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The PPC Geeks are your go-to experts at reducing the cost and increasing the profitability of your Google AdWords account. Get more from your AdWords account with our  PPC management , designed to maximise ROI and grow your business.


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How can  PPC Management  help you?

Reach new customers:

With 2.3 million Google searches per minute, you can reach new targeted audiences. We can help you make sure you are only paying for clicks that are of the highest value to you and your business.

Get more calls:

70% of mobile searchers call directly from search results – have you got a detailed mobile strategy? Get yours today by speaking to us.

Increase ROI:

We optimise your account to increase conversions and make the most of your budget. With over 15 years’ experience of AdWords management and a full team of dedicated specialists working on your account, you can rest assured that your account will squeeze every last drop of ROI out of your ad spend.

Learn what works:

57.7% of AdWords accounts have no tracking set up we’ll make sure that you do, giving you full transparency about what works, what doesn’t and how our management has improved your account.

Local business:

90% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. What strategy do you have to collect and optimise your brand’s positioning? If you haven't got one, you need our 100% free audit today.

Simple management:

We take care of the day-to-day management and improvement of your account, leaving you free to concentrate on running and expanding your business.

Our PPC Geeks' expert advice on how to improve your account.

Your fully comprehensive AdWords Audit will show you how to improve your account.

Our expert PPC Geeks will analyse over 50 different points within your account and show you in simple terms how your account can be improved to increase your ROI. It’s then up to you whether you would like our superstar PPC Geeks to make these changes, or if you would like to, do the work yourself.

Below are just some of the areas our detailed 50 point checklist will analyse:

Areas of wasted spend and how to eliminate it.

Lead quality/tracking and where you are missing leads and sales.

Missing opportunities to grow your sales and increase your revenue.

Opportunities to increase profit from online sales. For example which demographics are your ideal customers? Every industry is different, and we’ll show you how to increase profit for your targets.

How you compare with competition. We will show you with clear actions to improve your positioning against your rivals.

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How your PPC works better with PPC Geeks

Better pay-per-click results...

Google Partner

Focus on ROI, not just clicks

Split testing and CRO

Skilled copywriting for your ads and lead generation pages

Bespoke landing pages from our expert Conversion Design team for your lead generation

Highly skilled PPC & business strategists making informed decisions on your account, not just leaving it to automation

You own and control everything – our experts manage it for you to improve your ROI

Driven by your business goals and strategy

...and better for your business.

No long-term contracts; renew month-to-month

Team with 15 years’ experience in digital marketing, retail and business

Business-centred reporting

Return On Investment focused reporting

Money back guarantee*

Excellent reviews with references and case studies available on request

Personal service – you’re not just a number with us



PPC Management for ROI

What we do

Our PPC Geeks make data-backed decisions to maximise your returns and align to your goals.

Helpful, honest advice that wins more leads

Simon King, Strongdor

Initially sceptical about PPC, Pareto impressed and now manage our AdWords account. The result is that the focus of our marketing strategy has shifted from traditional to digital channels. With Pareto's help, we can track, evaluate and respond to our customers in real time and get more orders.



How does it work?

Getting your 100% free audit couldn't be simpler. Here’s what you need to do to find out what where your AdWords account is going wrong and how to fix it!.

Get in touch

Request a free audit, use our live chat or give us a call.

Free PPC account audit

We’ll run an in-depth audit of your AdWords account.

Get your scorecard

We’ll give your account feedback in plain English – where you’re losing money and how to fix it.

Your Free Quote and our money-back guarantee*

If you’re happy with our recommendations we will start work on increasing the ROI (return on investment) you get from your Google Ads account, we even offer a full money back guarantee. 

Watch your business grow

Sit back and watch your ROI increase.



Google AdWords Specialistsh

Our PPC Geeks are all Google AdWords Certified digital advertising specialists.

Leading PPC Experts

Hand-picked from the most talented digital advertisers in the UK, our PPC Geeks manage large budgets in AdWords every month.

Turn your business into a revenue-generating machine. We can eliminate wasted advertising spend and focus on your strategic business goals.

Grow Your Business

We focus on your bottom line. We won’t baffle you with endless stats on clicks and impressions; we report on what actually makes you money.

Exceptional Results

PPC Management FAQs

Get more from your AdWords account

Get your free, no obligation AdWords audit today to find out how the PPC Geeks can help you.


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Will I be trapped in a long-term contract?

Never. You renew month-on-month so the control is always yours. Our customers stick with us because of our results. We know you will love being one of the PPC Geeks family.

Will your reports mean anything to me?

We report on business goals and what makes a difference to your bottom line. We won’t baffle you with vanity metrics. Ask us today for a copy of one of our reports with your free audit so you can get a feel of how working with the PPC geeks will supercharge your results from Google AdWords.

What if my website doesn’t convert customers?

With our conversion rate optimisation, we can design you new landing pages to increase conversions.

With PPC Geeks, you aren't just getting PPC experts, you get full access to a team that also includes: designers, copywriters, CRO'ers, machine learning tools and data analysts. We know what you need to run a successful AdWords account from click to close and will devise a full conversion optimisation plan to get you the right customers. This might include dedicated landing pages, split testing, bespoke forms and much more.

What results can we expect?

See our case studies for success with our current projects and hear from our happy clients in our testimonials.

Why should I trust you?

We know picking a reputable digital agency is hard. We live by our results and transparent process, and can provide references on request.

How much will it cost?

Get in touch today for your 100% free, no obligation quote plus a free AdWords audit where we’ll assess your AdWords performance and share our action plan to improve your ROI.

Get more high quality leads

Get more of the right customers coming to you. We’ll know who they are and where to find them.

Increase profit from online sales

With more interested customers who are ready to buy, plus optimised pages for higher conversion rates, we’ll help grow your profit.

Create brand exposure

With expertly written ad copy and attention-grabbing designs, we’ll make sure you’re noticed.

Test new markets and products

By analysing your results, we’ll help find new opportunities and gain you exposure in new markets.

Competitor analysis

By analysing your results, we’ll help find new opportunities and gain you exposure in new markets.

Reduce wasted marketing budget

We keep on top of your budget and where it goes, eliminating waste for a leaner, more profitable machine.