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How the Human is Essential to Automation Success

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How the Human is Essential to Automation Success

We’re living through an unprecedented time in which technology is advancing at a staggering pace, and the human (i.e, you and I) is feeling under threat.

As technology advances, we’re also starting to see more jobs becoming automated. Some jobs threaten to become obsolete. This is a good way of saving money, though it’s not so positive for humans who work in these roles.

Technology shows no signs of slowing down, so should we be concerned about how our jobs could be impacted by future technological advancements? In short, no.

Here’s why the human has an essential part to play in automation success.

Why is the Human Important to Automation Success?

Even as automation becomes more common, the human workforce remains increasingly necessary.

Here’s why humans form an integral part of the automated labour market:

  1. We can adapt to new situations easily – Say for instance you work for a leading PPC agency in London, then I imagine you’re fairly adept at adapting to new situations on a daily basis. Unlike robots that need to be trained and monitored, humans are much more flexible and can adapt to new situations quickly. Be it learning new ways of working, or solving complex problems as soon as they arise, robots simply don’t have the same experience of finding creative solutions than humans do.
  2. Automation cannot replace creativity – our brain is capable of incredible episodes of creativity, and it would be almost impossible for an automated machine to match the same level of creative thinking that humans are able to achieve. Humans can be imaginative and innovative, wild and impulsive; they can push boundaries and take risks, whereas robots are mostly programmed to perform set tasks and do not deviate.

Automation cannot replace the human creativity.

  1. The human is empathetic – The reason why we get so frustrated when speaking to an automated machine is because it lacks the empathy required to deal with an inconvenient situation. Take the advertising industry for instance, which relies on humans to build a relationship with a client. Robots cannot match that.
  2. The human is a natural leader – There’s room in the world for humans and robots, though always remember that we should be the ones in charge.

How Can Humans and Robots Work Together?

While we humans remain essential to automation success, it’s important we find a way of working together.

Before introducing any new piece of technology into your business you should always have an idea of how you’re going to work together.

When it comes to automation, it’s not a binary decision. It’s about creating a model that utilises the strengths of both the human and the robot. With the help of robots, human tasks can be automated, and lighten the load. Indeed, a hybrid model that maximises the expertise of both parties is the best way forward.

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