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CPC Calculations: How to Calculate Your Max CPC

PPC Geeks Blog - CPC Calculations

The beauty of AdWords is control. In digital marketing it is rare to have so much control as you do in the world of PPC. But this level of control brings along its own unique challenges. You need to be organised. via GIPHY If you don’t know your product costs, margins and profits – you’ll…

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Underused AdWords Features: What You’re Missing Out On

PPC Geeks Blog - Underused AdWords Features

AdWords is complex, ever-changing and sometimes even confusing. We’re all guilty of finding our ‘comfy place’ and sticking to it. Whether you’ve been too busy to try new things or you’re just too scared, take a look at these underused AdWords features that you could be missing out on. Demographic targeting combinations Maybe you’re already…

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AdWords Check Up: Step 3 – Keywords & Ads

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Checkup Step 3

So, you’ve completed step one and step two, where we’ve covered: The basics Aims, tracking, seasonality and account structure Audiences and performance Demographics, geotargeting, device comparison And now we’re on step three where we’ll be looking at keyword selection, ads and landing pages. This is often where everything starts to take shape. Keywords You will…

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AdWords in 2018: What Happened and What’s to Come

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords in 2018

So, we’re almost half way through 2018, feel like you’ve caught up yet? What have we seen so far and what can we expect for the second half of 2018? Let’s find out. GDPR Yes, the dreaded GDPR is here. If you’re solely focused on the EU, you’ll definitely have had to make some changes…

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Bing PPC vs. Google AdWords: Which is Best for You?

PPC Geeks Blog - Bing v AdWords

So you want to get in on the PPC action but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve been running a Google AdWords campaign for a while and aren’t sure whether Bing Ads could work for you too. 😕 There’s no doubt that AdWords is the most popular platform. But are you missing out by…

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AdWords Check Up: Step 2 – Audiences and Performance

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Checkup Step 2

Now that you’ve completed step one, you’ll already be familiar with the basics of your AdWords account: Key business aims and objectives How tracking and seasonal changes could affect account performance Analysing the account structure Now you’ll want to look at your key audiences and how their behaviour is affecting performance. Demographics You have a…

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AdWords Check Up: Step 1 – The Basics

PPC Geeks Blog - AdWords Checkup Step 1

If you’re taking on a new AdWords account or just battling inertia, an AdWords account check up should be on the cards. Auditing an account will always yield something useful – even from the most well-managed account. Here we’re covering the basics you should begin with before starting an in-depth review of any account. Confirm…

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10 Ways to Improve your AdWords Quality Score

PPC Geeks Blog - Improve AdWords Quality Score

Whether you’re brand new to AdWords or you’ve been running multiple accounts for a while, Quality Score is always going to be a priority. It strikes fear into the hearts of some. 😨 And confusion into the minds of others. 😕 But what is it, why does it matter and, most importantly, how can you improve yours?…

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Google AdWords Cost: How Much Will it Cost You?

headway  unsplash

So you’re thinking about setting up an AdWords account but you’re not sure how much it’s all going to cost. You’ve heard that some retailers are spending tens of millions of pounds a year on AdWords. Don’t worry. The average cost per click in the UK is less than £1. via GIPHY Before we find…

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