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Fun, Free & Quick Google Ads Quizzes:

These fun and free Google Ads quizzes are just 10 questions long and are based around the actual questions you might get in the Google Ads assessments.

These questions range from the basic to more expert level knowledge. Our PPC Geeks understand that as a busy business owner or marketing director you need to know you have the best talent helping push your business forward.

Before You Start Your Quiz, You Should Know That Google Ads Is A Money Making Machine!

Google Ads made revenue of over 95 billion dollars in 2017 and this keeps growing. You should know it has never been so difficult to be good at Google Ads. If you are ‘spraying and praying’ or have anything but the very best talent working on your Google Ads account you will be cutting deep into your bottom line. Over 80% of what you are doing in Google Ads is wasted, you need to get a handle on this and stop unknowingly handing over your money to Google!

Anyway, enough of the sales hype - let's get back to this fun quiz - am I right?!!?

Our Selection Of Google Ads Quizzes

We have several different Google Ads Quizzes for different ability ranges.

Why not start with the easiest and work your way down the list:

Quiz 1: 10 Google Ads Fundamentals Knowledge Quiz (Easy)

This quiz should take you no longer than 10 minutes and test your very basic knowledge of Google Ads. We think you can get 10! If you do get 10 - congrats you might just have what it takes to be a Google Ads Rockstar - to find out you should try a harder test! If you don’t get 8 or above we recommend getting a free Google Ads audit to see how your Google Ads account stacks up with an expert eye over it.Now set the timer on your phone for 10 mins and enjoy:

Quiz 1

10 Google Ads Fundamental Quiz Questions (Easy)

Simply fill in your name and email and we will take you straight to your test exam. This should take around 10 mins for you to complete. Share your score socially and tag us in it to see how you score against other Google Ads PPC evangelists.

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Chris, you are a superstar!"


Abdul Kadir Thadha
Managing Director, Books2Door


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"Chris and his team are excellent. They have not only helped us with PPC but also our tracking and analytics. In an industry where chancers abound it is good to do business with an honest, holistic digital expert"


Anthony Chadwick
Managing Director, The Webinar Vet


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"We took on PPC geeks a few months ago and they’ve been very good at coming up with strategies and helping us use the right budget for the ROI we wanted. They’ve helped us identify areas where things do and don’t work for us and we would recommend them to any company looking to improve their PPC campaigns and develop better strategies moving with the ever-changing digital landscape."


Craig Cassidy
eCommerce Manager, Slydes


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"Very good company. Team are engaging, deliver results and have provided advice and support beyond what they had to. I recommend their service."


Jeremey Robinson
Managing Director, Housing Hand


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"I have worked with several PPC agencies over the years, and PPCGeeks are by FAR the best. They went out of their way to help, and went above and beyond expectations. If Carlsberg did PPC ..."


Ben Jamieson
Marketing Manager, The Webinar Vet


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"Having worked with Chris and the team for a number of months now, we are very happy with the all round excellent service.
After working with other PPC companies before, the guys at PPC Geeks are a refreshing change, and their knowledge and service is top class. Many thanks!."


Paul Mitchell
Digital Marketing Manager, Macs Automated Bollards


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"Having used other company’s previously we are really impressed with PPC Geeks, Chris and his creditable and passionate team of professionals provide great communication as well monthly reporting on all the necessary parameter’s. Each month suggesting improvement’s and working to maximize our monthly spend They have been working on our account for nearly 12 months and they have been phenomenal in every respect. They put a lot of work behind the scenes and it shows. Nice work."


Frank Harvey
Managing Director, Hi Fi Excellence


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"Very skilled and knowledgeable team. Thanks to PPC Geeks we saw an immediate growth in website traffic and sales.
They took time to fully understand our business model a have provided a solution that will help to transform the business."

Luke Curtis
Finance Director, The Webinar Vet

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"The team at PPC Geeks have been a pleasure to work with. Communicative at all times, with detailed reporting. They are always happy to adjust to the needs of our business and find the best solutions for us."


James Chadwick
Marketing Manager, MyNametags


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"Good agency with strong processes - a pleasure to use."


Alexander Vaughan
Head of Digital, Slydes


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"I would say 10/10 and would definitely recommend! I certainly have done by word of mouth! The main reasons being the way everything is explained in as simple terms as possible as well as with frank consideration of our aims and the extra work they do outside of their remit to ensure we're getting the best results (i.e. analytics revenue set up and assistance). Thanks"


Joe Maybe
Marketing Manager, Only My Share


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"We have been working with Chris, Dan and the team for 8 months now and we are extremely happy with every aspects of their work. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about everything PPC, they are also extremely good at communicating either through regular phone calls, emails and reports. Any questions or doubts have always been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

One of the many advantages that I've found whilst working with PPC Geeks is that they have quickly got to grips with our business and our industry. They understand our business objectives and the balance that we need between sales and profit. Every campaign they run is built strategically and methodically with a real focus on gathering and acting on data. This has been really refreshing for me as it integrates perfectly with how we run the other parts of our online business."


Ali Gammak
Marketing Manager, SkyParkSecure


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