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Marketing Tip of the Month: The Power of Copywriting


Marketing Tip of the Month: The Power of Copywriting

The Power of Copywriting – Our Top Tips!

The Power of Copywriting: copy can be make or break.

The right copy can overcome obstacles.

The wrong copy can create them where you didn’t even exist.

Some even claim that your copywriter is the most important person in your entire business.

But with great power comes great responsibility!

We need to take time to make sure that our website copy is really hitting the mark.

Here’s what you can do this month to embrace the power.

Content Guidelines

The first step in this process is create a set of copywriting style guidelines that fit seamlessly with your brand guidelines.

Think carefully about your different types of content and then assign:

  • Voice/tone
  • Audience persona
  • Formatting rules
  • Grammar rules

Now we’ve got our guidelines there’s only one thing to do!

Content Audit

If you’re dealing with a large site and only have a small team start with the most important pages first.

Use Excel or Google Sheets to record the following:

  • Creation date
  • Last edited
  • URL
  • Content type
  • H1
  • Length
  • Images use
  • CTA use
  • Traffic
  • Topic
  • Audience

Then score each page on its:

  • Readability
  • Grammar and spelling
  • How well it fits your copywriting guidelines
  • Its relevance to your business goals

Decide whether to keep, edit or archive the page.

Think carefully before deleting pages – this shouldn’t be a light-hearted decision. Not all value is immediately obvious.

Now you’ve got your to do list – lets work on making your content really sing.

The Power of Copywriting: Our Copywriting Tips

Let’s go back to basics.

The copywriting for any page or post should meet one or more of the following goals:

  • Highlighting why the reader should choose your product or service
  • Providing information on your specific products or services
  • Give high-quality and industry relevant information
  • Help you learn what your customers want

By combining these simple rules with your guidelines and the following tips you can create powerful copy.

Remember to…


  • Make it original
  • Be concise (not necessarily short)
  • Use keywords
  • Try to answer questions
  • Fact check
  • Use metrics
  • Use images
  • Think mobile
  • Be passionate
  • Make it scannable – use bullets
  • Use tables and charts for technical information


  • Keyword stuff
  • Waffle
  • Mislead
  • Create clickbait
  • Use large blocks of text

With different types of content you’ll need to alter your copy goals.

A great example of this is creating copy for Google Ads and CTAs.

Optimising Google Ads Ad Copy

Your ads copy still fits with the majority of the rules above.

You need to be concise, use metrics to persuade the customer, let them know why you are unique and do your keyword research.

But there are important tips that are often over looked.

  • Optimise your headlines for mobile
  • Make the most out of expanded text ads
  • Include prices and promotions
  • Match your Google Ad to your landing page
  • Adapt copy to mobile by using location and call extensions
  • Get your grammar right – avoid extra spaces and please, please, please don’t make any spelling mistakes

Most importantly, experiment – Google can rotate which ad it displays so you can see which one has performed the best.

If you need help optimising your Google Ads get in touch with us today!

Alternatively, for a guide to creating killer CTA copy take a look at our blog Marketing Tip of the Month: Nail Your Call to Actions



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