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Politics and Football and Business


How do purchasing behaviour and your business change during a general election and international sporting events?

One advertising platform that increases in audience share during elections is radio – both commercial and local. A recent Radiocentre survey identifies that more and more people are avoiding news, even more so in the run up to the General Election. But radio remains the convenient source of reliable information.

Why might this be important to digital marketing?

Their research reports that 43% of users actively avoid social media at such times. Plainly speaking, if your company uses social media platforms to advertise you may well see a decrease in engagement until after July 4th.

Ian Bryant, the sales manager at Sprint Group (an award winning commercial kitchen and hospitality expert) states “The hospitality industry is sensitive to changes in the economic and political landscape. The 2024 general election carries the potential to introduce policies that could directly influence the operating environment for businesses in this sector.”

The hospitality sector is not alone in expecting a reticence in B2B clients to engage with companies until they have some security in who will be in charge and gain clarity on what new policies/taxes may well impact business.

Elections add ‘another layer of complexity to an already complex property market’ (Josh Harris of Harris Wickens Estate Agents). This highlights a wider entrenched caution in investing from both businesses and the wider consumer community.

And as someone trying to sell their home (something I have done many times before), I cannot remember such a quiet and static market!

Retail Week recently published an article that states 21% of all people will be ‘cutting down on non-essential spending’ due to uncertainty in the political landscape.

So what does all this tell us? The many data point towards, and commentators expect, that the General Election will lead to a downturn in businesses and people putting their hands in their pockets.

How can PPC Geeks help?

  • We have a standard procedure of analysing budget pacing and profitability, but in such times as these, we intensify our focus on ensuring your marketing budget is utilised optimally
  • We will monitor closely the conversion rates: our experience informs us that the conversion window during elections can cause the window between first click, first contact and deal closure to extend uncharacteristically
  • And we will be on hand to help, to answer questions, share our findings and to respond

But…life is always a balance and it’s not all gloom…DON’T FORGET THE EUROS! ⚽

Ocado saw a 12.4% surge in comparative annual sales in the 3 months leading up to the end of May. Why? Because people love their footy in the UK and look forward to some nice weather (?!), BBQs, celebrating the wins and reeling in the losses. Some of our clients will no doubt flourish during the competition and we will be there to support you.

In short, we are always vigilant and identify trends – up or down – and will have a proactive strategy to help maximise your business or mitigate against uncertainty.

Now, where did I put my radio? 📻


Mark Pearsall-Hewes

I have enjoyed a varied career from toy testing to teaching in prisons, to working in a record shop & in music television. Whatever I have done, communication has been my core attribute.

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