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To get your Free Bing Ads Audit could not be much easier - simply fill out our form and we will start the process. Getting your Free Bing Ads Review will help you find out what elements of your brand's Bing Ads account is doing well and highlight the areas that would benefit from improvements.

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It couldn't be easier to book your free Bing Ads Audit today! Simply fill out our form, call us or use the live chat to find out more. Remember that your manually reviewed Bing Ads Account Audit costs you nothing. And you are under no obligation to use us to fix any issues we find. What's not to like about that?

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Bing Ads Audit

Get Better Results From Your Bing Ads Spend:

Order Your Free Bing Ads Audit, they are typically 40+ Pages and will give you actionable insight on how to get better results from your Bing Ads spend! Just some of the areas we will report on are:

  • Account Structure & Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences
  • Target Audiences
  • Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas
  • Main KPIs Overview
  • And Much More!

Get yours today and soon you should be getting better results from your Bing Ads budget! Yes, it is this simple!

Get your 100% free Bing Ads audit now!

Bing is reported to make up between 10% and 30% of the search traffic as Google. This means you could reach a further 10% to 30% of your market by funding and optimising your Bing Ads account. Adding or improving Bing can have great impacts on your businesses year-end profits.

Booking in for your 100% free Bing Ads audit will show you how you are stacking up in Bing Ads. And what opportunities are there for the taking. Rest assured that getting your Free Bing Ads Audit is one the best things you can do for your business this year.

Our detailed human-created audits often extend to 30+ pages of in-depth analysis of your Bing Ads performance.

Your free audit (which is unique to your Bing Ads account) helps lift the lid on the numbers. It will show you in easy to understand steps what to do to get more out of your account and where you are just burning money.

Our experienced Bing Ads expert will complete your audit themselves. It will detail how making changes will improve the results you get. It's then up to you on who you choose to do the work (yes, it's that simple).

Bing Ads (as all Pay Per Click platforms) these days is such a very specialist field of digital marketing. Partnering with a dedicated specialist Pay Per Click agency is paramount for your success.

We recommend you look to leverage this expert pay per click knowledge to give your company the competitive edge against your competitors with better PPC management.


Free Bing Ads Audit - What You Can Expect

We, as paid search specialists, aim to show you how to get better results from your Bing Ads Account. This is why your Bing Ads Audit is 100% FREE. It will detail many elements within your account from long term issues that will have cost your company lots of budget, all the way through to issues that are not working in your account in the last few days. This will give you and your team actionable insights into what areas you should focus on to get better results. Remember that your Free Bing Ads Audit, will go into a good level of detail. These are usually 20 to 30+ pages long. You can expect frank and clear advice on how you can improve the Return On Investment, reduce Cost Per Clicks and Cost Per Acquisition/Leads within the account and also what you are missing from the account. Actioning just some of these (we guarantee) will make you more profit and help reduce the amount of 'wasted budget' in the account. So, don't wait - book with one of our Bing Ads consultants your company in for its free review today!

What Will Your Free Bing Ads Audit Look Like:

Below are details of how we will lift the lid for you. And show you in simple terms the areas to get your team to focus on to improve the results you get from your Bing Ads account. Please do remember that your Free Bing Ads Review is unique to each ad account. It will have variations on the elements we investigate and report back on depending on what we find within your account. Below is a guide on some of the basic areas our knowledgeable and accredited Bing Pay Per Click Geeks are likely to look at when conducting and constructing your free Bing Ads Audit:

1. Free Bing Ads Audit (30+ Pages)
2. Executive Summary

In easy to understand English we will detail some of the top-level findings and help summarise the areas of the account that is' working' or that 'need improvement'. Getting to understand your account health at this stage is vital to understanding some of the 'deeper dives' in the latter parts of the audit.

The first three pages of the Free Bing Ads Audit provided by the PPC Geeks to analyse Microsoft advertising
3. Overall Audit Score

Here we give your Bing Ads account a score out of 100. This should show you briefly how well or not your account is doing against the elements reviewed in your Bing Ads account. Is the account working well with little wasted spend or not? This indicates our feel of how well the account has been performing over the long and short term.

4. Introduction

Setting off on the right foot - this sets out some of the points we have used as the baseline for the free ads audit.

5. Account 12 Month Statistics

Here we show you the overall trends over the last 12 months, is the Bing Ads account trending up or down on the main KPIs. Is the account working for You or Bing?

Pages four through six of the free Bing Ads Account audit
6. Past 12 Month Deep Dives into Many aspects including Cost, CPA, CPL, CVR, CTR and SIS

This section reports on the previous 12 months statistics for key metrics. Including Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Conversion Rate (CVR), Click Through Rate (CTR) and Search Impression Share (SIS) highlighting the fluctuations and possible areas for improvement. Ideally, the account has been looked after well over this period so we should be seeing improvements.

7. 12 Month Audit Score

How has your Bing Ads account performed over the previous 12 months in an easy to understand score of out 100?

8. Most Recent 30 Days Results

Your business is unique (as are your fingerprints) and as such, every Bing account is set up and structured differently. Our audits will follow different paths as we uncover areas that need improvement Vs the set Key Performance Indicators of your business. This section focuses on the top-level performance over the most recent 30 days active period. Highlighting elements such as Spend, Conversions, Return On Ad Spend, Cost Per Acquisition (Cost Per Conversion), Search Impression Share, and much more to set the tone for the other elements of the audit.

SIS on PPC Geeks Bing Audit report
9. Quality Score

Your QS (Quality Score) is a major factor and initial indicator of how well your account is being managed on the 'day to day' basis. Here we lift the lid and show you how the keywords quality score is and where you could improve it to reduce the Cost Per Clicks you pay. How well you improve your prospects experience when interacting with your accounts' keywords with things like message match, search terms and the active keywords you are bidding on will help you reach Bing Ads superstardom. We give you actionable advice on how to improve your account's performance from the keyword level up. This will (over time) reduce your CPCs, increase your prospects experience with your company (aligning to be customer-centric) and improve conversion rates.

10. Location Targeting

Aligning your location targeting to your business objectives sounds obvious - right? But is your account set up for success, are you targeting the right locations? All too often we find the location settings do not align with the obvious business needs and limitations. We will highlight any areas that could be improved to help make you more money and reduce the wasted spend. There is no point in showing your ads to people in countries you do not serve or locations you never sell products in. We will show you how well you are doing in this area and offer actionable advice.

11. Ad Scheduling

It might seem obvious that your clients are more likely to convert at certain days or times. You would be surprised at how often we find this area is not being optimised. Here we will uncover the optimisation strategies at the ad scheduling level and see if they are in line with the data that is within the account. Are your ads showing at the best times and are you saving money by not showing ads (or not being quite so heavy in your cost per clicks) at times where your account is not driving ROAS or acceptable CPA's? Here we will deep dive and show you if anything for your Ad Scheduling could be improved or not.

Image showing the section of the aduit that details the loaction settings within the Bing Ads account
12. Search Terms

Understanding the correlation between search terms and your keywords is paramount. This section uncovers where you are spending your money and how this impacts performance. Deep Dives into areas such as The Highest Spending search terms should be the cornerstone of regular and ongoing account optimisation. Often and in-depth search query reports (or SQRs) are not 'sexy' but will give you valuable data to optimise around. It is not glamorous but will save valuable budget and improve results.

13. Ad Extensions

Bing Ads offers many ad extensions and some that do not appear on Google. Your account should try and tailor these to get an improved quality score and increase your website's visibility on the Bing SERPs. Here we look to see how well these are being managed. Ad Extensions should be optimised regularly to keep on pushing the account forwards. Bing Ad Extensions should be in line with the accounts KPIs and improve the CTR and effectiveness of the account. Are you maximising the exposure of your ads on Bing and winning your competitors 'to the punch' when prospective clients are searching for what you do? Here you should be showcasing Offers, Unique Selling Points, Images and Call Outs and many more to make your ads as big and clickable as possible. This area is especially important as it is the only differentiator to your prospect on the Bing SERPs.

14. Device Type Traffic

Making sure your Bing Ads account is set up for success down to the device type will pay dividends. How are your prospects interacting with your site on different device types? Are you bidding accordingly? For example - if your ads conversion rate is twice that of Mobile on Computers are you factoring this into your traffic strategy? Or are you bidding the same per click on both device types? Often, we split campaigns out to the device level with completely different Ad Copy, CPCs and Ad Schedule as prospects interact differently on different device types. How well do you know your device type strategy and how is the implementation of this affecting your results?

Image showing the Bing Ads ad extensions
15. Mobile Speed

With reportedly over 50% of traffic on Mobile Devices, you need to focus on improving the experience of your website on mobile connections. Have you ever been out - searched for something on your mobile and had 'buffer face'? If so - what did you do next? Well - most people simply hit 'back' and move to the next website. Imagine your prospects doing this! Over and over again all because your website is not optimised for Mobile Connections. We will give you actionable tips on how to speed your website up. And optimise it for slower mobile connections (3g etc) while still looking great on computers. Are you presenting your offering in line with how prospective customers are interacting with your site? We will give you information that you should pass to your website development team to action. And see an instant uplift in your key metrics as your mobile bounce rate decreases.

16. Behavioural Retargeting/Remarketing

- How well is your account making use of remarketing? We often run funnels for clients to help move prospects down to higher-value interactions. Remarketing can be a very cost-effective way of lead nurturing in this way. Testing interaction points with your site can provide brilliant ROAS. How well are you currently performing in this area? We will investigate and report back!

17. Shopping Ads

Are your Bing Shopping Ads set up to maximise your ROAS (return on ad spend)? We simply ask the question of how well dialled in are your shopping ads/bids/products? We analyse the performance of your shopping ads in your industry vertical and deep dive down to the product level on what products are working or not in your Bing Ads account. We are shopping ads experts and offer advice on how you can directly improve your results against your KPIs. Making small improvements in reducing wasted ad spend and diverting that wasted spend onto products that are limited by the budget will have amazing results on your ROAS.

The mobile page speed part of the free PPC audit
18. 30 Day Deep Dive Summary

As I am sure you can understand the above can go into quite a lot of detail, so this section sums up our findings into an easy to understand score for your Bing Ads Account Audit.

19. Concluding Comments

This details an executive summary of our findings from our team of Bing Ads PPC Experts at the top level and deep dive findings uncovered through your 100% Free Bing Ads Audit.

Bing Ads shopping data - the free Bing Ads Audit details what products are selling and the products that are just spending money
The first three pages of the Free Bing Ads Audit provided by the PPC Geeks to analyse Microsoft advertising
Pages four through six of the free Bing Ads Account audit
SIS on PPC Geeks Bing Audit report
Image showing the section of the aduit that details the loaction settings within the Bing Ads account
Image showing the Bing Ads ad extensions
The mobile page speed part of the free PPC audit
Shopping Ads ROAS

Our Free Bing Ads Account Audits are very comprehensive and built based on your specific account and the data we find within it.

As such each one of our free ads audits are unique so please see the above as a 'basic guide' to what is 'typical' in one of our audits.

Our Bing Ads Geeks will complete your audit themselves so it is conducted by humans not computers and will detail how making changes will improve the results you get from your account. It's then up to you on who you decide to do the work (yes, it's that simple).

You should look to leverage this insider knowledge to give your company the competitive edge against your competitors straight away.

Are you interested in the free audit? Are you ready to find out how to improve the results you get from your Bing spend? If so - follow the below and we will be able to get your free Bing Ads Audit booked in!

We offer PPC audit across various PPC platforms such as Bing, Google, LinkedIn and many more!

Below details what the Process is to Get A Free Bing Ads Audit with us!

Getting your Free Bing Ads Audit couldn’t be easier, all you need is a Bing Ads account!

As a reminder your bespoke audit is free, and you have no obligation to use us to complete any work that might need doing. So, book yours today! What have you got to lose?


1. Say Hello: Contact Us Today - let us know you are interested, this can be by Live Chat, Call or Form Fill (simple). Our helpful and friendly Geeks will be happy to chat and answer any questions you might have?


2. Your Account Number: Our Geeks will need your CID (client ID number). This can be found in the top right-hand corner of your Bing Ads Account. This number will be 10 digits long and look similar to this XXX-XXX-XXXX.


3. Confirm Our Account Access: Once our Geeks know what your CID number is they will request access to your account through our Bing Ads MCC (My Client Center), this is our agency Bing Ads Account. Our Geeks use a Bing MCC so they can access third-party Bing Ads Accounts like yours . Once the Geeks have requested access to your account through our MCC you will need to go into your Bing Ads Account and accept that we can link to your account. You can remove our access at any time - you are in full control! And rest assured, our Geeks will not make any changes to your account.


4. We Start Working On Your Free Bing Ads Audit: Once our Google Ads agency Geeks confirm we have access through our Bing MCC we can schedule in your 100% Free Bing Ads Audit. You will soon be able to reap the rewards by finding out how to improve your Bing Ads Account! Our Geeks will schedule in your audit and let you know when they expect to have this completed. We aim to get your Free Bing Ads Audit completed within five working days.


5. Audit Findings Call: Once your Free Bing Ads Audit has been completed, we will schedule in a screen share meeting with you. You can have as many people from your company on the call as you want and we recommend anyone that has a financial interest (CEO, COO, Directors, HR, Digital Marketing Managers, etc) should be on the free audit findings call. This is your best opportunity to ask questions around the Free Audit and its findings. These audits tend to 20 to 30+ pages long so they go into a good level of detail and are all explained in plain English so all levels of experience should be okay with the detail uncovered. Once the call is over, we will email over copies of the audit so you will have a hard copy.


6. Next Steps - Work Through Findings & Improve Your Bing Ads Account: You are free to drive off into the sunset and reap the rewards of a better return on investment (ROI) from your Bing Ads account! - Congratulations! But if you want the work done as part of a larger and smarter BSSS (Business Specific Success Strategy) with greater ROI, return on ad spend (ROAS) and actionable business-driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve your business's bottom line, then we'll be happy to keep on speaking with you.


It’s easy to get your audit arranged today. Simply reach out and let our PPC experts know you're interested and they will be happy to guide you through the simple process detailed above and of course answer any questions you might have.

Book Your 100% Free Bing Ads Audit, Get Better Results From Your Bing Ads Spend:

Order Your Free Bing Ads Audit, they are typically 40+ Pages and will give you actionable insight on how to get better results from your Bing Ads spend! Just some of the areas we will report on are:

  • Account Structure & Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences
  • Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas
  • Main KPIs Overview
  • And Much More!

Get yours today and soon you should be getting better results from your Bing Ads budget! Yes, it is this simple!


Why Would You Choose The PPC Geeks To Do The Work Found In The Audit?

PPC Geeks is not just your simple PPC Ads Company. We are proudly one of the top Google Ads company in London and offers PPC audit in various platforms including Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Google Shopping agency and many more!

Our PPC agency Geeks specialise in Bing Ads, however, the greatest value we offer (we believe) is our ability to craft accounts to match the specific needs of our partners' businesses. We do this through many years of digital marketing experience backed up with careful and detailed discussions with our partners.

We take the time to get to know our clients (just like you). Our Geeks get to know our client’s business wants, needs, plans, and vision. Our Geeks are able to plan all of this information out against all of the millions of touchpoints in a Bing Ads account to make sure there are actionable and accountable KPIs set in place in their BSSS (business specific success strategy). This helps set out the framework of how we will get your account from where it is, to where it needs to be.


Some of the key benefits of working with the PPC Geeks

  • PPC Geeks is a PPC agency in London with over 15 years of experience in Bing Ads and digital marketing.
  • We work across Pay Per Click platforms including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and many more
  • You get access straight away to our full UK based team of experts (PPC, CRO, UX & more).
  • No complicated and surprising pricing models, just a simple pricing structure that has your ROI at heart.
  • All of this actually costs less than to do it in-house!
  • You will also get better results using our PPC Geeks than using an in-house solution!
  • You will get all of the shiny new technology at no extra cost (keeping you ahead of your competitors).
  • With a proven track record, our Geeks make their clients £Millions in ROI.
  • Improved bottom-line results.
  • All PPC Geeks are fully accredited by Bing Partners.
  • One team, all bases covered. Our team of PPC experts can promote Your Brand across all of the major PPC Platforms, including but not limited to all of these. Simply pick your free audit and we will do the rest. You will soon be getting better results from PPC :
  • Not sure? See what our clients say for yourself with our 5 star Trustpilot reviews
  • Learn how you can get ahead with your own BSSS (Business Specific Success Strategy).
  • Single point of communication as you get your own dedicated account manager.
  • You get a full team of experts making smart KPI focused optimisations in your account (all for the same price).
  • You don’t need to worry about vacations/holidays/absences or sickness cover ever again.
  • Oh yeah, did we say, our Bing Ads Audit is 100% free, with no obligation, so let's get the wheels moving on this Free Bing Ads Audit .

Will the Free Bing Ads Audit find improvements in your account? Find out now ?

Every audit is different but they all follow some of the same principles and best practices. So don't delay and get your 100% free Bing Ads audit here today from one of the best PPC agency in Manchester.


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Don't just take our word for it. With over 100+ five-star reviews, we let our work-and our satisfied clients-speak for us.


I've been really impressed with the project management throughout.

We have good regular updates and useful discussions around experiments we can try next to keep the momentum or deal with challenges when they come up. There has been a good foundation of honesty since we started, which has made this feel like a real team effort.

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