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landing page reviews: As part of our client management process here at PPC Geeks, we conduct reviews of our client’s landing pages every 3 months to suggest some changes that can improve performance. The improvements can be geared towards making users stay longer on site or making users convert more often, for example.

We recently reviewed the website, as a team, and put together a list of potential improvements for the client to review. The suggestions were focused on mobile traffic in these 3 main areas:

  • The Header and Footer
  • Navigation
  • Content Improvement


landing page review

The very next day we spoke to the client who was delighted that we would undertake this task on their behalf and were “blown away” by our service. They had implemented the majority of our suggestions that very same evening and were planning to put the more technical suggestions in place over the coming weeks.

Client feedback such as this is why we do what we do. We love to add value to our client’s businesses in any way we can. Tasks such as landing page reviews benefit both parties – the client will have an improved website and we will have better landing pages to send users to via our adverts.

Enough time has now passed for us to see what impact the changes made on 8th April had:

All Bamboo - Landing Page Review Blog


Improvement in two of the key visitor-based stats is an excellent result for this landing page review!

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Stephen Browne

Stephen has been working in the Pay Per Click Advertising Industry for over 10 years, managing hundreds of Google, Bing and Facebook accounts.

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