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Why is conversion tracking important? Learn why accurate conversion tracking for Google Ads PPC is so important?


Why is conversion tracking important? Learn why accurate conversion tracking for Google Ads PPC is so important?

  • Are you accurately tracking your Return On Ad Spend?
  • Do you know exactly how many leads/conversions/revenue you make from each ad click?

Why is conversion tracking important: you may think you are tracking leads/purchases/conversions accurately but we find that in 90% of all audits we do, there are errors in the implementation.

In most cases where we find tracking correctly installed, the data it provides is neither utilised nor optimised to improve results on the best performing ads, products, demographics etc. This results in a lot of wasted ad spend. In these cases you need a market-leading PPC Agency to help you make sense of the numbers.

Accurate Return on Investment

Is tracking important? We use our in-house expert team of trackers to install up to the minute tracking of calls, leads, forms, purchases and revenue. We can show you exactly what each £1 of ad spend brings you in return. This is one of the biggest areas where PPC Geeks really make a difference.

Optimisation of Best Performing Assets (Why is conversion tracking important)

We utilise accurate tracking data to identify exactly where the best performing assets can be improved upon and the lowest performing assets can be pulled back. We optimise budget spend for maximum performance based on real life performance. This is only possible with accurate tracking data.

Google Artificial Intelligence

Cost per click Google AI is a powerful tool to make sure your ads are presented to the right audience at the right time. However, if your tracking data is not 100% precise, Google AI will “learn” incorrect data and will therefore incorrectly target your ad spend to the incorrect audience. Your account will run on a higher cost per conversion and will be funnelling out money rather than making it.

Why is conversion tracking important? Testing & Experimentation

Why is conversion tracking important: Google Ads PPC is a powerful platform for testing and fine tuning. It has been developed to allow advertisers to run a variety of experiments such as bid strategy testing, ad copy testing and even landing page performance. This gives us useful and meaningful data from which to make optimal decisions.


Siobhain McConnell

Siobhain started her career in Software Engineering, diversifying her skillset to align with growing trends in Website Development and Internet Marketing. After spending a number of years in SEO consultancy, Siobhain is perfectly placed to translate technical data into language that empowers clients to make the best decisions for their business.

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