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Facebook Ads Agency

Believe us when we say, it’s within your best interests to join our Facebook ads agency.

Facebook Ads Agency: Get to know everything you need to know about our Facebook ads agency and more from some of the best Facebook PPC marketing experts in the country.

If you want to know if your Facebook PPC campaigns can stand up to our rigorous testing and expand your business portfolio, then simply book in for your 100% FREE Facebook Ads Audit.

Facebook Ads Agency: Facebook and PPC Ads Audit

PPC is vital, whether that be on Facebook or Google. That said, however, there’s also no denying that PPC is very tough to execute on Facebook. That’s why it’s so vital that you seek out the help of the best Facebook PPC agency in the business.

Here at PPC Geeks, we have no qualms in shouting about our success and achievements and how we are the most respected Facebook ads agency in the UK and abroad. Whether it’s on Facebook or one of several search engines that Facebook supports, we know just how important PPC is to the success of your wider goals and marketing objectives.

Our PPC Audits are around 30+ pages long and provide you with helpful insights on how to boost your Facebook PPC A0ds. Because we are the best Facebook ads agency in the UK marketing sector, and have a wealth of awards to prove it, we suggest you take advantage of both our Facebook & Google Ads audits and any number of the robust, award-winning, and perfectly bespoke PPC services we provide.

Get Insights From PPC Geeks, the UK’s Award-Winning Facebook Ads Agency

Not only are we Google Ads specialists, but we’re also Facebook Ads experts too, while your free PPC audit provides you with actionable metrics on how to achieve the best results possible from your PPC ad spend. Some of the areas our report covers include:

  • Account Structure
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences
  • Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas
  • Main KPIs Overview
  • Where Your Brand Is Wasting Budget
  • Missed Opportunities
  • And Much More!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your free PPC audit today and soon you should be achieving wonderful results thanks to our comprehensive and senior PPC management team.

Get to Know More About PPC From The Leading Facebook Ads Agency in the UK

Some Facebook PPC agencies are not worth the hassle. Trust us. One of the main reasons they don’t succeed is that they never quite understand how to handle your Facebook ads and how integral they are to the success of your business, whether it’s a local, multinational or global enterprise. With the help of our thoroughly trained and massively knowledgeable Facebook and Google Ads agency, we can help you to improve everything from your brand exposure, sales and ROI to your impressions or lead generation.

Facebook PPC ads provide investors with a 200% ROI. This typifies the value of PPC, especially on Facebook and when managed by a comprehensive team of knowledgeable experts who care about you, your business and how you appear online.

Whether it’s our PPC agency Manchester, or our PPC agency London, you can rest assured knowing that wherever you may be in the country, here at PPC Geeks we always prioritise you, your business and your output on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Agency: Are Facebook PPC Ads Worth It?

Are Facebook ads worth it? Yes, they’re very worth it indeed. There’s absolutely no denying that.

But why is Facebook PPC advertising truly worth it? To put it into context, PPC ads when served up on Facebook provide a trackable way for businesses to target and make an impact on a highly impressionable audience share who are already spending a significant amount of time on social media to begin with. Moreover, they are also highly flexible too, meaning you can start, stop, pause and even edit your ads and adjust your spend whenever you need to.

Whether you’re an SME, multinational business or global mega enterprise, customers are more than comfortable clicking on your Facebook ads, whether that’s because they trust them or that they sit on a platform they inhabit on a daily basis.

Why Should You Depend On Our PPC Ad Agency

Built around the user, PPC advertising - thanks to our UK PPC agency - can cover an eclectic range of platforms, be it on Google - due to our Google Ads specialists - Bing or Yahoo, or on social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and, of course, Facebook.

With a whole team of PPC experts and the support of our Google Ads company, it’s integral to form both long-lasting relationships and a bespoke strategy that takes into account multiple touchpoints that customers can interact with on a daily basis.

Facebook Ads Agency: The Statistics Speak for Themselves

  • Facebook has over 1.79 billion daily users
  • Facebook is the third most visited in the world
  • Facebook is the fourth most downloaded app in the app store

Facebook Advertising Statistics

  • Facebook reports that 2.18 billion people can be reached through PPC ads
  • Facebook reaches over 36% of the population aged 13 years or older through PPC ads
  • 58% of advertisers plan on increasing their PPC ad spend on Facebook in the next 12 months

The Statistics That Underlie our Success

  • Manage £1.5M in ad spend every month
  • Comprehensive KPI overview
  • 4.9 star rating on Clutch
  • 5 star rating on Trustpilot

There’s no denying how breath-taking these metrics truly are. So, is there any wonder why our PPC, Google Ads and Google Shopping agency is home to some of the UK’s most sought after pay per click experts.

How Are Your Google Ads Doing?

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Facebook Ads Agency: What Kind of Facebook Ads Do We Specialise In?

Facebook is the perfect platform to run a PPC campaign on. For this reason, Facebook has several ad formats to choose from when setting up a campaign:

Image Ads

Image ads are an ideal way to generate interest in your product, while they also generate a substantial number of purchases. Giving your ads a more impactful look and feel to them, Image Ads catch people’s eye, turning this awareness into cash.

Video Ads

Video Ads can appear on Facebook in all manner of ways including in your news feed, story feed, or as unique long videos. From GIFs and animations to long form video content, PPC advertising and rich media go hand-in-hand.

Poll Ads

Poll Ads are a mobile-only way of advertising on Facebook. By adding a separate link to every poll answer, you can direct targeted traffic to your website.

Story Ads

So to keep pace with Instagram and TikTok mainly, you can now advertise using stories on Facebook. The full-screen format allows you also to advertise to users in the most visibly appealing manner possible.

Can’t see your prefered way of advertising on this list? We deliver a wide range of PPC campaigns throughout Facebook. Our Facebook ads agency is highly adaptable and can implement any type of campaign.

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PPC Geeks: The World’s Leading Facebook Ads Agency

Our team works with a unique client base. So, if you want more from your PPC campaigns on Facebook, then you really need to reach out and speak to the world’s leading Facebook ads agency. But before you do, why not check out our incredible Trustpilot reviews!

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