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PPC Geeks Blog - Outsourcing Advantages & Disadvantages for Business

Outsourcing: Advantages & Disadvantages

By Abra Millar / September 10, 2018

Reducing costs and increasing productivity are goals for any successful business. Outsourcing could help you do both! Outsourcing is simply…

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PPC Geeks Blog - Build the Perfect PPC Landing Page Best Practice & Examples

Build the Perfect PPC Landing Page: Best Practice & Examples

By Abra Millar / August 31, 2018

How To Build the Perfect Google Ads PPC Landing Page: Best Practice and Examples No matter how big your PPC…

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How to Use AdWords to Promote and Inform Branded Content

By Abra Millar / August 13, 2018

When we talk about promoting branded content, AdWords rarely comes into the fore. But AdWords is a great opportunity that…

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PPC Geeks Blog - YouTube Ad Changes

YouTube Ad Changes: What do They Mean?

By Abra Millar / July 4, 2018

This year, YouTube has made a host of changes to keep advertisers using their service. What was the problem? YouTube…

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The PPC Geeks PPC Management Blog

Stuck in a Digital Marketing Rut? 4 Ideas to Kick Start Your Campaigns

By Abra Millar / April 17, 2018

You’ve been putting a lot of effort into your digital marketing for a while now. But your efforts have started…

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