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Why Is Marketing Important? 5 Reasons for Your Business

PPC Geeks Blog - Why Is Marketing Important 5 Reasons for Your Business

No matter who you are or what you do, if you’re running a business, you need marketing. But why is marketing important? Because without it your customers will struggle to find your business, and you’ll have no control over how your brand is perceived. A good marketing strategy won’t just help you to find and…

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Should I Bid on Brand Terms in PPC? The For & Against

PPC Geeks Blog - Should I Bid on Brand Terms in PPC The For & Against

It’s an age old conundrum. To bid or not to bid? And today we’re talking branded terms. The fact you’re here at all tells me you’re at least considering it (or trying to prove a colleague wrong). So let’s take a look. Benefits of Bidding on Brand Terms The very thought of it might make…

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Building a PPC Report: What to Include for You & Your Boss

PPC Geeks Blog - Building a PPC Report What to Include for Your & Your Boss

With many forms of marketing, it can sometimes feel like you’re throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Are people really responding to your ads? Are you really getting a return on your marketing investment or are you essentially wasting your money? via GIPHY But PPC isn’t like this. One of the many…

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How Effective is Google Ads? Can it Work?

PPC Geeks Blog - How Effective is Google Ads Can it Work

In a word, yes. But then as PPC experts we’re probably biased. I’m going to take the next 461 words to give you an insight into what it takes to run an effective Google Ads campaign. I’m going to make two assumptions before I begin. The first is that you already know what Google Ads…

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AdWords vs AdSense: What’s the Difference and Which is Best?

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords vs AdSense What's the Difference and Which is Best

AdWords vs AdSense. They’re both PPC platforms and they’re both run by Google, but what’s the difference and which is best? Before we go any further, let’s sum up the key difference in a couple of short sentences: AdWords is used by businesses, marketers and advertisers to place ads in Google search results, and other…

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8 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR)

PPC Geeks Blog - 8 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR)

Ah, the click-through-rate! Good old CTR. There’s no conversions without clicks! Now, it’s possible to get a little too hung up on your CTR, but this is still a metric that’s worth caring about and it’s a very good idea to do all you can to improve it. This blog will give you some tips…

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Does Google AdWords Work and Is It Worth It?

PPC Geeks Blog - Does Google AdWords Work and Is It Worth It

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard talk of Google AdWords and you’re wondering whether it’s right for your business. Hello! via GIPHY You’ve no doubt got a lot of questions about this whole PPC thing. Maybe you’ve asked a few people about it and maybe they’ve had some good things to say. But still, you’re…

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AdWords Match Types: Explaining Exact, Broad and Phrase Match

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Match Types

Learn Google Ads Match Types: Fully Explaining Exact Match, Phrase Match and Broad Match Types You need to choose a match type when bidding on keywords in your AdWords campaigns. What does this mean? Essentially, you’re telling Google how much you want to match your ads to keyword searches. The match type you choose will…

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18 Immediate Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC Geeks Blog - Benefits of PPC Advertising

18 Immediate Benefits of Google Ads PPC Advertising: PPC Geeks PPC is an essential part of any good digital marketing strategy. Sure, many businesses think they can get by without it, but they’re missing out. There are so many benefits of PPC that, from almost the moment you start using it, you’ll find yourself wondering…

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