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Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising


Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising

Big news: Google is giving marketers until October to comply with a new policy that says that if your ads lead to pages with intrusive advertising, then they will be disapproved.

Google Ads is implementing a new policy that requires landing pages to meet ‘better ads standards,’ as the Coalition for Better Ads announced earlier this month. So, if you’re a Google Ads specialist or PPC expert, now is the time to start cleaning up your landing pages, especially if they involve intrusive advertising practices.

But what exactly is with Google and intrusive advertising? And what does Google’s new policy fully entail? With October just around the corner, I thought I’d go into a bit more detail about why Google will soon start rejecting ads leading to pages with intrusive advertising.

Why Will Google Reject Ads Leading to Pages with Intrusive Advertising?

In short, in the case of Google and intrusive advertising: a change to Google’s destination requirements policy outlines that if an ad leads to a page that doesn’t comply with the BAS, then Google has every right to disapprove the ad.

If you work for a Google Ads agency, for instance, you may have received an email from Google that informs you of this policy change. If so, this means you have until about October to make the necessary changes.

If you haven’t received the email, then it reads below:

“In October 2022, the Destination requirements policy will be updated to include a new policy requiring ad experiences on destinations to conform to the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards. Destinations containing ad experiences that do not conform to the Better Ads Standards will be informed via the Ad Experience Report, and any ads that lead to such destinations will be disapproved.”

So, if you’re running Google Ads, this new policy means you must be extra careful about how you build your landing pages and, more importantly, what type of advertising you put on the pages.

What is Intrusive Advertising?

To keep things simple, if an ad interrupts a user’s browsing experience, it’s almost certainly intrusive advertising and therefore doesn’t comply with better ads standards.

Google and intrusive advertising policy include a number of different types of ads and ad practices, such as:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Autoplaying video ads with sound
  • Ads that block visitors from seeing the main content
  • Prestitial and postitial ads with countdowns
  • Large sticky ads that stay on a page as the visitor scrolls
  • Ad density greater than 30%
  • Flashing animated ads

Image showing Google Will Reject Ads Leading To Pages With Intrusive Advertising

That said, intrusive advertising also refers to pushing invasive, unwelcomed, irrelevant ads in front of users. These ads pop up unexpectedly and without warning, as well as blocking the host page, flash annoyingly, open new pages and windows or, in some cases, they even play video and audio at inappropriate times.

Why Should You Care About Google’s New Intrusive Advertising Policy?

The case with Google and intrusive advertising is: they simply don’t want advertisers sending users to pages that contain intrusive or infuriating ad experiences. Now, your landing pages may already comply with this new policy, especially if they’re already optimised for Google’s most recent page experience update.

However, if you’re unsure whether your landing pages meet the new standards, Google will more than likely inform you in the Ad Experience Report. You can also enlist the help of a Google Ads consultant.

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