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The Future of Google Ads – What We’ve Got to Look Forward To

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The Future of Google Ads – What We’ve Got to Look Forward To

Future of Google Ads: Google is always working on improving. There’s always new features to find out about, catch up on and take advantage of.

So what have we got to look forward to?

We know Google are looking closely at user intent and machine learning, so we’d expect the new features to focus on this area.

What’s Changing? Future of Google Ads

With Google working on matching user intent and using their machine learning prowess to improve user experience, we can expect Google Ads to continue moving away from keywords and closer to people.

If you switch the focus to ‘people’ and the user, we can start to see the idea behind Google’s most recent announcements.

Life Events

In April, Google introduced ‘life event targeting’ to all advertisers.
This is where you can target people in the build up to major life events like graduation, weddings and moving house.

Google has learned from the search history of us all to identify what we’re likely to be searching for in the build up to these events.

In-Market Audiences

They’ve been available for a while in the Display Network and YouTube advertising, but Google have announced they’ll extend this to search.

This means you’ll be able to target people more effectively based on their behaviour. Google have spent years learning from our behaviour so are able to predict when people are likely or close to purchase.

Future of Google Ads New product! Google Attribution

Google are planning to release a brand new product – Google Attribution.

The idea is to help us understand more about where our customers really come from.

There are already a choice of attribution models available – but not everyone seems to know about them (or understand them!).

We’re hoping Google Attribution will help to simplify this a bit and give us a better idea of how we can attract more of our target audiences.

It’s been in beta for a while – find out more about Google Attribution.

Want to know how you can keep on top of the latest changes and make the most them for your business? Get in touch to find out how we can help you.



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