Pay Per Click (PPC)

Does Google AdWords Work and Is It Worth It?

PPC Geeks Blog - Does Google AdWords Work and Is It Worth It

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard talk of Google AdWords and you’re wondering whether it’s right for your business. Hello! via GIPHY You’ve no doubt got a lot of questions about this whole PPC thing. Maybe you’ve asked a few people about it and maybe they’ve had some good things to say. But still, you’re…

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AdWords Match Types: Explaining Exact, Broad and Phrase Match

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Match Types

You need to choose a match type when bidding on keywords in your AdWords campaigns. What does this mean? Essentially, you’re telling Google how much you want to match your ads to keyword searches. The match type you choose will determine whether Google aggressively matches your ads to searches or whether they’re a bit more…

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18 Immediate Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC Geeks Blog - Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC is an essential part of any good digital marketing strategy. Sure, many businesses think they can get by without it, but they’re missing out. There are so many benefits of PPC that, from almost the moment you start using it, you’ll find yourself wondering how your business ever got by without. And the best…

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What’s New in Google AdWords? What You Might Have Missed

PPC Geeks Blog - What’s New in Google AdWords

If you’re struggling to keep up with AdWord’s latest changes, this post is for you. AdWords doesn’t change that much. But recently there’s been an influx of changes, major and minor, which might have left you feeling a bit lost. So what’s changed? The New Look If you’ve noticed anything, it’ll be this. For the…

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AdWords vs AdWords Express: What You Need to Know

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords vs AdWords Express

So, you’ve decided to enter the world of PPC advertising. Congratulations! You’re going to enjoy this. But where to begin? Where should you advertise? How much should you spend? Well, if you want to advertise on Google – and you do – you’re going to have to get very familiar indeed with Google AdWords. Or…

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CPC Calculations: How to Calculate Your Max CPC

PPC Geeks Blog - CPC Calculations

The beauty of AdWords is control. In digital marketing it is rare to have so much control as you do in the world of PPC. But this level of control brings along its own unique challenges. You need to be organised. via GIPHY If you don’t know your product costs, margins and profits – you’ll…

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Underused AdWords Features: What You’re Missing Out On

PPC Geeks Blog - Underused AdWords Features

AdWords is complex, ever-changing and sometimes even confusing. We’re all guilty of finding our ‘comfy place’ and sticking to it. Whether you’ve been too busy to try new things or you’re just too scared, take a look at these underused AdWords features that you could be missing out on. Demographic targeting combinations Maybe you’re already…

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AdWords Check Up: Step 3 – Keywords & Ads

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Checkup Step 3

So, you’ve completed step one and step two, where we’ve covered: The basics Aims, tracking, seasonality and account structure Audiences and performance Demographics, geotargeting, device comparison And now we’re on step three where we’ll be looking at keyword selection, ads and landing pages. This is often where everything starts to take shape. Keywords You will…

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