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Amazon Ads

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Amazon Ads: whether it’s stocking up on cleaning supplies, buying random products at 3am, or ordering your favourite foods, it’s hard to resist the convenience and sheer power of Amazon.

Nearly 200 million people shop on Amazon every month and so, the question remains, why aren’t you advertising your products on Amazon and utilising such a monumental audience.

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What Are Amazon Ads?

If you’re already using Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, then there’s no time like the present to break into one of the world’s biggest remaining online networks. So, whether you’re an SME or a large eCommerce business, Amazon ads should be an absolute no-brainer.

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What Are Amazon Ads?

Like most paid ads, when you search for a keyword on Amazon, results - or sponsored ads - appear. Businesses who want to gain more visibility on Amazon can bid on specific keywords to push their ads higher up the page.

Image showing Amazon Ads product screen with many paid for listings

Perfect for an ecommerce business, or a business with an actual physical product, Amazon ads can yield some serious results in terms of both brand awareness and, most importantly, sales.

Why Invest in Amazon Ads?

Can your customers purchase your product online? Is it tangible and not a service? If so, then you absolutely should invest in Amazon ads. Guaranteed to increase your products exposure, by considering and investing in Amazon Adverts, you could increase everything from product sales to your online ranking.

Use Amazon Adverts in the right way by maximising the tools available to you, and your advertising output has the potential for great success.

How Much Do Amazon Ads Cost?

So, how much do Amazon ads cost?

The average cost-per-click on Amazon is around 25p, making it one of the lowest CPC on the market. What’s more, this is very interesting in regard to the fact that Amazon has one of biggest audiences in the world.

Furthermore, considering that Amazon users also show an extreme amount of commercial and purchasing intent, a low CPC is incredibly promising in terms of paid advertising.

How Are Your Amazon Ads Doing?

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Amazon Ads: When Did They Start?

Since its formation in 1994, Amazon has seen an astronomical rise in its popularity and power on the world stage. It has also continued to evolve over the years, celebrating a number of milestones along the way. These include:

  • 2012 - Amazon began tapping into the potential of advertising. In 2012 they launched multiple parent companies including Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services and Amazon Advertising Platform, providing pay-per-click and other marketing tools based around maximising brand awareness.
  • 2013 - With its vast amount of data and its serious retail connections, Amazon took its first steps on becoming a true online advertising juganurt. Using their data to place targeted ads for thousands of businesses Amazon, unlike say, Facebook, knew what items you’d been viewing and could tailor their ads accordingly.
  • 2016-2020 - Amazon has continued to tweak their advertising platform, creating new services, testing new technologies and helping ads target customers more precisely. Around 2018, Amazon began promoting the sponsored ad format, boosting everything from notoriety to product sales.

And, as to be expected, 2021 promises to see Amazon take even bigger strides in order to match and surpass the likes of Facebook and Google.

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The Statistics Behind Amazon Ads

Be it engagement, paid advertising or usage, there are a number of statistics that show just how useful Amazon ads can be to your business:

  • Amazon is the most popular shopping app in the world.
  • 89% of buyers say that they are more likely to buy from Amazon than any other website.
  • 1.9 million people advertise on Amazon.
  • 82% of Amazon buyers say price is an important factor to consider when shopping.

And, when taking into account advertising metrics, the statistics continue to impress:

  • Amazon net almost £9,000,000,000 in Ad revenue in 2020.
  • 66% of product searches originate on Amazon.
  • 54% of products sold on Amazon come from third-party merchants.
  • In 2021, Amazon expects to receive 1-in-10 digital ad pounds in the world.

There’s no denying how amazing some of these stats are, be it in regard to usage, paid ads or demographics, Amazon has always been a potent shopping app - and now it’s become a serious contender in terms of advertising. However, what are the reasons why you shouldn’t use Amazon Paid Advert?

Why Shouldn’t You Use Amazon Ads?

Amazon ads are great; more than great, but they do have their drawbacks. When moving from Google to Amazon, some people mistakenly think they can use them in the same way. They can’t. This may seem simplistic, though it is the main reason why you shouldn’t use Amazon Pay Per Click Ads, but if your product isn’t tangible then you shouldn’t use Amazon.

Indeed, if your product is more of a service rather than something physical, then Amazon Adverts are not for you and maybe you should consider other platforms such as Google or Facebook.

The Various Types of Amazon Ads

If you want to drive more ecommerce sales, there are three main types of Amazon Pay Per Click Ads to choose from including sponsored product, headline search and product display ads. Here’s what they entail in a bit more detail.

Sponsored Product Ads

Similar to how Google ads work, sponsored product ads drive Amazon users directly to your product you’re advertising. When users click on your sponsored product ad, they are instantly directed to the ads’ product details page.

Keyword-targeted, and with the option to choose between exact, phrase, or broad match types, sponsored product ads are displayed either above or below the search results page.

Image showing Amazon Ads spronsored products

What’s more, you also have complete control over both your daily budget and campaign duration.

Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads are predominantly cost-per-click-based and lead users to a specific Amazon landing page that is both branded and optimised. Similar to sponsored product ads, headline search ads are also keyword targeted, however, they only support exact and phrase matching respectively.

Image showing Amazon Ads - headline sponsored product listings

Moreover, the minimum campaign budget for these ads is £100, with a limit of £1 spend per day.

Product Display Ads

Product display ads are not keyword targeted, but rather interest- or product-based targeted.

Image showing Amazon Ads - image sponsored product listings

Built to drive shoppers to the products’ details page, advertisers can choose from an eclectic list of product types and customer interests to perfectly target these ads to relevant users. Displayed not only on the right or below the search results, but product display ads can also appear on the customer review page, at the top of the listing page or even in Amazon’s own marketing emails.

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How to Maximise Your Amazon Ads

In a wash of thousands and thousands of products listed on Amazon, you may struggle to think that the platform could yield the results you desire. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to maximise your Amazon ads.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Create Enriching and Urgent Copy

Make sure your ad copy is not only accurate, but also try to create a feeling of urgency around your product, whilst also injecting a sense of panache, humour or emotion into your ads.

Standing out on Mazon is more important than ever before, so let your copy do the heavy lifting, freeing up for your targeting strategy to close the deal.

2. Experiment With Your Ad Format

While headline search ads might work perfectly for your business and yield the best ROI, sponsored product ads might garner repeat interest and a more loyal customer base. Therefore, it’s worth experimenting with numerous ad formats to see what best suits your business and, most importantly, yields the most promising results.

3. Structure Your Campaigns by Product Category

The best way to structure your campaigns is by product category, having a separate one for each of your main products. Say your best products are men’s workout shorts, t-shirts and trainers. Under each campaign you should then create an even more specific sub category.

Indeed, a solid product category structure ensures your ads are relevant, saving you money and increasing your ROI.

4. Bid on Keywords Similar to Those Used By Popular Brands

When drawing up a list of keywords to bid on, it’s important not to forget about your competitors.

If you distribute backpacks, for example, you should be bidding on keywords such as ‘Northface backpacks’ and ‘Fjallraven backpacks’ as these are both extremely popular and commonly searched for first.

By bidding on terms such as these, you gain exposure and, in turn, have a crack at targeting a much wider audience.

By experimenting with and dedicating time to maximising and tinkering with your Amazon PPC Adverts, you can give your products the best possible chance on the world’s biggest, most renowned shopping platforms.

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There’s no time like the present to invest in Amazon ads. In essence, if your business is centred around a physical, tangible product, then you absolutely must consider investing both time and money into Amazon paid advertising.

With a rich history, exciting present and optimistic future ahead, there couldn’t be a more sensational time to start advertising your products on Amazon. It could just revolutionise your output and take your brand to the next level you’ve always dreamed of.

Leaning on the information, tricks and tips we’ve outlined above, you can easily create both successful and significant campaigns that can deliver the ROI you’ve always desired while also boosting your brand awareness.


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