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Has Your eCommerce PPC Hit a Plateau?


Has Your eCommerce PPC Hit a Plateau?

Has your eCommerce PPC hit a plateau with the recent climate of financial uncertainty? If so, it’s important to boost your eCommerce PPC and take it to the next level to surpass your competitors.

Staying abreast of ever-changing customer needs and behaviours is important.

I wanted to take a closer look at how you can halt your eCommerce plateau and get your campaigns performing again.

How to Stop Your eCommerce PPC Hit a Plateau

I asked our team of PPC experts to club together a list of their best, most tried and tested techniques to stop eCommerce results from hitting a plateau.

Here’s what they come up with:

Increase Customer Conversion Rate

According to our Google Ads specialists, it goes without saying that increasing your customer conversion rate will boost your revenue for the same amount of advertising spend.

It’s important to lean on Google Ads’ Artificial Intelligence. And how reviewing your eCommerce website’s landing pages, can make or break a lead or sale online.

Make sure your pages are fast loading on mobile browsers and desktops. Show a clear call to action, and make sure you differentiate your products from your competitors’. In doing so, you should be able to stave off any unwanted plateaus.

Reduce Wasted eCommerce Ad Spend to Stop Your eCommerce PPC Hit a Plateau

The biggest block to performance that we come across in audits is, without question, wasted ad spend.

Money is often being wasted on fruitless campaigns, ad groups, keywords and other extensions that just aren’t converting into customers. It could be that you’re seeing positive performance in certain areas and therefore assume that the account is performing well. Wrong.

That said, it’s more than likely that your average ROAS is being negatively impacted by low performing products.

I recommend reducing that wasted eCommerce ad spend as much as possible.

Improve Your eCommerce PPC Targeting

If you want to stop your eCommerce from plateauing, then improve your conversions by improving the targeting of your customer demographic.

A comprehensive eCommerce expert can expand audience targeting with Performance Max, Broad Match and Dynamic Search Ads.

Once consistency in volume is reached, those methods can be refined by careful editing and thus making the move into high quality traffic territory.

Adjust Your Product Prices

Fine-tuning your campaigns to focus on profit rather than ROAS means you can produce highly targeted campaigns that maximise profit rather than revenue. And, Google Ads experts work best when dealing with highly targeted eCommerce ads.

Given that profit margins are likely different with each product, it’s beneficial to split your products into their appropriate margin groupings such as low, medium and high.

This allows for better targeting to get more visibility, while enabling you to adjust your prices accordingly.

How to Stop Your eCommerce PPC Plateauing: Honourable Mentions

Our PPC authorities also came up with a few extra ways on how to stop your eCommerce PPC from plateauing:

  • Widen Search Trends – Broadening your search trends is a great way to capture increased demand. Use search trends data to identify how trends are changing and apply this to your portfolio of products
  • Lower ROAS Target – If your campaigns are targeting a particular ROAS figure, it may be time to re-adjust and set the target lower. It’s important to realise that higher ROAS targets can, in fact, reduce revenue
  • Fix Structural Issues – If your campaign has structural problems or incorrect tracking installed, the Google Ads algorithms will be running from incorrect data and targets. Fixing this needs to be your priority

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Helen Gallagher

Helen has a background in copywriting, SEO and paid search. Has a broad range of experience across travel marketing, e-commerce and B2B. Started off working on the Buzz! video games.

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