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10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency


Hiring a PPC agency in the UK can be a game-changer for your business. But before you dive in, it’s important to ask the right questions. This helps ensure that the agency you choose will deliver real results and align with your business needs. Here are the top 10 questions to ask before hiring a UK PPC agency.

Key Takeaways

  • Always check the agency’s experience in the industry.
  • Ask for case studies to understand their success stories.
  • Clarify the costs involved, including your PPC budget and the agency’s fees.
  • Ensure you know who will own the PPC campaigns.
  • Find out how proactive the agency is in managing negative keywords.

1. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

When choosing a PPC agency, one of the first questions you should ask is how long they have been in the industry. Experience matters a lot in digital marketing. The field is highly competitive and changes rapidly. If an agency has been around for a while, it usually means they are doing something right. However, keep in mind that more experience doesn’t always mean better results. Sometimes, newer agencies can bring fresh ideas and innovative strategies that seasoned veterans might overlook.

A business professional discussing PPC strategies in a modern office, ideal for understanding questions to ask before hiring a UK PPC agency.

Consider asking for specific examples of how their experience has benefited their clients. This can give you a clearer picture of what to expect. Also, inquire about the types of industries they have worked with. This can help you gauge whether they have the relevant experience to understand the nuances of your particular market.

Choosing an agency with the right balance of experience and innovation can make a significant difference in your PPC campaign’s success.

2. Who Have You Helped in the Past?

When considering a PPC agency, it’s crucial to understand their track record. Ask for case studies and client testimonials to get a sense of their past performance. Knowing who they’ve worked with can give you insights into their expertise and reliability. Some agencies might even connect you with previous clients who can share their experiences directly.

  • Request a list of past clients.
  • Look for case studies that highlight successful campaigns.
  • Ask if you can speak to a few of their clients.

Understanding an agency’s history with other businesses can help you gauge if they’re the right fit for your needs.

3. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: Can You Share a Success Case Study from One of Your Clients?

When considering a PPC agency, it’s crucial to ask for recent case studies of successful client campaigns. These case studies should detail the client’s goals, the agency’s strategy, the tactics used, and the results achieved. This will help you gauge the agency’s competence and creativity.

A business professional presenting a detailed case study in a modern conference room, illustrating questions to ask before hiring a UK PPC agency.

A well-documented case study can provide insights into the agency’s ability to deliver results. Look for examples that are similar to your business to get a better understanding of what to expect. Seeing real-world results can be very reassuring.

  • Client’s Objectives
  • Agency’s Strategy
  • Tactics Employed
  • Outcomes Obtained

A detailed case study can give you confidence in the agency’s potential to meet your needs. It shows their track record and ability to generate positive outcomes.

4. What Will My PPC Budget Be Vs. The Cost to Pay Your Agency to Run the Campaigns?

Before hiring a PPC agency, it’s crucial to understand the financial breakdown. This includes the monthly charges, the portion allocated to your Google Ads budget, and any overhead costs for resources. Make sure you’re not spending extra beyond the agency’s hourly rates or monthly management fees unless it’s for additional tools or domain purchases.

Transparency is key. You should know how your money will be used. For example, how much will be spent on each advertising channel like Google, Bing, or Facebook? How much will go into each campaign?

The cost of hiring a PPC agency can vary widely. For small businesses, it typically ranges from £500 to £5,000 per month. Larger enterprises might spend upwards of £10,000 per month. The cost also depends on the agency’s experience and the complexity of your campaign. A simple campaign may only need a few hours of work per week, while a complex one could require dozens of hours.

Always compare multiple PPC agencies to find the best balance between price and services offered. This ensures you get the most value for your investment.

5. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: Who Will Own the PPC Campaigns — Me or You?

When hiring a PPC agency, it’s crucial to clarify who will own the campaigns. Ownership of PPC campaigns can impact your control and flexibility. If the agency retains ownership, you might face challenges if you decide to switch agencies or bring the campaigns in-house. On the other hand, if you own the campaigns, you have full control over the data and can make changes as needed.

A business meeting in a modern office discussing PPC campaign ownership, crucial for understanding questions to ask before hiring a UK PPC agency.

Consider asking the agency the following questions:

  • Will I have access to the PPC accounts?
  • Can I retain ownership of the campaigns if I decide to leave?
  • How will you handle the transfer of ownership if needed?

Understanding these details upfront can save you from potential headaches down the line. Make sure to get everything in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.

6. How Proactive Will You Be When It Comes to Adding Negative Keywords?

When managing a PPC campaign, it’s crucial to keep an eye on search terms that aren’t converting. Adding negative keywords can significantly improve the quality of traffic your ads receive. This means fewer wasted clicks and more budget for terms that actually convert.

A proactive agency will regularly review search term reports to identify low-performing keywords. They should add negative keywords at both the ad group and campaign levels to ensure your ads are shown to the right audience.

  • Ask the agency to show examples of their negative keyword lists.
  • Ensure they have a strategy for regularly updating these lists.
  • Confirm they understand the importance of negative keywords in optimising your budget.

A good PPC agency will not only find the best keywords to target but also the ones to avoid, ensuring every click counts.

7. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: How Much Time Will You Take to Understand My Business?

When hiring a PPC agency, it’s crucial to know how much time they will dedicate to understanding your business. A deep understanding of your business is essential for creating effective PPC campaigns. Ask the agency about their onboarding process and how they plan to learn about your products, services, and target audience. Will they conduct interviews with key stakeholders? Will they review your existing marketing materials and analytics? The more thorough their approach, the better they can tailor the campaigns to meet your specific needs.

A business professional discussing the onboarding process with a colleague in a modern office, highlighting questions to ask before hiring a UK PPC agency.

Consider asking the following questions:

  • How long is the initial discovery phase?
  • What specific steps will you take to understand our business?
  • Will you need access to our internal data and systems?
  • How will you ensure ongoing alignment with our business goals?

A PPC agency that invests time in understanding your business is more likely to deliver campaigns that resonate with your audience and achieve your marketing objectives.

8. Which Keywords Have Generated the Most Enquiries/Sales Over the Last 30 Days?

Understanding which keywords have driven the most inquiries and sales in the past month is crucial for optimising your PPC campaigns. This insight helps you allocate your budget more effectively and refine your strategy to focus on high-performing keywords.

To get a clear picture, ask your agency for a detailed report. This report should include:

  • A list of top-performing keywords
  • The number of inquiries or sales each keyword generated
  • The cost associated with each keyword

A well-structured report will help you identify which keywords are worth investing in and which ones might need adjustments. Keyword research is the bedrock of any successful marketing campaign. By knowing what works, you can make informed decisions that drive better results.

Regularly reviewing your keyword performance ensures that your campaigns remain effective and aligned with your business goals.

For instance, if you notice that certain keywords consistently generate high sales, you might want to increase your budget for those terms. Conversely, if some keywords are underperforming, it might be time to either tweak your approach or reallocate funds.

In summary, always keep an eye on your keyword performance to ensure your PPC efforts are yielding the best possible results. This proactive approach will help you stay ahead in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.

9. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: What Should I Look for in a PPC Agency?

When choosing a PPC agency, there are several key factors to consider. First, ensure the agency has a solid understanding of the PPC landscape and stays up to date on the latest changes and best practices. A proven track record of delivering results is essential. Ask for case studies or examples of past successes, especially in your industry.

Next, consider the agency’s transparency. They should be open about their pricing and any potential hidden costs. This will help you avoid surprises down the line. Additionally, evaluate their communication style. A good agency will keep you informed and involved in the process.

Lastly, look for an agency that offers a comprehensive PPC audit. This will give you a clear picture of your current performance and areas for improvement. By taking the time to evaluate these factors, you can ensure you select the right PPC agency for your business.

10. How Do I Choose a PPC Agency?

Choosing the right PPC ad agency can make a huge difference in your business’s success. Here are some steps to help you make the best choice:

  1. Research and Shortlist: Start by researching various Google ads agencies. Look for those with experience in your industry and positive reviews.
  2. Check Their Expertise: Ensure the agency has a strong track record in Google ads PPC and eCommerce PPC. Ask for case studies or examples of their work.
  3. Compare Their Results and Plans: After a few interviews, compare the agencies. Look at their past achievements, the markets they serve, and the ad spend they manage. Choose the one that aligns best with your business goals.
  4. Understand Their Pricing: Different agencies have different pricing models. Make sure you understand how they charge for PPC management and what is included in their services.
  5. Meet the Team: Schedule consultations to meet the team. This will give you a feel for their work style and how well they understand your business needs.

Taking the time to choose the right PPC ad agency can lead to better results and a more efficient use of your advertising budget.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding a Google advertising agency that can help your business grow.


Choosing the right PPC agency in the UK can make a big difference for your business. By asking the right questions, you can find an agency that understands your needs and can deliver real results. Remember, it’s important to know their experience, past successes, and how they plan to manage your campaigns. Don’t rush the decision; take your time to ensure the agency is a good fit for your goals. With the right partner, your PPC campaigns can drive traffic, cut costs, and help your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to know how long a PPC agency has been in the industry?

Knowing how long a PPC agency has been in the industry helps you understand their experience level. An agency with more experience is likely to have a better understanding of the market and can provide more effective strategies.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: What should I look for in a PPC agency’s past clients?

Look for a PPC agency that has worked with businesses similar to yours. This shows they understand your industry and can tailor their strategies to meet your specific needs.

Why is it important to ask for a success case study from a PPC agency?

A success case study shows how the agency has helped other clients achieve their goals. It gives you a clear idea of their capabilities and the kind of results you can expect.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: Who should own the PPC campaigns, me or the agency?

It’s best if you own the PPC campaigns. This way, you have full control over the campaigns and can make changes if needed, even if you decide to switch agencies.

How do negative keywords impact my PPC campaigns?

Negative keywords help you avoid showing your ads to people who are not interested in your products or services. This can save you money and improve the performance of your campaigns.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a UK PPC Agency: Why is it important for a PPC agency to understand my business?

A PPC agency that takes the time to understand your business can create more effective campaigns. They can target the right audience and use the right keywords, leading to better results.


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