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11 Best Web Designers 2023 (Get Ahead Of The Game)

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11 Best Web Designers 2023 (Get Ahead Of The Game)


***This post has been updated for 2023***

Are you tired of your website not performing how you want it to? Does it look a bit rubbish, outdated and bland? Agencies claiming to be the best web designers in the world are ten-a-penny these days. So, you can see why it’s important to focus your search on a select few who are the best of the best. Be it portfolio size and stature or case studies and testimonials, there are so many things to consider when choosing the best web designer for you and your business. 

The support, advice and step-by-step help and guidance of a top web design agency is truly invaluable. So, here are the 11 best web designers in the world right now. 

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Who is the Best Web Design Agency in the World?

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Furthermore, we ask: Who are the best web designers in the world at the moment? It’s an important question when searching for the right agency for you. 

Whether your goal is to increase visibility or boost your ROI, a website developed by some of the world’s most renowned PPC experts and web designs can go a long way in helping you achieve your objectives. 

Knowing who the best web designers are can prove hugely profitable. See our comprehensive list below: 

  1. Creative Brand Design 
  2. Web Choice
  3. Rudo Studio 
  4. Pixated
  5. Fortnight
  6. Propeller
  7. NerdCow 
  8. Together 
  9. Dazzle Studio 
  10. CSI Media 
  11. Vision Design 

There are a number of factors which make these 11 particular agencies the best web designers in the world. Here’s why in a bit more detail:

Best Web Designers 1. Creative Brand Design

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. Founded 2007
  3. Key projects include China Telecom Europe, Mercedes and Doodle

Based in London, Creative Brand Design is an award-winning web design agency with a particular focus on designing interactive, robust and bespoke web experiences for aspiring businesses and established brands. From graphic design & branding to SEO optimisation and UI/UX design, when building a website one thing is for certain, Creative Brand Design never overlook the conventional marketing assets that ensure a positive ROI for their clients’ investment, making them one of the best web designers and Google Ads consultants in the world right now.

Website: Creative Brand Design Website
Reviews: Creative Brand Design Reviews

Image showing Creative Brand Design, one of the best web design agencies

Best Web Designers 2. Web Choice

Points of note:

  1. Located Yeovil, UK
  2. £50-£100 / hr
  3. 10-50 employees

One of the reasons why Web Choice features so highly on our list of the best web designers in the world is that they understand how important it is to construct a unique online identity for your business in this ultra-fast moving era. SEO, web development and PPC experts, Web Choice are renowned for being extremely dedicated and highly experienced web designers who are easily equipped to deliver any project for any type of client based wherever they may be in the world.

Website: Web Choice Website
Reviews: Web Choice Reviews

Image showing Web Choice, one of the best web design agencies

Best Web Designers 3. Rudo Studio

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. Key clients include John Lewis, Voyager World Wide, Nicon
  3. 4.9/5 reviews

A comprehensive UX/UI web design agency, Rudo Studio works with clients ranging from John Lewis and Nicon to Voyager World Wide and Climate AI, and are easily one of the best web designers in the world right now. Located in London, UK, Rudo Studio’s USP is one of slick design, mobile usability and intricate web development.

Website: Rudo Studio Website
Reviews: Rudo Studio Reviews

Image showing Rudo Studio, one of the best web design agencies

Best Web Designers 4. Pixated

Points of note:

  1. Founded 2018
  2. 2-10 employees
  3. Located London, UK

Be it their Google Ads specialists, Google Shopping agency arm of the business, or the industry experience that sets this agency apart from the rest, there’s one thing you can depend on right now and it’s that Pixated are one of the best web designers in the world. Clients such as Tesco, Mothercare, The Guardian and BBC Good Food have worked extremely closely with Pixated, generating the best ROI for some of their most varied and established partners and customers.

Website: Pixated Website
Reviews: Pixated Reviews

Image showing Pixated, one of the best web design agencies

Best Web Designers 5. Fortnight

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £5,000
  2. £100-£150 / hr
  3. Located Manchester, UK

An award-winning web design studio, Fortnight are based in Manchester and specialise in multiple facets of website development including conversion optimisation, UI/UX mobile design and web branding. Founded in 2014, Fortnight pride themselves on working within a tight unit and producing some of the best websites on the market at the moment.

Website: Fortnight Website
Reviews: Fortnight Reviews

Image shoiwing Fortnight, one of the best web design agencies

Next on Best Web Designers List:

6. Propeller

Points of note:

  1. 4.9/ 5 reviews
  2. Minimum project size £25,000
  3. Key clients include Twinings, Kellogg’s and QHotels

With esteemed brands such as Kellogg’s, QHotels, Wahaca and Twinings choosing to work with Propeller, it was only a matter of time before they appeared on a list of the best web designers. Indeed, Propeller has a varied arsenal that includes the expected web assets, but also tools such as PPC audits, branding and Google Ads audits respectively.

Website: Propeller Website
Reviews: Propeller Reviews

7. NerdCow

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £25,000+
  2. Located London, UK
  3. 1-10 employees

NerdCow is the first UK-based web design agency to introduce design sprints to the website building process, highlighting their passion for innovation. Their websites are expertly built and not only help companies generate leads and increase sales, but they also improve everything from internal workflow and operating costs. Because of this, NerdCow are one of the best web design agencies in the world.

Website: NerdCow Website
Reviews: NerdCow Reviews

8. Together

Points of note:

  1. 4.9/5 reviews
  2. £100-£150 / hr
  3. Founded 2018

Together is a comprehensive web design agency building bespoke websites for B2B and B2C tech companies. Supporting brands across the UK, Europe and USA, and founded only four years ago, Together have carved out an extremely profitable niche for both themselves and their clients who include HP, Amazon, Global Payments and Morgan Stanley, to name but a few.

Website: Together Website
Reviews: Together Reviews

9. Dazzle Studio

Points of note:

  1. Key clients include C.P. Company, Stone Island and Dlux London
  2. £50-£100 / hr
  3. Founded 2019

Dazzle Studio pride themselves on breaking away from the ‘eCommerce sameness’ by building creative websites that despite looking absolutely stunning, always have conversions at the forefront of everything they do. Founded in 2019, Dazzle Studio has managed to sign up the likes of C.P. Company, Stone Island and mid-market businesses with a £10m+ turnover, proving to the eCommerce industry that they truly are one of the best web designers in the world.

Website: Dazzle Studio Website
Reviews: Dazzle Studio Reviews

10. CSI Media

Points of note:

  1. 4.8/ 5 reviews
  2. Located Cheshire, UK
  3. Founded 1998

With projects starting at around £25k, CSI Media is an award-winning web development company with over 23 years’ experience in delivering bespoke, advanced solutions for brands and enterprises across the UK. Concluding our list of the 10 best web designers, and with clients such as Auto Trader, Nexus and The Priority Group, CSI Media are one of the oldest, most experienced software developers in the UK and abroad.

Website: CSI Media Website
Reviews: CSI Media Reviews

11. Visions Design

Points of note: 

  1. 5/ 5 reviews
  2. Located Temecula, CA
  3. Founded 2010 

Visions Design combines great design with the latest tech, priding itself on being a close knit team who love crafting incredible websites. With a decades’ worth of experience, the clue is in the name: Visions Design are visionaries when it comes to designing websites. Proud of what they do, everyone at Visions Design brings something unique to the table. 

Website: Visions Design Website 

Reviews: Visions Design Reviews

Why Invest in Specialist Web Design?  

Any of the above web design agencies are worthy of working with. That said, why would you want to invest in web design in the first place? 

In short, web design is worth investing in because it impacts how your target demographic and the wider online audience perceives your brand. 

The impression you make on them via your website could, in turn, make a sale, convert a subscription or turn a prospect away from a competitor. 

PPC Geeks – Web Design Specialists 

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