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Test: Onboarding Form

Contact Details

This will help us verify conversion tracking and troubleshoot technical issues that may arise.

Your Advertising Objectives

This is the ten digit number in the top left hand corner of your Google Ads account. It will have the form XXX-XXXX-XXXX
For example, £3K per month
You may have a number of objectives for your Google Ads campaigns, please use this list to identify the most pressing priority objective.
For example, if you selected ROAS or CPL as the primary objective, do you have a specific value in mind (for example 4x ROAS or £85 CPL). Please leave blank if you don't have a specific metric.
Please use this space to provide any additional information that you feel is relevant to the primary objective. Otherwise please leave blank.
If you have particular products/services that are a higher priority for advertising please give details here. Otherwise leave blank.
What makes your business/products/services better than the competition? Please list three to ten unique selling points here.
This can be a country, countries, city, cities, or a radius. For example, "UK Mainland Only" or "UK & Northern Ireland" or "Edinburgh, Glasgow & Liverpool" or "30 mile radius around London".
If you have any information about your target market, please enter it here. For example: age range, gender, income, etc. Otherwise please leave blank.
This helps us to target audiences and to perform competitor analysis if required. If you don't know any competitor websites please leave blank.
If there is any other information that we need to know that has not been covered above please enter it here. Otherwise please leave blank.
Please read and acknowledge:(Required)
Whilst we do all we can to reduce any dips in performance, there may a temporary dip as we optimise your account. Structural changes to any Google Ads account can trigger a "learning period". This represents the Google Ads algorithms learning to target more effectively. This is an essential part of optimising your Google Ads account. The general rule of thumb is that an algorithmic learning period may take four to six weeks.

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