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Exciting New Features for Microsoft Advertising


Exciting New Features for Microsoft Advertising

From the new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge to the adoption of the likes of GPT-4, Microsoft has announced several new features for Microsoft advertising.

Microsoft has been enjoying somewhat of a renaissance of late, with over half a billion customers engaging with its chat features, while its users have created over 200 million images with Bing Image Creator – indeed, Bing has also grown to exceed 100 million daily users and installs.

With more and more PPC experts turning to Microsoft to achieve success for their clients, I thought it was time to inspect all these new features for Microsoft advertising.

New Features for Microsoft Advertising: AI-Powered Search

With AI-powered Bing and Edge, Microsoft has transformed one of the largest collections of software in the world by hugely expanding its capabilities.

AI-power is one of the most exciting new features for Microsoft advertising and is helping to open up Bing to a larger audience. That said, moving from text-only search & chat to a tool that is more visual with rich images and video content is also one of the main reasons this new feature has been extremely popular.

By opening up the platform to developers, third parties and PPC management experts, back end users can now build on top of Bing to tailor it to their specific needs.

New Features for Microsoft Advertising: More Visual Search

Visual tools are a critical way people search, create and gain understanding, especially as the brain processes visual information a lot faster than text. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft has always been known for its visual experiences including features like Knowledge Cards and visual search.

That being said, one of its most exciting new features worth noting is that Microsoft is now delivering that same visual service in chat. It’s introducing richer, more visual answers including charts and graphs and updated formatting of answers, helping you locate the information you desire more easily.

This will come as good news for Google Ad specialists who have grown tired of Google’s text heavy interface.

New Features for Microsoft Advertising: Redesigned Microsoft Edge

Not a new feature exactly, but Microsoft has redesigned Microsoft Edge. This tool has always supported your endeavors when trying things out on Bing for the first time, be that launching a website or adopting AI.

From a more streamlined look and semi-transparent visual assets to incorporating visual search in chat so users can upload images and search for related content, the redesign of Microsoft Edge is without doubt one of the most highly anticipated new features for Microsoft ads.

New Features for Microsoft Advertising: Third-Party Platform

One of the new features for Microsoft advertising is a complete overhaul of Bing and how it has become a platform rather than simply a product.

Microsoft has built various third-party plug-ins into the Bing chat experience, creating a platform for developers to integrate everything from GPT-4 to OpenTable. Indeed, Microsoft is working with its partners at OpenAI to make it simpler for developers to take advantage of these exciting new features.

There’s no doubt that these types of tools will be a game-changer in the transformation of Bing and to advance opportunities for its third-party users.

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