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The Timeless Core Pillars of Effective PPC Campaigns – All Things PPC Podcast Ep2


The Timeless Core Pillars of Effective PPC Campaigns – All Things PPC Podcast Ep2

In the second episode of All Things PPC, Chris & Paul talk about the 12 core pillars of marketing and what they mean to the PPC Geeks.

Timeless core pillars of effective PPC campaigns transcend flashy tactics, focusing instead on strategic foundations that meet your consumer needs, value proposition, and brand positioning and drive results. At their essence, these pillars are about aligning your efforts with your marketing objectives. Harnessing the power of PPC campaigns is becoming a fundamental strategy for success in the digital landscape, offering unparalleled reach and targeting precision. By mastering the art of search advertising, businesses can navigate digital marketing with confidence, ensuring their messages resonate with their target audience at the right time, ultimately propelling them toward success in the online arena.

In this episode, we discuss the timeless core pillars of PPC, drawing from our collective experiences and insights gained through years of navigating the digital marketing landscape. Joining us is, Paul, a seasoned digital marketer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. Together, we explore the foundational principles that underpin effective PPC campaigns and the strategies and tactics that stand the test of time amidst the ever-evolving online advertising ecosystem.

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Key Highlights from the Show

[00:01] Intro and what in for you in today’s show

[00:55] Why comprehensive tracking is crucial for business success

[02:36] What Budget control offers to someone doing PPC

[07:14] How to be smart with Google ads tax, spending, and gains

[10:10] Why planning is essential when it comes to online advertising

[12:46] How to use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to get better results

[17:02] Constantly testing even when the campaigns seem to be effective

[20:10] The 80/20 rule and being analytical

[22:42] Why prioritize long-term gain and sustainability in PPC

[30:33] How holistic marketing and platform expansion enhance PPC effectiveness

[27:58] Why strong copywriting is a critical element in PPC

[30:38] Reporting and KPI role in driving a successful PPC campaign

[32:49] How to foster the culture of continuous learning and adaptation

[34:38] Wrap-up and end of the show

Notable Quotes:
By having tracking in place, you can identify whether you’re driving leads or sales; if you are not tracking, you don’t know what is working. – (01:26)
By tracking everything and having that budget control, you can squeezing as much value for your own business out of every marketing pound that you spend. – (09:13)
People are lazy, so make use of the traffic you already got by ensuring the user journey is as good and easy as it can be. – (16:07)
It’s the small few things that make the biggest impact. [20:55]


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