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🚨 Scam Alert – Warning! PPC Geeks is being impersonated.


🚨 Scam Alert – Warning! PPC Geeks is being impersonated.

🚨 Scam Alert – Warning! PPC Geeks is being impersonated.

UPDATED – 05/05/2023

While they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we’re not very happy to report that some scammers have chosen to register our trademarked brand name to a similar domain and steal our logo and identity. 

We want to make you aware of a scam website that has been reported to us this week. 

PLEASE NOTE: PPC Geeks Ltd has NOT been hacked. This is someone impersonating us.


👉 We have no affiliation with ppc-geeks .com.


This is not our website and we have filed a complaint with the domain registrar (which seems to be Please listen to our scam alert, do not engage with this domain as this is not part of our business. They have clearly used our branding, address, and company number, but this has nothing to do with us.

Our official website is and if you are contacted by ppc-geeks .com please do not engage with them.

We take this very seriously and have notified the relevant authorities. Unfortunately, as this scam seems to be operating from China there is little we can do.


Please do not interact with any website named PPC Geeks other than if you want to speak with us

We are aware and want you to be also of several domains that are not affiliated with us and we urge you not to interact with them if you are wanting to speak to us

  • ppcgeeks
  • ppcgeeks .top
  • ppcgeeksuk .net
  • ppc-geeks .com


What’s Happening?

We have been made aware of some of their tactics, but it is not clear to what end they are operating. 

Some of the reported tactics this spoof website are using (that we have been made aware of).

  1. Being contacted out of the blue via WhatsApp/Facebook
  2. Using country codes including +61 and +58 and potentially UK mobile number spoofing.
  3. Promoting ‘jobs’ paying £80 to £300 per day
  4. Offering positions for data entry


How to know it’s not PPC Geeks

  • We do not loan or require money from contractors.
  • At the time of writing (July 2022) we have no requirement or facility for clients or staff to log in to a website. 
  • We do not offer freelance contract work in this way outside of existing relationships, all of our employees are full-time working for us. 
  • All of our recruitment is done with job postings on this, our official website and UK-based platforms such as 
  • What’s more, we do not use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or indeed any chat app to interact with clients or freelancers. We also do not use 07 mobile numbers, or phone numbers outside of the UK. We operate using landline numbers.
  • Any offers of employment are made in writing, via our legal channels and we interview all applicants formally. We certainly don’t agree things via chat apps!


Example Website

^^ As you can see this has our brand and company number but a) does not operate on our domain and has both a sign up and sign in function. We do not offer or require this to work with us. 


Have PPC Geeks been hacked? (Answer = NO!)

This is not happening because our data has been compromised, or any of our accounts have been hacked. We take our data security very seriously and have multiple authorisations, security keys (behind standard SMS 2FA) and malicious software monitoring in place as standard.

This is simply the case of unscrupulous people registering a domain name using our brand name. Unfortunately, anyone can register a brand name in a few clicks for a few pounds – hence our scam alert.


Actions We’ve Taken

Reporting the domain name as breaching our registered trademark and impersonating our brand.

Informing you via this post that this has happened.

Outlining above how to know it’s not us.


If you are contacted by ppc-geeks .com, please do not engage with them.




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