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How the PPC Geeks can help you

Our PPC Geeks are ready and waiting to help and take Your Brand to where it wants to be!

We have won many awards for PPC management and take pride in helping brands just like you scale!

    • Our Mission 馃殌
    • We are a customer-first organisation 馃
    • We treat each other with respect 馃
    • Why we do what we do 馃Л
    • Our Values ~ C 路 H 路 E 路 E 路 R 路S 猸
    • Your own expert team of digital advertising specialists 馃帗
    • Grow your business fast 馃尡馃尦

Experience rapid improvements in your PPC performance with our tailored solutions. We make it simple and effective for Your Brand to achieve better results swiftly.

Don't wait any longer! Ensure this year becomes your brand's most successful one. Contact us today and let PPC Geeks lead you to PPC excellence.

Learn about The PPC Geeks and how we are here to deliver exceptional results to extraordinary clients.

We鈥檙e here to increase your return on investment. We make your digital advertising work harder to drive revenue and profit directly into your business. Learn about getting your free Google Ads audit today!

Our Mission

As one united team, PPC Geeks is committed to growing internationally as a recognisable brand defined by our industry-leading PPC expertise.

We believe in full transparency, outstanding customer service and results-driven decisions.

We love openness, honesty and happy work environments.

We are a customer-first organisation

We help businesses grow by finding them more customers. We are honest, open and transparent. We deliver forthright appraisals of what works and what doesn鈥檛. We don鈥檛 pull the wool over your eyes nor sell you services that aren鈥檛 needed.

We care for our clients. We see things from your perspective. We identify driving motives. We overlay our PPC expertise with business objectives.

We don鈥檛 measure performance by time, we measure by results. We set clear Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). We measure by the impact we create. We define, optimize and grow together.

We treat each other with respect

A happy team leads to happy customers. We treat our staff with respect. We value a culture of openness and continual improvement.

We promote a healthy and productive work:life balance. We streamline our work practices to bring out the best in our employees. We encourage a work environment of smarter not harder.

We approach problems with expansive thinking. Our employees are chosen not only for their unique skills but also for their attitudes to succeed, develop and grow. Every day is a learning day. We help and support each other as colleagues, suppliers and community members. We do what we say we will do.

Why we do what we do

What we do here at PPC Geeks helps to grow brands to make the economy stronger. This in turn allows businesses to create jobs, sustain their staff and give back to their communities.

We protect our clients from paying over the odds in ad spend to faceless billion-dollar companies like Google and Facebook.

We help to lead our clients away from wasted spending and towards growth. We contribute ethically to sustaining businesses and helping communities.

Our Values ~ C 路 H 路 E 路 E 路 R 路S

What we believe, as a collective, to guide our company culture.


We Communicate Clearly

We work with people at all levels of expertise. We communicate clearly to each other and to our clients. We are direct and precise. This does not mean we can鈥檛 each have our own communication style, but it does mean that we understand the importance of communicating effectively.


We Do What We Say We Will Do

We deliver. We act with integrity. We are open to new ideas, we are honest about how things work and we are transparent about our process and reasoning.


We Go The Extra Mile

We care. We do what is right, and we always strive to be the best we can for our clients, peers and partners. Customer service is our highest priority.


We Get Better Every Day

We practice continuous improvement (Kaizen). We鈥 Think. Deliver. Learn. Improve. Grow. Daily.


We Are Level Headed & Respectful

We listen to understand and make the right decisions because we care. This holds true for our internal interactions as well as for our clients. We build trust. We discuss perceptions and facts. We are respectful of differing opinions. We treat our colleagues and clients with dignity.


We Do The Right Thing Because It Is Right

We take a step back and ask what is fair and right. We are led by our values. Saying yes to something outside of the norm is sometimes the right thing to do. Equally, we are not afraid to say no when values are not aligned.

Your own expert team of digital advertising specialists

Our PPC Geeks are hand-picked from the best digital advertising talent the industry has to offer. We are all specialists in digital advertising, giving you a whole team of experts at your fingertips.

Our experienced senior and account managers will keep you in the loop, so you always know where your money is going.

Meet your new PPC Geeks team today!

Grow your business fast

If you have an underperforming account, we can turn it into a revenue-generating machine.

Looking to get into new markets? No problem.

Within hours we can have your ads appearing in front of your target customers. We鈥檒l also work with you to gain long-term progress aligned directly with your business goals. Learn about our Business Specific Sucess Strategy today!

No complicated contracts

We won鈥檛 tie you into long, complicated contracts. Our clients are free to leave at any time 鈥 but we know you won鈥檛 want to.

We focus on delivering exceptional results month after month. By increasing revenue and profits, our clients come back time after time.

Six reasons you'll love working with us.

Hand-picked experts

Our PPC Geeks are hand-chosen from the UK鈥檚 best digital advertising talent. Managing over 拢1.5 million in AdWords spend every month, you can rest assured that our geeks have it covered.

Business focused

We make your ROI our business. By focusing on your return on investment, we make sure your digital advertising is growing your business and your profits.

Fully traceable

We report on what makes you money. You won鈥檛 find any vanity metrics here. We鈥檒l help you to accurately track your campaigns from clicks to calls.

Transparent and reliable

We won鈥檛 baffle you with complicated metrics and won鈥檛 tie you into complicated contracts. We keep our clients happy by delivering excellent results month on month, which is why they stay with us.

Your Expert team

You get a team of digital advertising experts with a dedication to delivering for you, without having to worry about hiring the right single person.

First-class management

Our experienced account managers are there every step of the way. They鈥檒l keep you up to date with how your ads are doing, tap into your expertise and answer all of your questions while we develop your advertising strategy.

About your team of digital advertising specialists

PPC Geeks are Google Premier Partners and come highly recommended across Trustpilot, Clutch, Glassdoor and many other review platforms. Due to our passion and specialism in Google Ads, PPC and digital advertising, we have become one of the very best PPC management only agencies.

The PPC Geeks team is based in our Liverpool office but we have bases across the UK. We have offices in London, Knutsford, Manchester, Liverpool and the Lake District and we are proud to have a remote team around the UK enabling us to offer the most talented PPC specialists to our clients.

Our senior and account management team are located near to our clients to ensure seamless client management and deliver exceptional results and customer service.

Because we are a specialist digital advertising agency, you can be sure our team is focused on squeezing the best possible returns from your digital advertising campaigns and that is it. Laser focus for exceptional results.

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