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Google Ads

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Google Ads: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Google Advertisements and more with our unmissable introduction into the world of Google Pay Per Click Ads.

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Google Ads The All You Need to Know Guide!

Every second, there are 2.3m+ searches on Google, and the vast majority of search results include some type of Google ad. Looking to drive users to your website whilst they search the internet for your type of product or service? Google Advertisements can be extremely useful.

Google is the biggest search engine the world has ever seen; therefore, if you’re looking to promote your product to the masses, then Google Pay Per Click Ads are the way to go.

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Google Ads Example

Google search ads appear in search results on Google. Indeed, the sponsored results or ‘ads’ are denoted with an ‘ad’ label in the above example the 'Ad' label is black.

What’s more, with the use of Google Ads PPC, your advertisements can appear to over 3 billion people. What this shows is that Google Advertisements are massively important when it comes to marketing a product or promoting a particular service.

But Google Pay Per Click Ads spans more than just text ads in search results, there are many options now including but not limited to Text, Shopping, Display and App Ads. The possibility of getting your brand in front of your prospects has never been so achievable!

When Did Google Ads Begin?

October 23, 2000, saw Google introduce what was then known as Google Adwords to the world of online advertising. The first-ever self-serve online advertising platform, Google Adwords began life as a month-long beta-test, growing into an advertising behemoth within 20 years.

After initial testing success, Google Adwords, which was rebranded to Google PPC Ad sin 2018, was launched.

Why Should You Consider Using Google PPC Ads?

Google ads are an absolute must for any marketing professional or business owner looking to grow their brand and make more sales.

As previously noted, Google has around 2.3m active searches every second. What this indicates mostly is that Google not only shows no signs of slowing down, but the sheer vastness of the search engine.

So, with such an active and vast marketplace, it’s an absolute no-brainer when it comes to investing in Google PPC Ads.

How Much Do Google Adverts Cost?

The cost of Google Advertisements varies based on a number of factors, one being the competitiveness of your keywords within your industry.

In the UK, the average cost-per-click for Google Pay Per Click Ads across the majority of industries is around £2.50.

How Are Your Google Ads Doing?

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The Statistics Behind Google Adverts

The statistics which underpin Google’s global appeal and mass usage never cease to amaze. What they also underpin is just how useful Google ads can be for your business.

Brand Awareness

Online ads increase brand awareness by 80% and not be found at the exact moment someone is looking for what you sell can be catastrophic

Pay to Play

People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase

The Giant

76% of the search engine market belongs to Google, whilst 73% of the paid search market also belongs to the platform

The Future of Retail

66% of shoppers prefer online shopping

Indeed, Google’s paid advertising statistics are also impressive:

Growth Marketing

Google Advertisements return on investment varies wildly depending on many factors but can be optimised to get you better results

Huge Market Share

Google’s ad network reaches around 90% of online consumers in the UK and as such, you can put your products at the fingertips of many buyers

Mobile First World

Many online purchases happen via a mobile devices and you are able to target different device types

Google Works For You

The average conversion rate for Google Adverts varies but there are many options within Google PPC Ads to cut wasteful traffic and concentrate your budget on what will make you the most sales

Moreover, Google’s advertising demographic stats are also very interesting


You are able to personalise your Google Ads search ads to suit many variables, just some include location, gender, products and if they have been on your website before 

Huge Revenue Generator

It is reported that Google made $134,810,000,000 in 2019. This works out at over $4,000 per second is generated for Google through Google Advertisements. Don't waste your budget!

There’s no denying how incredible some of these statistics are. From user demographics to advertising and marketing, Google PPC Ads is one of the most successful ad platforms ever - and for good reason.

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Your Free Google PPC Ads Audit are typically 20+ Pages and will give you actionable insight on how to get better results from your Google Ads spend! Just some of the areas we will report on are:

  • Account Structure & Settings
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Target Audiences
  • Deep Dives into The Highest Spending Areas
    Main KPIs Overview
  • And Much More!

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Google Ad Terms to Know and Understand

These Google ad terms are important to know, and even more important to understand. So, let’s get started.


When you use Google to search for something, you use a number of keywords and phrases - and you may not even know it. Indeed, Google returns a range of results that match the users intent, aligning with their wants, desires and questions.

When choosing your keywords, you want to base them on what queries you want to exhibit your products alongside.

Negative Keywords

The complete opposite to keywords, negative keywords are words and phrases you don’t want to rank for. Once selected, Google will exclude you from the auction for these keywords. Predominantly, these words are semi-related to your product or fall outside the realm of what you offer altogether.

Quality Score

Your Quality Score determines your AdRank. Your Quality Score is based on the perceived quality and relevance of your advertisement, and Google measures such metrics by analysing how many people click on your ad.

Image showing how the three parts consisting of your keywords CTR, Ad Relevance and Landing Page score all combine to make your quality score

You can improve your Quality Score by improving three things:

  • The relevance of your keywords
  • Your ad copy and CTAs
  • The user experience on your website and landing pages

Indeed, you should prioritise your quality score as the higher it is, the lower your acquisition costs will be and the better ranking you’ll achieve.

Keyword Auction

When entering a keyword auction - just like any other auction, a bid represents the amount of money you’re willing to spend for a single click on a keyword of your choice. These bids are important as they will dictate where your ads will appear in Google’s search results.


When first setting up your Google ads campaign, you’ll be asked to select a geographical area where your ad will show up. Indeed, there are three things to consider:

  • Shop or Storefront - If you have a physical shop, you should set your location to a radius that encompasses your shop and slightly further afield.
  • E-commerce Store - If you have an e-ccomerce website and a physical product, you should set your location to the places where you ship to.
  • Worldwide Product - If you sell a service or product that is accessible worldwide, then your location should reflect your global appeal.

One thing is for certain, your location metrics will play an important role in your ad placement. What’s more, Google’s main goal is always to display the most relevant results to users within their area.

Types of Google PPC Ads

There are a number of Google Pay Per Click Ads you can choose from, ranging from in-game App Ads to simple Shopping Ads.

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ad campaigns involve detailed text-based adverts that describe the page the advert leads to on Google. You can add lots of information such as prices, size and shapes. These enable you to advertise a product based on specific keywords ad go through to the page on your website you define.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping campaigns involve detailed product descriptions, be it price, product photography, or size and shape. managed through Google Merchant Centre, Google Shopping Ads enable you to advertise a product based on specific keywords rather than the entire brand and its back catalogue.

Display Ads

Predominantly image-based, pay-per-click ads, Display Ads position eye-catching, vibrant content in front of the right audiences that are aligned with your brand image. Sometimes it’s as simple as producing quality content and getting it in front of the right people.

App Ads

With Google App Ads you can run multiple campaigns that encourage users to purchase your app based on their apparent use of the same app or similar ones. What’s more, unlike other campaigns, you don’t design an app ad - you bid on it. Google then does the work for you.

Video Ads

Mostly associated with YouTube, Video Ads are displayed before, during and sometimes after a video.

It’s always worth remembering that YouTube is a search engine, meaning keywords have the same desired impact as they would on Google. Therefore, don’t neglect things such as bidding strategies, keyword research and demographics, for example.

Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are ‘native’ ads that appear in various Google feeds. Advertisers must create a specific Discovery Ads campaign, however, these same campaigns work just like Google’s own in-market audience targeting campaigns do.
So, if it’s good enough for the world’s biggest internet platform, then it’s good enough for you.

Any of these campaign types are good in their own right and are dedicated to providing either a good ROI or taking your brand to the next level in terms of awareness. Whatever your short or long-term goals maybe, one of these ad types are sure to have the desired impact you crave.

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Targeting Options

With Google Ads, there are a number of audience targeting options to explore:


Demographics - With demographic targeting, you can target your product based on everything including location, age, gender and even device type. This gives way to an extremely focused approach.


Image showing a map to show this is Customers can now message with businesses in more ways with Google Maps

Geotargeting - Geotargeting lets you target your ads to specific locations. Unlike demographic targeting, with geotargeting you can target ads to appear in specific postcodes, never mind areas.


In-Market - In-Market lets you target users who have been searching for similar products to yours. These users may be more convertible because they are actively looking to make a purchase or have already done so previously.

Custom Intent

Custom Intent - This targeting option depends on strong keyword research and a talented copywriter. Choose words related to what might push people to engage with your website or landing page. What’s more, Custom Intent lets you add URLs, apps and even YouTube videos tailored to your demographics’ values and interests


Remarketing - Remarketing enables you to target users that have previously interacted with your ads, website or app. If they’ve clicked on your ads or visited your website, then the user enters your sales pipeline and thus, gives you a chance to market them and close a sale.


Topic - Topic target is exactly how it seems. Google PPC Advertisements searches the web for content and considers everything from language to link structure, determining the main theme/ topic of every website and targets your ads accordingly.


Placement - Placement targeting is similar to topic targeting, however, rather than searching the internet for content, topic targeting simply markets your ads based on the websites your audience has previously visited. This strategy does not require any keywords.


Keywords - In contrast, content keyword targeting is solely based on choosing the best, most relevant words for your product and targeting the users who search for those words. Backed up by tailoring your demographic, keyword targeting is highly impactful.


Targeting your ads is an important part of any successful campaign that wishes to make an impact. Indeed, targeting your ad increases the chances for ROI by tenfold.

Begin Your Google Advert Campaign… Today

Given its reach, popularity and authority on the world stage, Google PPC Advertisements should play an integral part in your paid advertising plans. 


Indeed, by utilising the tips and pointers outlined above, you have the tools to create a hugely successful Google Pay Per Click Ads campaign that drives everything from clicks to customers.

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