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The Best Way to Set Shopping Campaigns and Optimize Them – All Things PPC Podcast Ep3


The Best Way to Set Shopping Campaigns and Optimize Them – All Things PPC Podcast Ep3

Have you ever felt like your shopping campaigns are sputtering out? You pour products into them, expecting a flood of sales, but instead get a trickle. This episode of our podcast, All Things PPC, takes a good look at the strategic secrets of optimising those campaigns to get your products seen and generate sales.

A shopping campaign is an advertising strategy businesses use to promote and sell products online. These campaigns typically involve creating and managing ads showcasing products from an online store. The ads are displayed on various platforms such as search engines like Google or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Shopping campaigns allow businesses to target potential customers actively searching for or interested in similar products, making it easier for them to discover and purchase items from the online store. A shopping campaign aims to drive traffic to the store and increase sales by showcasing products to the right audience at the right time.

In this episode, we discuss the timeless best way to set up and optimize shopping campaigns. Many people believe that simply dumping all their products into a campaign, especially with performance max, will work like magic, but that is not the case. You might throw in 1000 products, but most will not lead to conversions. Google needs to understand your product well enough to promote it effectively. Additionally, putting one product into multiple campaigns can actually work against you. You’ll understand why as you delve deeper into campaign optimization.

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Key Highlights from the Show

[00:01] Intro and what in for you in today’s show with Rory

[01:08] First things before setting up a shopping campaign

[02:55] Top-level analysis of the performance gains & wastages before working with a client

[04:28] What to start looking for if your products are not showing in the search results

[06:32] Structural setups to go for in a typical account when doing product campaigns

[09:34] How to push the products forward that aren’t getting traction in a campaign

[12:29] The impact of having multiple campaigns with the same product

[16:25] Common frustrations with shopping campaigns

[18:02] Issues Rory sees in Google Merchant Center when checking client accounts

[21:15] Key things to keep watch continuously on shopping campaigns

[26:41] Some of the nice things about shopping campaigns that are useful

[29:30] Wrap-up and end of the show

Notable Quotes

  1. If Google can’t understand your product enough to sell it, it will not show it very often in the search results. – (04:37)
  2. Advertising the product in different campaigns might raise your cost per click. – (14:01)
  3. Like everything we do, the better the quality of the data we get, the better the quality of the results.- (19:44)


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