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Understanding Interruption Based Marketing

Interruption Based Marketing is a traditional form of product advertising in which people are required to stop, pause and pay attention to the message or price in some way or another. Now associated with PPC management, and exhausted by PPC experts and Google Ads specialists alike, it is considered to be an aggressive form of advertising.

In short, Interruption Based Marketing refers to any advertising activity that ‘interrupts’ a users attention, hence why it is favoured by many a Google Ads agency and PPC agency respectively.

Furthermore, while some common forms of include the likes of TV & radio, print advertising, email spam and telemarketing, many Google Ads consultants face the challenge of choosing between Interruption Based and permission-based tactics.

Interruption Based Advertising provides everyone with the opportunity to locate consumers and interrupt their train of thought by advertising to them, and therefore, it is the best way to aggressively target the biggest audiences, on the world’s largest search engine platforms, and get your product in front of as many people as possible in a way they simply cannot ignore.

What is Interruption Based Marketing?

Businesses spend vast amounts of resources on marketing to grow their brands and boost sales. As such, an aggressive marketing strategy can be vital to help them achieve their objectives.

Interruption Based Marketing centres around any marketing activity that ‘interrupts’ a viewer’s attention when browsing the internet. Essentially, the objective of this type of marketing is to capture your audience’s attention as quickly as possible in order to generate interest in your product or service, no matter if you’re a renowned and upstanding PPC agency London or a PPC agency Manchester.

Why Use Interruption Based Marketing?

While Interruption Based Marketing can be annoying, there are ways to make your strategy less abrasive and, in doing so, you can almost guarantee to generate healthy results fast. Indeed, when you decide you want to increase search volume, it offers best-in-class results at a speed unmatched by other advertising outlets, be them a Google Shopping agency or Google Ads expert.

That said, adopting a more reserved approach will help retain customer trust and, in turn, increase sales.

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Interruption Based Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Check out these statistics that prove the worth of Interruption Based Marketing:

  • Over 50% of brands use Interruption Based Advertising
  • 56% of marketers strongly agree that personalised content was key to ad success
  • 70% of marketers report using IBM at some point or another

Our Very Own Interruption Based Marketing Statistics

  • 35% of users purchase a product within 5 days of searching for it online
  • 41% of users trust online ads and therefore websites at the top of a search engine
  • £10-£50 is the recommended daily budget for a Google Ads campaign
  • 68% of shoppers prefer online shopping online

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The stats don’t lie, Interruption Based Marketing is absolutely one of the world’s leading advertising strategies - and for good reason.

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Cons of Using Interruption Based Marketing

Though Interruption Based Advertising has its perks, it also has its cons. They include:

Annoyance - The modern consumer is constantly bombarded with a vast amount of marketing messages on an almost hourly basis. With this in mind, it can be hard to overcome this initial annoyance and consequently, people end up simply ignoring your ad.

No Target Audience - The objective of Interruption Based Marketing is to serve up messages to anyone and everyone through various channels and search engines, therefore, personalisation is hard to come by, while the audience being targeted is very broad.

Expensive - Companies that rely on Interruption Based Marketing predominantly have vast amounts of resources and big budgets, meaning that this tool is very expensive to get right.

Low ROI - Typically, the return on investment on any Interruption Based Marketing campaign is rather low thanks to the substantial amount of resources needed to execute a campaign successfully.

Interruption Based Marketing comes with many challenges thanks to the evolution of the modern internet user, though it still remains an integral part of most marketing strategies.

What Platforms Work Best With Interruption Based Marketing?

Interruption Based Marketing is, without doubt, hugely worthwhile, but it’s important to know what platforms work best with Interruption Based Commerce:

• Interruption Based Marketing: Google Ads

Understanding your objectives and feeling comfortable building ad campaigns is crucial for adapting your ads and leveraging your insights, even more so when working with an adept Google Ads company. Indeed, working alongside Google is a good way to earn more conversions and retain your audience’s attention.

• Interruption Based Marketing: Gmail Ads

Gmail for email marketing is a good and informed choice for SMEs with manageable email lists. When you send emails through Gmail, you have the opportunity to interrupt people throughout their day whenever you get the chance to do so.

• Interruption Based Marketing: YouTube Ads

By targeting your YouTube ads based on both keywords and Interruption Based Marketing techniques lets you interrupt any video based on words, phrases, likes, interests and more. Popping up before, during or after a video, YouTube Ads are a perfect example of an Interruption Based Marketing tool that has been seemingly integrated into everyday life.

• Interruption Based Marketing: Amazon Ads

To serve Amazon’s vast audience the best interruption-based ads, Amazon uses interaction infused data garnered from websites, business pages and services used throughout the Amazon marketplace, helping you interrupt any shopper at any point during the sales funnel.

• Interruption Based Marketing: TikTok Ads

TikTok has blossomed into one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and it’s known for stealing people’s attention, hence why it’s one of the best Interruption Based Marketing platforms.

• Interruption Based Marketing: Facebook Ads

Facebook has always lent itself quite nicely to Interruption Based Marketing, readily promoting a product or service on the news or elsewhere on their platform, with ads popping up everywhere including on a user’s timeline or in their mailbox.

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Interruption Based Marketing Vs Permission Based Marketing

Permission Based Marketing is the opposite to Interruption Based Marketing, where you enable potential consumers to seek out your content, only for when they do to then ask them whether they would like to receive further information.

Interruption Based Commerce on the other hand, seeks customers out and doesn’t ask for consent when sharing its ads.

There’s no denying that the efficiency metrics between the two disciplines differ widely, however, both ways of reaching audiences have their pros and cons.

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