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If you are running YouTube Ads you will want to make sure they are creating you the maximum Return on Your Ad Spend as possible. Luckily for you today we will show you how easy it is to get your Free YouTube Ads Audit for your brand.

✔️ Increase YouTube Sales

✔️ Reduce YouTube Costs

✔️ 100% Free Advice

We will explore together why you need your YouTube Ads Audit and we will make sure your YouTube Ads account can go from strength to strength.

Our very own YouTube PPC Geeks will show you how your account stacks up against some of the very best in the industry. It is super easy to get your free YouTube Ads Audit. In fact, it could not be easier!

Will your company be our next happy YouTube PPC client ?

YouTube Ads Audit

Booking Your YouTube Ads Audit Will Highlight What Actions You Can Take To Improve Your Return On Ad Spend!

Our YouTube PPC Experts will do everything for you and show you how your PPC spend could be better put to work. Our PPC Geeks will take the time to manually review your YouTube Ads Account and it will cost you NOTHING, also you are under no obligation to use us to fix any issues we might find.

What have you got to lose? Simply book in for your Free YouTube Review today! It is quite probably the best thing you can do for your brand this year!

Order Your Free YouTube Ads Audit, they are typically 40+ Pages and will give you actionable insight on how to get better results from your YouTube Ads spend! Just some of the areas we will report on are:

  • Account Structure & Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences
  • Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas
  • Main KPIs Overview
  • And Much More!

Get yours today and soon you should be getting better results from your YouTube Ads budget! Yes, it is this simple!

YouTube Ads Audit: Supercharge Your Brand By Booking in for Your 100% Free Review Today!

You are in the right hands if you are wanting to know if your YouTube ads could be doing better! Our PPC Agency works with a very wide variety of brands in many different industry verticals and understand that for you, as a very successful and likely very busy Entrepreneur, Marketing Director or Business Owner, you need to cut through all of the seemingly endless marketing fizz and sales patter to find out what are the most important actionable points that will help grow your brand.

We offer Free PPC Audits across all of the major PPC platforms and are offering you our 100% FREE YouTube Ads audit, you will be glad to know these are specifically designed to do just that.

Rest assured that getting your Free YouTube Ads Audit is likely the best thing you can do for your brand this year.

Our highly detailed audits are manually created by the PPC Geeks team, these often extend to over 20 pages of in-depth analysis of your YouTube Ads performance and outcomes.

Your free audit that is 100% unique to your YouTube Ads account will help lift the lid on the metrics and the millions of touchpoints to show you in easy to understand English what is and isn't working in your account. It will show you what could be improved upon and where you are just throwing money away. Our PPC Geeks hate wasted spend and will show you how to do it better - yes it is that simple - what are you waiting for?!

Our market-leading YouTube Ads Geeks will compile your account review themselves, this means it will be conducted by humans, we do not use inferior 'plug and play' 'algorithms'.

We are a designated Google Ads specialist Agency that understands that as a super busy and successful business owner or Marketing Director you need to cut straight to what matters, and capitalise on our many years of collective hands-on experience to detail how making changes will improve the results you get, (yes) it is that simple.

It's then up to you on who you decide to do the work (yes, you will not find any 'hard sell' here - we are PPC Experts and as such want to show you how to do it better).

As you will know, YouTube Ads is a very specialist field of Pay Per Click digital marketing and costs, along with wasted spend, will very often go unmissed unless there are lots of detailed planning and heavy optimisations made regularly to your PPC account.

The simple thing is - you do not know what you do not know! Our PPC Experts will help lift the lid on your account and show you how to do better!

Image showing the screen of an iPad playing YouTube as this is to signify that this page is all about YouTube and the importance of getting your 100% Free YouTube Ads Audit

We highly recommend you partner with a dedicated specialist YouTube PPC (Pay Per Click) agency that has a full back catalogue of proven tactics and results of overachieving on KPIs for their partners. Your Brand is very important and leaving anything to chance will only ever stunt its growth!

Make sure you are getting ahead of your competitors in your industry vertical and leverage our huge insider knowledge to give your brand the competitive edge. Every day is a missed opportunity to capitalise on your brands' growth!

Free YouTube Ads Audit: What You Can Expect? Why You Need One?

If you find you're asking these kinds of questions, great, as this is the first step in maximising your brands' exposure. Your free YouTube Ads Audit will give you expert advice in a detailed and easy to understand way on the many aspects of your account, from the longer-term issues that will have cost your brand a lot of wasted budget, all the way through to much shorter-term issues that can be fixed easily.

Your Free YouTube Ads Audit will go into a good level of detail and we aim to give you clear action points, these are usually 20+ pages long. So don't delay any longer and book your free review with us now!

YouTube Ads Checking Process

I am sure you will be over the moon to know all of our Free YouTube Ads Audits, in comparison to Google Ads Audits, are unique to each ad account and, as such, will vary with what we find when we have access to your account.

Below is a guide to help you understand some of the basic structure that our PPC Experts might look at when constructing your free YouTube Ads Audit:


  1. Free YouTube Ads Audit (20+ Pages)
  1. Executive Summary - this is our high-Level summary of your YouTube Ads account and our findings, this is easy to understand what the 'health check of your account looks like'.  Are you on track or are there any areas to improve on?
  2. Overall Audit Score - this is the score we give your account out of 100 and will show you if what you are doing can be improved upon or not. Scoring out of 100 will give you a clear picture of how your account stacks up against what we would like to see in a well run and targeted YouTube PPC account that is run to its full potential. Are you confident in getting a super high score or are you fearful of getting a low one? Find out today by ordering your 100% Free YouTube Ads Review with us! The only way you can do better is by knowing more and we will show you where to do just that!
  3. Account Structure & Settings - how well 'thought out' and 'planned' are the specific elements within your account (are these all set up for success). Many times we find accounts that have been built without a dedicated and clear focus, as such many of these are wasting budget and not focusing on what will make their brand the greatest ROI possible.
  4. Conversion Tracking - unfortunately, this is one of the most important and often overlooked areas on accounts we audit. Conversion tracking is a very specialised field of digital marketing and as such you need to make sure your account is reporting the best conversion data possible. Your account will only ever be as good as the data you can collect and optimise against. Is your conversion tracking set up correctly and in line with best practices? Here we aim to find out and let you know our findings!
  5. Target Audiences - everyone knows to use audiences these days but does the data collected in the account support the chosen targeting. Are you putting your money where you will reap the greatest returns and engagements for your brand?

6. Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas - here is where we get to 'look at the micro-detail' of your account and see in much greater clarity what is and isn't working at the 'nuts and bolts' level. We aim to give you the actionable insights you need to improve your bottom line.

7. Main KPIs Overview - in this section we will detail the areas for improvement Vs your Key Performace Indicators set for the account and we will give you a 'clear plan of action' to improve the results you get from your YouTube Ads account.

8. Concluding Comments - this is where we summarise all of our findings in your account, we will highlight any specific comments from our YouTube Ads PPC Geeks. If you know where to improve, you can start the journey on getting better results!

If we do find any issues in your account we highly recommend after your 100% Free YouTube Ads Audit you should book in for your Business Specific Success Strategy (BSSS) as this will road map out the next steps to gain success on YouTube Ads and set the business-led specific KPIs - we create these for all of our clients.

If you want to be the best in your industry and set your brand up for ROI focused growth you should book in for your 100% YouTube Ads Account Review now! What are you waiting for? It could not be easier to set your brand on its next exciting journey.

Image showing the first 3 pages of the Free YouTube Ads Audit
Image showing pages 3 through 6 of the YouTube PPC Ads Review document
Image showing pages 7 through 9 of the YouTube Ads Audit

Are you interested in your free account review? If so, this is how we get the wheels moving for you!

Below details our Process for you to Get Your Free YouTube Ads Audit with us!


Getting your Free YouTube Ads Audit could not be any easier, all you need is a YouTube Ads account and we can show you how to do better (for free)!


As a reminder (if you need it) your audit is free and you have no obligation to use us to complete any work that might need doing. So book yours today! What have you got to lose?


1. Say Hello: Contact Us Today - reach out and let us know you are interested, this can be by Live Chat, Call or Fill in our Form (it could not be any easier - simple). Our super helpful and friendly Google Ads experts will be happy to chat and answer any questions you might have?


2.  Gain Access to Your Account: Our YouTube Geeks will need to gain access to your ads account, this is easy and we will walk you through the steps.


3. We Start Working On Your Free YouTube Ads Audit: Once our YouTube Geeks in our PPC Agency in London have confirmed we have gained access to your account we can schedule your 100% Free YouTube Ads Audit. You will soon be on the road to reaping the many rewards by finding out how you can improve your YouTube Ads Account! Our Geeks will schedule your audit and let you know when they expect to have this completed. We usually aim to get your Free YouTube Ads Audit completed within five working days.


4. Audit Findings Call: Once your Free YouTube Ads Audit has been completed we will schedule a screen share meeting with you. We highly recommend that you have as many people from your brand on the call as you can. We always recommend anyone who has a financial interest in your brand (CEO, COO, Directors, HR, Digital Marketing Managers, etc) should be on the free audit findings call. This is your best opportunity to ask us questions about your Free Audit and its findings. These audits tend to be 20 to 30+ pages so they do go into a good level of detail and are all explained in very simple English, so all levels of experience should be okay with the detail uncovered. Once the call is over we will email you over hard copies of the audit so you will have them at hand.


5. Next Steps - Work Through Findings & Improve Your YouTube Ads Account: You will now have a great starting point to improve the return on investment (ROI) from your YouTube PPC Ads account! - Congratulations and Well Done! But if you want the work done as part of a larger and smarter BSSS (Business Specific Success Strategy) with greater ROI, return on ad spend (ROAS) and actionable business-driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve your brands' bottom line, then we'll be happy to keep on speaking with you.


It is really easy to get your audit arranged today. Simply reach out and let our amazing PPC Geeks know you're interested and they will be happy to guide you through the simple process detailed above and of course answer any questions you might have. Don't delay any more, book in for your free review today and get the health check on your account fast!

Yes, I Want My 100% Free YouTube Ads Audit:

Simply start the process of getting better results from your YouTube Ads by ordering Your Free YouTube Ads Audit here, they are typically 40+ Pages and will give you actionable insight on how to get better results from your YouTube Ads spend! Just some of the areas we will report on are:

  • Account Structure & Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences
  • Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas
  • Main KPIs Overview
  • And Much More!

Get yours today and soon you should be getting better results from your YouTube Ads budget! Yes, it is this simple!

Image showing the first 3 pages of the Free YouTube Ads Audit

Why Should You Choose The PPC Geeks To Work With You on The Findings from Your 100% Free YouTube Ads Audit?

The PPC Geeks, proudly one of the top Google Ads agency in London, are a team amazing at PPC Management and as such have an almost unimaginable knowledge base that will take your brand from where it is now to where it needs to be tomorrow! Our PPC Experts specialise in all aspects of PPC (Pay Per Click) including YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads, Google Shopping agency and many more. You are able to tap straight into this combined knowledge by using the PPC Geeks to build your strategy, accounts and optimise them in line with what your brand wants to achieve.

However, the greatest value we offer (according to many of our client reviews on Clutch, Trustpilot and others) is our ability to craft accounts to match the specific needs of their brands' business and their prospects' many touchpoints in the buying, consideration and upselling lifecycles.

We do this by utilising our many years of digital marketing experience backed up with careful and detailed discussions with our partners and real-time optimisations based on the data we collect.

Our PPC Agency Geeks take the time to get to know all of our clients' hopes and dreams (yes - just like you). Our PPC Geeks take the time to understand each client’s brands wants, needs, plans, and vision for the future. Our Geeks are then able to plan all of this information out against the many millions of touchpoints in a YouTube Ads account to make sure there are actionable and accountable KPIs set in place in their BSSS (business specific success strategy). This helps set out the framework of how we will get your account from where it is today, to where it needs to be tomorrow. So don't delay any further and book your Free YouTube Ads Audit and see by how much your results could be improved!


Here are just some of the many key benefits of working with the PPC Geeks

  • PPC Geeks, a PPC agency in Manchester, have over 15 years of experience in Pay Per Click Ads and digital marketing.
  • You get access straight away to our full UK based team of experts (PPC, CRO, UX & more).
  • No complicated and surprising pricing models, just a simple pricing structure that has your ROI at heart.
  • One team, all bases covered. Our team of Google Ads company experts can promote Your Brand across all of the major PPC Platforms, including but not limited to all of these. Simply pick your free audit and we will do the rest. You will soon be getting better results from PPC :
  • All of this actually costs much less than for you to do it in-house - crazy - I know right?!
  • You will also get better results using our PPC Geeks than using an in-house solution - we simply do this all day - every day! No steep learning curves and wasted budget - you plug straight into the PPC Experts and we make sure you get the best ROI possible for your brand!
  • You will get all of the new technology at no extra cost (constantly keeping you ahead of your competitors).
  • Full proven track record, our Geeks make their clients £Millions in ROI - will you be our next happy PPC partner?
  • Improved bottom-line results for your business by cutting the wasted budget, adding more budget to what is working, and working with you to better market your business to its core demographics.
  • All of the PPC Geeks are fully accredited PPC Partners, can you say this about your current team?
  • Not sure? See for yourself what our clients say about working with us:
  • Learn how you can get ahead with your own BSSS (Business Specific Success Strategy).
  • Single point of communication as you get your own dedicated account manager.
  • You get a full team of experts making smart KPI focused optimisations in your account (all for the same price).
  • You don’t need to worry about vacations/holidays/absences or sickness cover ever again.
  • Oh yeah, did we say, our YouTube Ads Audit is 100% free, with no obligation, so let's get the wheels moving on this free YouTube Ads Audit .
  • Meet your new team of PPC Experts here today!

Get your Free YouTube Ads Review and find out if there are any improvements needed in your account! Find out now !

Every audit we produce is different but many of them will follow some of the same best practices and basic principles. So don't delay any longer and book your brand in for your 100% free YouTube Ads audit here now. Make sure you are getting the best Return on Your Investment by booking in with one of our Google Ads consultants for your brands 100% Free YouTube Review now!


The Voices of Our Success: Your Words, Our Pride

Don't just take our word for it. With over 100+ five-star reviews, we let our work-and our satisfied clients-speak for us.


I've been really impressed with the project management throughout.

We have good regular updates and useful discussions around experiments we can try next to keep the momentum or deal with challenges when they come up. There has been a good foundation of honesty since we started, which has made this feel like a real team effort.

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