planning, we know that having the right plan in place can turn any PPC campaign from a good one, into an exceptional one.

From keyword research and competitor analysis reporting to relaying our understanding of everything involving budget management, this PPC agency in Cumbria, unlike most, stands with you, side-by-side, and plans your PPC journey from start to finish.

And, in doing so, we can almost guarantee you the results you crave.

Let us do the hard work for you, planning your campaign, writing ads, implementing a strategy and analysing the results, because this PPC agency in Cumbria are industry experts when it comes to planning and implementing bespoke PPC campaigns, and we are proud of it.

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#1 PPC Agency in Cumbria

Centred around the entire user experience, PPC marketing can encompass multiple platforms, be it Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, TikTok, Bing or YouTube. As an expert PPC agency in Cumbria, it’s essential to form a unified strategy that embraces multiple touchpoints that consumers interact with on a regular basis.


Our approach to PPC management embraces multiple channels to make sure that, from a PPC perspective at least, your marketing output is generating more sales and leads for less spend. That said, our PPC experts also work with you to understand every channel, what it takes to reach the right people on that channel and how to speak to them in order to deliver your objectives.


In a world of multiple social media platforms, it’s vital to cut through the noise with the right message, at the right time, directed at the right person who wants to hear it - PPC marketing helps you achieve that in a unified way.


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PPC Agency in Cumbria - Marketing Expertise

Not only is it important to understand who your ideal customers are, but it’s also important to know what platforms they are on and what type of content they respond to. It’s for that reason why we cover a range of platforms and services to help you.

Indeed, it’s this in-depth research that ensures we craft the right ads, place them in front of the right people and achieve the ROI you desire.

PPC Campaign Setup - Campaign set up is vital. Using statistics to structure your PPC campaigns, we take into account your preferences for platforms and positions and build your campaigns accordingly. It’s safe to say that, as a leading PPC agency in Cumbria, we don’t gamble or guess when dealing with your ads.

Writing Ad Copy - Copywriting is an artform we take very seriously. Whether it’s your Call To Action’s (CTA), which need to be engaging and appealing, or your product descriptions, which have to be both snappy and optimised, this PPC agency in Cumbria knows the true value of good copy and how it can shape a strong campaign.

Conversion Analysis - measuring sales is important for knowing what’s working and what isn’t. By tracking your conversions, we get a clearer picture of your customer journey and how we can then create more successful campaigns around our newfound knowledge.


These are just some of the amazing services we provide. And, not only that but these services can also be replicated across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube and LinkedIn. So, when it comes to providing the best marketing services possible, we are second to none.

Google Ads - Positioning your business at the forefront of the world’s largest search engine to instantly generate leads and boost sales, our PPC Agency in Cumbria is home to a wide range of Google Ads specialists who themselves are also at the forefront of PPC marketing. Get your 100% Free Google Ads Audit here today!


Google Shopping -  Do you operate an eCommerce site? We are one of the leading PPC agencies in Cumbria who help with accelerating sales by marketing your products on Google Shopping. Get your 100% Free Google Shopping Ads Audit here today!

Meet Your New Team of PPC Experts Here:

YouTube Ads - Paid search campaigns that are driven by data and creativity can leverage the power of YouTube to land new customers and engage with people. Whether it’s in-stream video ads, non-video ads such as banners and overlays or native discovery ads, we have a team of people who are authorities when it comes to YouTube ads. Book in for your 100% Free YouTube Ads Review here today!


Remarketing - Do you believe you’re losing potential customers? PPC remarketing is a great way to target business that might have been lost in the past. Remarketing to previous visitors to your website by using text, image or video-based ads, provides you with one last shot at a sale before it’s gone for good. Get our PPC Experts to review your Remarketing/Retargeting strategy for Free here today!


Free PPC Audit/Review - Nothing is ever perfect, and there’s always room for improvement. Be it poor copy, unoptimised titles, overspending or low-resolution images, a thorough PPC audit helps to identify where improvements can be made.
Keyword Research - Deciding on which keywords we should base your PPC campaign on is a task we undertake together. Why? Because keywords need to be relevant to your business, and nobody knows your business like you. Order your 100% Free Pay Per Click Review here today!


Facebook Ads - How well are your social PPC campaigns performing? Are they performing at the very best they could be? Our PPC Experts live and breathe Facebook Ads and make sure that they perform at the very best they can. If you feel your Facebook Ads campaigns could be better you should simply book in for your 100% Free Facebook Ads Review with us today!


Bing & Microsoft Ads - while the Microsoft network is much smaller than the dominance of Google it should not just be dismissed. Imagine seeing an increase of 10% to your turnover, profitability and more - this is what you could be missing out on by not fully optimising Bing and the wider Microsoft search network. If you have not been showing Bing much love recently and you want to know if it could be doing better - just book in for your 100% & Free human review of your Bing Ads accounts here today!


Amazon Ads - are you seeing the ACoS you want to see on your Amazon Ads account? If not and you are not seeing the gains you wish you were - you should speak with our amazing team of Amazon Ads Pay Per Click Experts. Our team of Amazon Ads experts will manually review your accounts and show you in an easy to understand report what is needed to improve the results you get from your accounts. They will highlight areas that you can improve to get better results quickly! If you want results to improve fast you should simply book in for your 100% Free Amazon Ads Audit here today! 


LinkedIn Ads - are you selling products and services to B2B or to the 'professional world'? If so, you might already be using LinkedIn Ads as it is the largest network of professional people in the world! Through LinkedIn Ads, you can gain access to an unrivalled network of professional prospects. If your LinkedIn Ads are not driving the results you want to see, our LinkedIn Ads Experts will review your accounts and write a detailed report on how you can improve the results you get from your LinkedIn PPC. Book in for your 100% Free LinkedIn Ads Audit here today!


TikTok Ads - are your products and services skewed to specific demographics like age/gender etc? If so, are you making your target audience aware of your brand/product and or services? We conduct in-depth customer profiling and make sure we place our clients in front of their core demographic. This might mean your products and services should be on the new and emerging platforms such as TikTok. Are your TikTok ads performing well - if not our PPC Experts will manually review your account - let us know here that you want a PPC review of your TikTok Ads account!


The online world can sometimes feel daunting. So, with our expert help, we can help you navigate multiple platforms whilst achieving the best results imaginable.


Every business wants to be remembered; recommended, talked about as an industry leader when it comes to a product or service they provide. By realising your USP and using it to set your PPC campaign apart from the rest, be it on Google, LinkedIn, YouTube or something else entirely, we are a one of a kind PPC agency in Cumbria who can boast results competitors could only dream of.


Built to suit any budget, our team of PPC and marketing experts are here to help ensure your ads make the desired impact by reaching your target audience quickly and triumphantly.

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PPC Agency in Cumbria - Creative Campaigns Driven by Data


Coupling good creativity with insightful data is what makes a good PPC campaign a great one. That’s why we are the best PPC agency in Cumbria at pairing the most creative, talented minds in the country with incredible statisticians to build the most amazing PPC campaigns, guaranteed to give you a return on your investment.


By maximising the most relevant data, our PPC experts are able to shape your campaign by acting upon any insights gained from their analysis, making real-time decisions that could get the most out of your campaign’s performance.


That said, good creativity also has a large part to play in an exceptional PPC campaign. From gorgeous copy that is enriching to read both from an SEO and human perspective to high-resolution images taken in such a way as to capture your product's natural charm, creativity is what converts leads into sales.


There’s no denying that campaigns driven both by creativity and statistics work best. So, it’s for that reason that, unlike any other PPC agency in Cumbria who mostly concentrate on one discipline and ignore the other, we pair the two together and craft an unstoppable relationship driven to succeed on our behalf.


In essence, we make you completely unignorable in a way that’s not overbearing and guarantees tangible results. By defining your USP and moulding that into a robust PPC campaign, whether it’s via Google Ads, Google Shopping, Amazon, YouTube or LinkedIn, we are the only PPC agency in Cumbria that can say with complete certainty that, with us, your marketing and PPC campaigns are in safe hands.


Indeed, our PPC campaigns can be created to suit any budget and our marketing experts can ensure your ads reach your target audience quickly and with significant impact.

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Our team of PPC Experts get to know your business first and create your bespoke Business Specific Success Strategy, this details how we will take you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

  • Free Pay Per Click audit
  • Business specific success strategy
  • Laser-focused targeting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Simple pricing
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Display, retargeting, social campaigns and much more
  • Full conversion tracking software
  • Business-centred reporting
  • Everything you need to be super successful


See How We Did it For Businesses Just Like Yours Now! 

Our team of PPC Experts get to know your business first and create your bespoke Business Specific Success Strategy, this details how we will take you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

Protect My Income: Conversions up 993%

Uni Course Supplier (Under NDA): Conversions up 250%

Coresteady: From no Google Ads presence to a 365% ROI

HiFix: Sales Increased 61.62%

Talk Home Calling Cards - Sales Up 81%

CyberSmart: Increased Conversions by 331%

Housing Hand: Conversion Rate Up 251.31%

Patrol Store - Revenue and Sales up 85%

Pulse Healthcare: CPL down 44%

SkyPark Secure: Return on Ad Spend up 241%

KLC - School of Design: Return on Ad Spend up 673%

Books2Door: Conversion Rate up 33%

Netwise: Conversions up 215%

R.E. Buildings: Conversions Up 142%

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Our team of PPC Experts will help grow your business as fast as you need it to.


We work with a very diverse client base and work in many industry verticals - if you want more from your PPC you need to speak with us.

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Happy Clients

We have definitely seen massive growth in the sales on our website. PPC Geeks managed to implement advanced campaigns that can enable us to maximize our return on ad spending. We also love their monthly reports, with solid recommendations along with the live dashboard in case we want to check results anytime

Abdul Thadha
Managing Director, Books2Door

Every campaign they run is built strategically and methodically with a real focus on gathering and acting on data. This has been really refreshing for me as it integrates perfectly with how we run the other parts of our online business.

Ali Gammack
Marketing Manager, SkyParkSecure

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