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Mastering the 2024 Digital Marketing Landscape: Insights and Strategic Directions – An Expert Series


Mastering the 2024 Digital Marketing Landscape: Insights and Strategic Directions – An Expert Series

As the digital marketing world continues to evolve, keeping abreast of the latest trends and strategies becomes essential for success. In the 2024 digital marketing landscape, we’re witnessing a transformative period where technology, user preferences, and marketing practices intersect to redefine the landscape.

In this special blog post series, we delve into the insights of industry leaders to explore the key trends and strategies shaping digital marketing and SEO in 2024. Our panel of experts, including Becky Wood of Paper Starlights, Solomon Ogbole from Tristrams UK, Sagar Dubey from Altertab Solutions, Sumeera Prabhakaran of GoGo Marketing, and Nick Janaway of, share their invaluable perspectives.

Each post in this series will focus on a specific aspect of digital marketing, examining user experience, content strategies, the role of AI, video SEO, personalisation, Pay Per Click Advertising and more. By the end of this series, you’ll have a better understanding of the current landscape and actionable insights to drive your strategy forward.

Join us as we embark on this journey to master the digital marketing landscape of 2024. 

Let’s dive straight into our first topic, the must-know tips for SEO in 2024, as highlighted by industry experts.


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Expert Insights on SEO in 2024

SEO is not just about understanding search engines; it’s about understanding people. As we navigate through 2024, our experts shed light on the strategies that are set to define the SEO landscape.


Becky Wood, Head of Digital and Operations, Paper Starlights

Emphasising User Experience (UX):

  • Becky highlights the growing importance of an optimised user experience. Websites should focus on user-friendly design, seamless navigation, and mobile responsiveness.
  • She advises a shift from keyword-centric content to user-focused, value-driven content.
  •  Voice Search Optimisation: With the surge in voice-activated devices, Becky recommends optimising content for natural language queries and shaping keyword strategies considering how users express themselves verbally.
  • Core Web Vitals: Concentrate on page speed, loading times, and other core web vitals to enhance user satisfaction and improve search rankings.


Solomon Ogbole, Videographer, Tristrams UK

Prioritising Mobile-First and Video Content:

  • Solomon points out the necessity of a mobile-first approach, considering the predominant use of mobile devices for internet access.
  • He also sees a rising trend in integrating video content into SEO strategies for better engagement and visibility.
  • Solomon suggests embracing user-centric content that aligns with E-A-T principles (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).


Sagar Dubey, Sales & Marketing Head, Altertab Solutions

Focusing on Quality Content and Voice Search:

  • Sagar states that in the dynamic realm of SEO, adapting to algorithmic shifts remains paramount. Focusing on user experience, mobile optimisation, and relevant, high-quality content will continue to be foundational elements. Additionally, staying attuned to emerging technologies such as voice search and interactive content will be pivotal.
  • He also foresees the increasing relevance of voice search optimisation in 2024.


Sumeera Prabhakaran, Digital Marketing Manager, GoGo Marketing & Advertising Ltd

Leveraging AI for Personalisation:

  • Sumeera discusses the role of AI in enhancing SEO strategies, particularly in personalising user experiences and content. She states that Google continues to prioritise content that answers users’ queries and provides value.
  • She also highlights the need for businesses to stay adaptable and continuously evolve their SEO practices such ss Core Web Vitals, Local SEO and Video SEO.
  • Sumeera also commented that with the rise of voice-activated devices, optimising content for voice search by using natural language and answering conversational queries should also be considered.


Nick Janaway from

Data-Driven Strategies and Technical SEO:

  • Nick emphasises the importance of data-driven decision-making in SEO. Understanding user intent and behavior is key.
  • He also reminds us of the critical role of technical SEO in ensuring website health performance and speed. There are many tools to help with this, but Core Web Vitals in Search Console can highlight potential issues & areas to improve & enhance. This should not be overlooked. Focus on improving metrics like LCP, FID, and CLS.
  • Content Relevance: Ensure your content is relevant, useful, and engaging. Quality content is, as always, the king.
  • Mobile-first: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. With the increase in mobile use, a mobile-optimised website is no longer optional.



The insights from our experts paint a vivid picture of the SEO landscape in 2024. It’s clear that a combination of user-centric design, quality content, technical excellence, and innovative use of technology like AI and voice search optimisation will be pivotal. Remember to stay tuned for our next post in this series, where we’ll delve into the best SEO strategies for online visibility, featuring insights from more of our esteemed experts. Even better, why not subscribe and stay up to date with all the latest digital marketing news?

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