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PPC Geeks Blog - How to Improve your AdWords Performance 6 Advanced Techniques to Try Today

How to Improve your AdWords Performance: 6 Advanced Techniques to Try Today

By Dan / March 18, 2018

So you’ve been working on your Google AdWords account but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for. If you’ve tried…

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PPC Geeks Blog - 7 Essential Interview Questions for Your Next PPC Expert

7 Essential Interview Questions for Your Next PPC Expert

By Dan / March 18, 2018

Running successful and profitable PPC accounts is a skill. It’s also something that a lot of people don’t know very…

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PPC Geeks Blog - Negative Keywords Lists for AdWords You Must Add Right Now

Negative Keywords Lists for AdWords You Must Add Right Now

By chris / February 27, 2018

Whether you’re in and out of your account adding negative keywords every day or you’ve never heard of them, check…

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Google AdWords

10 Ways You’re Still Wasting Money in AdWords

By chris / January 30, 2018

    Arguably the best tool to get potential customers quickly; Google AdWords can get you in front of people…

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PPC Tools

35 PPC Tools We Can’t Live Without in 2018

By chris / January 9, 2018

The way we search is changing. And the way we advertise in search is changing too. With the growing use…

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headway  unsplash

Common PPC metrics: Which are the best?

By chris / December 19, 2017

    Whether you’re new to AdWords or not, you’ll know that there are hundreds of metrics at your fingertips.…

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Is Your AdWords Account Stagnating? Look at your Landing Pages

By chris / November 27, 2017

So you’ve been running an AdWords account for a while, you’ve tinkered and changed and tweaked and changed back and…

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How to Use Google Adwords & How Does it Work?

By chris / November 7, 2017

Advertising online is one of the fastest ways to reach new audiences. Search engines are the new high street with…

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Running PPC In-House? 7 Ways You’re Wasting Money

By chris / October 17, 2017

A large majority of business owners understand that you need to advertise to get in front of customers. In 2017,…

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We have definitely seen massive growth in the sales on our website. PPC Geeks managed to implement advanced campaigns that can enable us to maximize our return on ad spending. We also love their monthly reports, with solid recommendations along with the live dashboard in case we want to check results anytime

Abdul Thadha
Managing Director, Books2Door

Every campaign they run is built strategically and methodically with a real focus on gathering and acting on data. This has been really refreshing for me as it integrates perfectly with how we run the other parts of our online business.

Ali Gammack
Marketing Manager, SkyParkSecure

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