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What’s New in Google Ads? What You Might Have Missed


What’s New in Google Ads? What You Might Have Missed

Google ads latest changes: If you’re struggling to keep up with Google Ad’s latest changes, this post is for you.

Google Ads doesn’t diversify that much.

But recently there’s been an influx of changes, major and minor, which might have left you feeling a bit lost.

So what’s changed?

The New Look Google ads latest changes

If you’ve noticed anything, it’ll be this.

For the first time in years, Google Ads has had a major UI change. It looks totally different.

It’s much cleaner, sleeker and modern.

But what else?

Ad Suggestions

Writing ads can be labour intensive – especially if you want to test, compare and improve.

Before now, you couldn’t cut corners here. After all, it doesn’t get much more important than what your customers first see!

But Google has added a feature to make this a little easier.

Ad Suggestions are ads automatically written by Google Ads – giving you some inspiration to work from.

Google ads latest changes GDPR (Sorry!)

I know it’s happened and we’re sick of it, but it’s not going away!

Google Ads has made some changes to help businesses meet GDPR requirements.

Their EU consent policy has been updated and they have launched new ways advertisers can show non-personalised ads.

Watch this space, as Google Ads has been clear that they will continue to explore and offer new solutions for advertisers with commitments under the new GDPR legislation.

New extensions and formats

Introduced in 2016, click to message lets users message a business straight from their ad.

But Google Ads is showing the prioritisation of this format – and has started to give more reporting options and new metrics.

The affiliate location extension has also been expanded to YouTube ads.

It’s been around in Google Ads in a while, so users will be able to find retailers who sell your product near them.

And now you can expect to start seeing these in YouTube too!

Struggling to keep up to date?

Here at PPC Geeks, we eat, sleep and breathe Google Ads. Keep an eye on our blog to find out all about the latest Google Ads changes and updates.



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