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All Things PPC Podcasts


Dive deep into the world of PPC and digital marketing with our podcast series, All Things PPC

If you are on a quest to master PPC and digital marketing, your search ends here! Our podcast series is your ultimate guide to marketing band paid advertising. Join us and transform your strategies with insider knowledge and expert advice.

Why should you watch?


Insights from the

Immerse yourself in the latest updates from our PPC and digital marketing experts. We’re here to share some of the secrets of our success, offering you the tools to achieve your marketing objectives.

In-depth exploration of trending topics

Stay at the forefront of digital marketing with our comprehensive discussions. Whether it’s mastering Google Ads or navigating the vast sea of social media, we promise to keep you informed and ahead.


Perfect for your busy lifestyle

Our podcasts are crafted to fit seamlessly into your hectic days. Get your dose of digital marketing wisdom on the go, be it during your morning commute or as you power through your workout.


A thriving community of digital marketers

Join like-minded professionals passionate about digital marketing. Learn, share, and grow within our active community of learners and leaders


Your gateway to:


Unrivaled PPC Expertise

Discover the art and science of creating impactful campaigns, optimising your spending, and achieving unparalleled ROI.


Digital Marketing, Simplified

Navigate through the complexities of digital marketing with our clear, actionable insights on a host of topics.


Exclusive Industry Insights

 Stay in the loop with the latest digital marketing tools, platforms, and trends directly from the pioneers shaping the industry.


Stellar Interviews:

Gain diverse perspectives through our conversations with industry leaders, marketing innovators, and analytics experts, enriching your knowledge and sparking inspiration.

Ready to elevate your digital marketing game?

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Eager to transform your digital marketing strategies and achieve your goals? Watch our podcasts today and ensure you're always one step ahead in marketing.


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Bridging PPC Specific Advice With Marketing Advice – All Things PPC Podcast Ep6

This week co-founders Chris and Dan talk about bridging the gap between advice that is specific to Pay Per Click and general marketing advice. Press play on the video below to start listening! Bridging PPC Specific Advice With Marketing Advice | All Things PPC Podcast Ep6 Welcome back to the All Things PPC Podcast! In…
performance maximised

Performance Maximised! – All Things PPC Podcast Ep5

This week Chris and Max talk about Performance Max and how to get the best out of this paid platform. Press play on the video below to start listening!
Ep.1 : Platform Expansion and Holistic Marketing

Navigating PPC Waters: Effective Strategy and Planning – All Things PPC Podcast Ep4

Effective PPC strategy and planning form the bedrock of successful digital advertising campaigns. It involves a comprehensive approach with clear objectives and a deep understanding of the target audience. It is through strategic PPC campaigns, accurate conversion tracking, and data analysis, that businesses can lay a solid foundation for growth, maximize ROI, and drive success.…

The Best Way to Set Shopping Campaigns and Optimize Them – All Things PPC Podcast Ep3

Have you ever felt like your shopping campaigns are sputtering out? You pour products into them, expecting a flood of sales, but instead get a trickle. This episode of our podcast, All Things PPC, takes a good look at the strategic secrets of optimising those campaigns to get your products seen and generate sales. A…

The Timeless Core Pillars of Effective PPC Campaigns – All Things PPC Podcast Ep2

In the second episode of All Things PPC, Chris & Paul talk about the 12 core pillars of marketing and what they mean to the PPC Geeks. Timeless core pillars of effective PPC campaigns transcend flashy tactics, focusing instead on strategic foundations that meet your consumer needs, value proposition, and brand positioning and drive results.…

Platform Expansion & Holistic Marketing – All Things PPC Podcast Ep1

In the exciting first episode of the All Things PPC podcast, Chris & Mark delve into the world of platform expansion and holistic marketing. Expanding your marketing platforms and achieving holistic marketing go hand-in-hand. This means understanding how to navigate different platforms like Google Ads, Meta, and TikTok for your digital marketing campaigns. While many…

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