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15 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2024


15 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2024

***This post has been updated for 2024***

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Influencer Marketing has emerged as a pivotal strategy, driving brand awareness and consumer engagement to new heights. At the heart of this growth are Influencer Marketing agencies, the unsung heroes orchestrating the seamless synergy between brands and content creators. These agencies play a crucial role in tailoring campaigns to resonate authentically with audiences, leveraging the unique appeal of influencers.

However, the true magic lies in marrying the personal touch of influencers with the precision of pay-per-click (PPC) strategies. In this regard, agencies like PPC Geeks, a PPC agency in Manchester, have set a gold standard. They exemplify how targeted PPC campaigns, when harmonised with influencer outreach, can amplify brand messages across diverse platforms. This dual approach ensures that your marketing spend is not just a cost but an investment in cultivating lasting customer relationships.

As we delve deeper into the realm of digital marketing, the role of a Google Ads agency becomes increasingly pivotal. Such agencies bring a layer of sophistication to your marketing efforts, deploying data-driven strategies that maximise return on investment. Their expertise in navigating the intricacies of Google Ads turns potential clicks into tangible outcomes, be it in driving sales or enhancing brand visibility. In a world where every click counts, their role is indispensable in shaping the success of your Influencer Marketing campaigns.

The synergy between influencers and PPC campaigns reaches its zenith with the involvement of a Google Ads expert. Their insights into consumer behaviour and search patterns transform ordinary campaigns into extraordinary brand stories. By aligning the natural charm of influencers with the analytical rigour of PPC, these experts ensure that each campaign strikes the right chord with its intended audience.

The landscape of Influencer Marketing is vast and dynamic, with agencies around the globe offering varied services. However, for those seeking to make a real impact in the UK market, the expertise of a PPC Agency in the UK is unrivalled. Their deep understanding of the local market nuances and consumer preferences makes them invaluable partners in your journey towards digital marketing excellence. As we look to the future, these agencies will undoubtedly continue to be at the forefront of innovation and growth in the world of digital marketing.

The Best Of Awards 2024

Our PPC boffins have been hard at it and scouring the web for the very best of everything you might need to make your brand succeed. So without further ado, follow our links below to find the very best company out there to help skyrocket your brand this coming year!


Who is the Best Influencer Marketing Company?

It’s a really good question.

The rise in influencer advertising is unprecedented. So knowing who is the best Influencer Marketing company is pivotal if you’re going to go down this very lucrative route. Some of the standout agencies on our countdown include Spin Brands – who work with the likes of Moet & Chandon and Google. SocialSEO, whose clients range from TGI Fridays to Dicks Sporting Goods. And Moburst, whose projects have a 25k starting price.

So, as you can see, knowing who is the best Influencer Marketing company can prove hugely profitable.

The List of the Best Influencer Marketing Agencies

  1. SocialSEO
  2. Sociallyin
  3. Megaphone Marketing
  4. Power Digital Marketing
  5. Tinuiti
  6. Zorka. Agency
  7. 5W Public Relations
  8. Go Fish Digital
  9. LYFE Marketing
  10. Spin Brands
  11. The Influencer Marketing Factory
  12. SGK
  13. Station Entertainment
  14. Heron Agency

There are multiple facets that feed into what makes these 15 experts the best Influencer Marketing agencies in the world. Here they are in a bit more detail:

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 1:


Points of note:

  • Minimum project size – £1,000+
  • Average Hourly Rate – £100-£150 / hr
  • No.1 rated digital market agency in the US

Pioneers of Influencer Marketing, SocialSEO has achieved 1,000% growth in just 5 years, investing in a forward-thinking business model that focuses on customer and employee happiness. From starting on a minuscule budget, SocialSEO has grown from strength to strength, culminating in being included on the list of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

Learn more about influencer marketing and how to navigate the rise of other emerging eCommerce models in 2024.

Website: SocialSEO Website
Reviews: SocialSEO Reviews

SocialSEO building facade at dusk with a logo, adjacent to a badge stating 'Ranked the #1 Digital Marketing Firm in America' by Upcity, 2021, and 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies Excellence Award, 2024.


Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 2:


Points of note:

  • Minimum project size – £1,000+
  • Key clients include Dicks Sporting Goods, TGI Fridays and Conexpo
  • Founded 2011

Not only is Sociallyin one of the best Influencer Marketing companies in the world, but they are also one of the best social media agencies in the world. Specialising in engaging people at a personal level through the use of expert content creators, Sociallyin employs the highest quality content creators, marketers and social media influencers to deliver you the results and ROI you desire.

Discover how to further improve your social media influencer marketing in our Social Media PPC Audit 101: What to Measure and Monitor.

Website: Sociallyin Website
Reviews: Sociallyin Reviews

Homepage of SociallyIn, a contender for Best Influencer Marketing Agencies, featuring a bold tagline 'The Social Media Agency' with services like social strategy and influencer marketing, and a silver award badge for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 3:

Megaphone Marketing

Points of note:

  • 9x average ROAS
  • 50-249 employees
  • Located Richmond, Australia

Best Social Media of the Year, 2021, Megaphone Marketing specialise in an eclectic range of disciplines including PPC audits, content creation, email campaigns and, of course, Influencer Marketing. Founded in 2013, Megaphone Marketing prides itself on using the richest insights and the cleverest metrics to influence how it manages its pool of content creators and executes the most impactful campaigns possible.

With content creation as one of the specialties of Megaphone Marketing, follow this link if you’d like to know how to use Google Ads to promote and inform branded content.

Website: Megaphone Marketing
Reviews: Megaphone Marketing Reviews

Megaphone marketing homepage with a statement 'Data-driven digital strategies' and a team holding an award, alongside a bronze badge for 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies 2024.


Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 4:

Power Digital Marketing

Points of note:

  • 4.9/ 5 reviews
  • Key clients include Peloton, Airbnb and Spanx
  • Founded 2012

Power Digital, an American-based company, specialises in Google Ads audits and organic social media marketing, PR and, most importantly, influencer relations. Their B2B and B2C campaigns for the likes of Airbnb and Peloton focus on driving profits via expert social media management and tapping into the profitable influencer market.

To further your knowledge of social media management, find out the common social media advertising mistakes and how to fix them.

Website: Power Digital Marketing
Reviews: Power Digital Marketing Reviews

Power Digital's website interface displaying 'Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions to Unlock Growth' with nova Intelligence analytics, including a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 5:


Points of note:

  • 250-1,000 employees
  • Located New York, US
  • Main focus includes Influencer Marketing & Conversion Optimisation

With 5/5 reviews across the board, Tinuiti is a performance-driven digital marketing leader with rich experience in everything from Amazon marketing, being an authoritative Google Shopping agency and app development, to social media management, Influencer Marketing and so much more. A member of our top list, Tinuiti builds every solution on best-in-class analysis.

Website: Tinuiti
Reviews: Tinuiti Reviews

Tinuiti's bold homepage with 'RETHINK. PERFORMANCE.' slogan and a blue award badge for 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies 2024'.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 6:

Zorka. Agency

Points of note:

  • Minimum project size – £10,000+
  • Located Minsk, Belarus
  • Key clients include AliExpress, OMD Resolution and Yandex

Based in the beautiful city of Minsk, Zorka. Agency is a world-wide digital marketing and Influencer Marketing agency focused on building ROI-based strategies with a keen involvement in the gaming industry. With such an influence in the gaming sector and a particular interest in the younger demographic, is there any wonder why Zorka. Agency can count itself as being one of the best in the world.

Website: Zorka. Agency
Reviews: Zorka. Reviews Agency Reviews

Zorka Agency's website header with 'Worldwide' text and a description of their ROI-focused strategies, alongside a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 7:

5W Public Relations

Points of note:

  • Main focus includes public relations and social media management
  • 4.8/ 5 reviews
  • Key clients include Samsung, Axiom Space and Integral Ad Science

Winner of 2020 PR Agency of the Year by the American Business Awards, 5W Public Relations, despite being a world-renowned PR agency, also focuses on Influencer marketing, with a particular interest in partnering with Google Ads specialists and PPC experts. Serving clients from a wide range of sectors including everything from the Beauty & Fashion industry to Travel & Hospitality, 5W PR prides itself on being resourceful, bold, and results-driven.

Website: 5W Public Relations
Reviews: 5W Public Relations Reviews

5W Public Relations webpage detailing their services, with a blue 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' award for 2024 prominently displayed.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 8:

Go Fish Digital

Points of note:

  • Minimum project size – £10,000+
  • Founded 2005
  • £100-£149 / hr

Working with clients both in the US and internationally, Go Fish Digital have a particular interest in growing and expanding startups, franchises, and even global brands and businesses. Experts in the SEO and Influencer Marketing sectors, Go Fish Digital are an award-winning agency for a reason. They are reputable, trustworthy and creative authorities.

Website: Go Fish Digital
Reviews: Go Fish Digital Reviews

Go Fish Digital's office interior with team members and 'A Data-First Digital Agency' text, alongside a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 9:

LYFE Marketing

Points of note:

  • £50-£99 / hr
  • 60% focus on Social Media Marketing
  • 10-50 employees

When it comes to social media, LYFE Marketing are true specialists. LYFE has increased sales by 714% for online brands and has increased sales by £96,500 from SEO alone. In short, LYFE Marketing uses comprehensive social and influencer strategies to improve ROI for its clients.

Website: LYFE Marketing
Reviews: LYFE Marketing Reviews

LYFE Marketing team posing happily in front of their office, noted as an award-winning company in 2023, with a blue 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 10:

Spin Brands

Points of note:

  • 4.8/ 5 reviews
  • Located London, UK
  • Key clients include Moet & Chandon, Google and MUJI

By their own admission, Spin Brands is not a digital marketing agency. They do one thing and do it amazingly: social media. Connecting some of the most recognisable brands with the modern, social media-literate consumer via influencers and social media strategising, Spin Brands are the archetypal best influencer and social media marketing agency in the UK.

Website: Spin Brands
Reviews: Spin Brands Reviews

Collage of SPIN agency's dynamic work environment and campaign imagery, with a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 11:


Points of note:

  • Minimum project size – £25,000+
  • Founded 2013
  • Focus 70% Mobile & App marketing

A mobile-first marketing agency that improves businesses and helps them become industry leaders, Moburst was simply made to feature on a list such as this. With clients including Google, Uber, Samsung, Sony, Reddit and Pfizer, Moburst loves solving their clients’ toughest digital problems and firmly believes in the power of mobile, social media and influencer marketing.

Moburst's homepage with a striking 'STRATEGY' header and major brand logos, highlighted by a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 12:

The Influencer Marketing Agency

Points of note:

  • Founded 2018
  • Located Miami, FL
  • 5/5 reviews

As their name suggests, The Influencer Marketing Agency is just that: With expertise in TikTok Ads, YouTube Influencer Marketing and Instagram Influencer Marketing, and key clients including Google, Universal and Snapchat, The Influencer Marketing Agency pride themselves on being responsive and open to change at a moments notice due to the industry they operate so expertly within.

Website: The Influencer Marketing Agency
Reviews: The Influencer Marketing Agency Reviews

The Influencer Marketing Factory website header with vibrant pink branding and a blue 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 13:


Points of note:

  • Founded 1953
  • £100-£150 / hr
  • 1,000-10,000 employees

One of the oldest, most seasoned agencies on our list, SGK hails from London and has been working within the advertising sector since the 1950s. Furthermore, SGK has a client list that would be the envy of any agency in the world, with brands including Amazon, American Express, Coca-Cola, Nike, Nestle, Heinz and so many more, this London-based agency is easily on our list.

Website: SGK
Reviews: SGK Reviews

SGK's vibrant website showcasing 'Unlocking the Power of AI' theme with an individual in profile, accompanied by a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 14:

Station Entertainment

Points of note:

  • Key clients include Home Depot, DIY Wife and Beyond Paint
  • Founded 2021
  • 2-9 employees

From one of the oldest agencies on our countdown to one of the newest, Station Entertainment is one of the fastest-growing influencer and entertainment talent agencies in the world; they also work within the digital marketing sector. Amazingly, Station Entertainment represents over 100 of the biggest, most popular influencers and content creators in the world. So, they deservedly take a place on this list.

Website: Station Entertainment
Reviews: Station Entertainment Reviews

Is There an Agency for Influencers?

The rise of Station Entertainment got us thinking; is there an agency for influencers? As you can see above, Station Entertainment is one of the best in the world, managing some of the internet’s biggest, most renowned superstars. From EngageHub, who have bases in London, Manchester and Dublin, to Takumi – who work with the likes of Amazon, Samsung and McDonald’s, respectively, there are more than just a few influencer management agencies out there changing the marketing.

Station Entertainment's homepage with dynamic images of influencers, titled as a leading agency, and featuring a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024

Best Influencer Marketing Agency TOP 15:

Heron Agency

Points of note:

  • 5/5 reviews
  • Founded 2000
  • Minimum project size – £5,000

An award-winning lifestyle agency, Heron Agency has worked on 1,500 campaigns for some of the most renowned hospitality businesses in the world including the likes of Marriott and Hilton, respectively. Based in Chicago, Heron Agency not only works with influencers and marketing executives, but they also manage major events and put in place strategies that make their clients’ corporate events flourish.

Website: Heron Agency
Reviews: Heron Agency Reviews

Heron Agency's office space with colorful mural and Crain's Chicago Business recognition, featuring a 'Best Influencer Marketing Agencies' blue award for 2024.

Why Invest in Influencer Marketing?

Any of the above Influencer Marketing agencies are worthy of working with, however, why would you want to invest in Influencer Marketing in the first place?

When looking to build a relationship with your customer base, it can be hugely prosperous to turn to influencers to provide a connection between client and company. It’s no secret that when a customer trusts your brand, they’re more likely to purchase from you. Though, unlike more traditional marketing strategies and, indeed, a specialist PPC agency, Google Ads company or Google Ads agency, Influencer Marketing, on the other hand, builds trust right from the get-go.

So, as soon as you’ve chosen the best agency for your brand, you can start to think about how you’re going to tap into that existing community and loyal fanbase who desperately crave content.

How Do I Choose an Influencer Marketing Agency?

From deciding on what price you want to pay, to knowing what area of digital marketing you want to concentrate on, to listening to recommendations and doing your own research – these are just some of the tried-and-tested ways of choosing the best agency for you.

Best Influencer Marketing Agencies: PPC Geeks

At PPC Geeks, we may not specialise in Influencer Marketing, however, we are a team of PPC authorities, Google Ads consultants and social media experts who work in tandem with influencers to take your campaigns to the next level.

Let’s not forget, that we are a Google Premier Partner and are in the top 3% of agencies in the world. So, just like any of the above agencies, we are also extremely good at what we do.

So, with this in mind, why not invest in any of our free audits and let us help you get the marketing help you so crave.



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