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Business Tip of the Month: Setting Goals With Your Teams

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Business Tip of the Month: Setting Goals With Your Teams

Setting Goals With Your Teams – Our Free Guide!

Setting Goals With Your Teams: setting clear team goals, realistic targets and rewards can build team spirit and motivation helping you reach and exceed milestones.

It’s important that your team goals align with the organisation’s goals and values.

If you haven’t already set your organisational goals, then we suggest starting there.

SWOT analysis identifies your organisational Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Take a look at this detailed guide to get the most out of your SWOT analysis.

Now you have your long-term and short-term business goals it’s time to set goals with your teams!

Setting Team Goals

The key to successful team goals is to clearly define the team’s function and their role in meeting your organisational goals.

But no matter which team you are setting goals for, there are a number of golden rules to follow.

  • Be specific – generalised goals lead to confusion
  • Be realistic – unattainable goals can demotivate staff
  • Set a time scale – give your goals a realistic time scale
  • Communicated clearly – and be open for questions
  • Assign responsibility – team leaders need to know their responsibilities
  • Collect data – know whether you have met your goals
  • Monitor – have catch up meetings
  • Re-evaluate and revise – as you progress

As each team plays a different role, how you measure success will be different.

Sales Goals

Sales goals can be easy to set, but hard to manage.

Unattainable goals can quickly lead to burn-out.

There are a number of techniques to avoid this.

  • Weekly or monthly goals – makes goal management easier
  • Prioritising goals – reduces stress if goals aren’t met
  • Waterfall goals – start small weekly goals that build over time
  • Activity based goals – removing revenue from the equation can reduce stress, focus on increasing outreach

When calculating weekly or monthly goals remember to take seasonal fluctuations into account!

Marketing Goals

Marketing goals can be a little trickier monitor.

Determining success and ROI is difficult as you won’t always see immediate results.

Why not take a look at our blog on calculating marketing ROI.

Example goals:

  • ­Increase online sales by 10%
  • Build brand awareness
  • Become an industry leader

Measuring the success of your marketing goals relies on choosing the correct key performance indicators (KPIs).

Marketing KPIs include:

  • ­ Branded traffic
  • ­ Non-branded traffic
  • ­ Conversions
  • ­ Brand mentions
  • ­ Conversation

Before setting marketing goals, identify any research to be undertaken beforehand.

This can have a dramatic effect on the time scale of your goals.

Customer Service Goals

Customer service goals generally focus on brand image and customer satisfaction.

Achieving them will involve creating guidelines and providing adequate levels of training.

Example goals:

  • Increased ­customer satisfaction
  • Decreased handling time
  • Increased efficiency of problem resolution

When setting customer services goals, your business’ values should be clearly defined.

For example, if you want to be a technical expert with friendly customer support.

You will need to:

  • Provide staff with an appropriate level of technical know-how
  • Define what you consider to be friendly and the associated vocabulary

This should give your customer services team the confidence to effectively resolve problems.


Sarah Stott

Sarah has a varied background with a degree in Politics, and significant experience in high level events management. This managerial experience transfer well to her role for the last 5 years in the Digital Marketing space.

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