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16 Best eCommerce Platforms 2024 (eCom Heaven)


16 Best eCommerce Platforms 2024 (eCom Heaven)

***This post has been updated for 2024***

In the world of digital marketing, where success hinges on precision and expertise, PPC Geeks stands tall as the paragon of excellence. As a PPC agency in Manchester, we’ve honed our craft to perfection, and our commitment to helping brands thrive is unwavering.

Our journey began with the vision of co-founders Chris and Dan, who recognised that the right eCommerce platform is the linchpin of online success. At PPC Geeks, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We’re not your average marketing agency; we’re your partners in growth. Our name, PPC Geeks, is a testament to our commitment to operating at the ‘Geek’ level of expertise in pay-per-click services.

For UK-based Digital Marketing Managers, Heads of Departments, and business owners with larger marketing budgets, PPC Geeks is the ultimate ally. We understand the unique challenges you face, and we’re here to empower your success. As a Google Ads agency and a team of Google Ads experts, our approach is simple: clarity, honesty, and excellence.

We believe in straightforward, data-backed strategies and crystal-clear communication. Our values of transparency and honesty guide every decision we make. We go the extra mile because we care deeply about customer service and constantly strive to be the best for our clients, colleagues, and partners. Continuous improvement is our mantra, and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

At PPC Geeks, respect, dignity, and trust are the cornerstones of our interactions. We listen, understand, and make the right decisions because we genuinely care. We do the right thing because it is right. Our actions are guided by our values. We’re determined to become an internationally recognised brand known for industry-leading PPC expertise. Our promise is unwavering, and our commitment to transparency, exceptional customer service, and results-driven decision-making sets us apart.

As a PPC Agency in the UK, PPC Geeks is here to fuel the growth of UK brands. Our team of PPC experts excels at making informed, data-driven decisions and crafting KPI-focused marketing strategies that empower brands to reach new heights of profitability. Our devotion to customer service is unparalleled, and we strive to make every day an opportunity for improvement.

In the world of eCommerce, the right eCommerce platform is the key to success. That’s why we offer invaluable support, advice, and step-by-step guidance to eCommerce businesses. The top eCommerce agencies around the world recognise the importance of having the right platform in place, and so do we. As you explore the 16 best eCommerce platforms in the world right now, remember that PPC Geeks is here to guide you every step of the way. Choose excellence, choose growth, choose PPC Geeks.

The Very Best Of Awards 2024

Our eCommerce PPC Experts have been diligently at work, combing the vast expanse of the internet to uncover the absolute best resources to ensure your brand’s triumph. Without delay, explore the links below to discover the premier company that will propel your brand to new heights in the coming year!

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What is the Best eCommerce Platform?

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And so, it’s an important question to ask oneself when searching vivaciously for the right platform for you and your eCommerce business: What is the best eCommerce platform in the world right now? 

So, as you can see, knowing what the best eCommerce platform is for your business can prove hugely beneficial.

  1. Absolute Web
  2. Brainvire Infotech Inc
  3. Rave Digital 
  4. Xfive
  5. Novi.Digital 
  6. Liventus
  7. Flycast Media  
  8. Emizen Tech
  9. 121 eCommerce 
  10. Pivofy 
  12. Netsmartz
  13. Gauss Development
  14. Fatbit Technologies
  15. Trellis
  16. Sunrise Integration

There are multiple factors that inform what makes these 16 particular agencies the best eCommerce platform builders in the world. Here’s why in a bit more detail:

1. Best eCommerce Platforms: Absolute Web

Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £10,000+
  • 4.9/5 reviews
  • Founded 1999

Absolute Web specialises in digital eCommerce and marketing solutions. At Absolute Web, they understand that digital impressions are seriously important, now more than ever. Their goal is to create engaging eCommerce platforms that increase lead generation and boost brand awareness with best-in-class user interactions – and, they have done so to great acclaim since 1999. You may want to learn more about explosive sales lead generation in this guide to unveiling the power of PPC agencies and leveraging their expertise.

Website: Absolute Web Website

Reviews: Absolute Web Reviews 

Best eCommerce Platforms award badge displayed on the Absolute Web agency website, showcasing services like eCommerce solutions, custom web development, and digital marketing.

2. Best eCommerce Platforms: Brainvire Infotech Inc

Points of note: 

  • 4.8/5 reviews
  • Founded 2000
  • Minimum project size £25,000+

Walt Disney, Fossil, Insomnia Cookies, Bay Alarm Medical, FreshDirect, Landmark Group, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and Southwest Airlines are some of Brainvire Infotech’s clients, for which they have transformed their eCommerce platforms. One of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, Brainvire Infotech Inc is without doubt one of the best eCommerce platform builders in the world. 

Website: Brainvire Infotech Inc website

Reviews: Brainvire Infotech Inc reviews

Brainvire homepage highlighting their achievement as one of the Best eCommerce Platforms with a silver award badge, emphasizing innovation in digital customer experiences.

3. Best eCommerce Platforms: Rave Digital

Points of note: 

  • 250-1,000 employees
  • 4.9/5 reviews
  • 100% focus eCommerce development 

Rave Digital is a top-rated eCommerce platform provider with a wealth of experience working with both B2B and B2C clients. With locations that span the breadth of the globe, Rave Digital provides end-to-end, high quality eCommerce solutions for some of the most esteemed brands and exciting startups in the industry, and have been doing so since 2008. If you have a startup business, you may want to find out how to protect yourself from Google’s desire to profit from you.

Website: Rave Digital website

Reviews: Rave Digital reviews 

RAVE Digital, a top Magento agency, showcasing a bronze award for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023 on their website, illustrating their expertise in Magento implementations.

4. Best eCommerce Platforms: Xfive

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2005
  • 50-250 employees 
  • 4.9/5 reviews 

Focused on helping businesses grow online, Xfive has been working in the industry for over 15 years and has helped some of the world’s biggest, most established businesses in the world. Having been fortunate to help some of the most recognisable brands ever created, Xfive has been able to refine its practices, making it one of the best eCommerce platforms ever. 

Website: Xfive website

Reviews: Xfive reviews

Xfive homepage displaying a blue award badge signifying their ranking among the Best eCommerce Platforms of 2023, highlighting their trusted design and development services.

5. Best eCommerce Platforms: Novi.Digital

Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £5,000+
  • £150-£200 / hr
  • Founded 2009 

If you’re looking for a PPC expert or an experienced eCommerce platform builder, then look no further than Novi.Digital – one of the best eCommerce platform agencies in the world right now. Novi.Digital focuses on building eCommerce platforms on behalf of their clients and servicing their websites by implementing several established marketing techniques. To discover more marketing techniques and to prepare for the upcoming holidays, find out our tips for a successful marketing season.

Website: Novi.Digital Website

Reviews: Novi.Digital Reviews

Novi Digital's website featuring a blue award badge for being one of the Best eCommerce Platforms in 2023, affirming their SEO and PPC expertise.

6. Best eCommerce Platforms: Liventus

Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £5,000+
  • Located Chicago, IL 
  • Founded 2002

Liventus specialises in eCommerce platforms and enterprise software that aim to streamline and improve business development. Priding themselves on the peace of mind they provide their clients with, Liventus are nothing short of exceptional.

Website: Liventus website

Reviews: Liventus reviews

Liventus website page showing a blue award badge, celebrating their recognition as one of the Best eCommerce Platforms in 2023.

7. Best eCommerce Platforms: Flycast Media

Points of note: 

  • Key clients include ServerSpace, Ecowater, IMS of Smithfield 
  • 4.8/5 reviews
  • 80% PPC focus 

Helping clients achieve their eCommerce goals, Flycast Media are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to building robust eCommerce platforms. With a multifaceted focus, Flycast Media is home to some of the most seasoned eCommerce specialists in the business. With your long-term and short-term eCommerce goals, know more about setting goals with your teams and how important it is to align them with your business goals.

Website: Flycast Media Website

Reviews: Flycast Media Reviews

Flycast Media's vibrant homepage showcasing a blue award badge, highlighting their status among the Best eCommerce Platforms for digital marketing in 2023.

8. Best eCommerce Platforms: Emizen Tech

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2013
  • 4.9/ 5 reviews
  • <25 / hr 

Emizen Tech is an esteemed IT company that are experts at building best-in-class eCommerce platforms. They deliver scalable, impactful and quality eCommerce platforms that propel masses of people to your website, making them an adept Google Ads company too. With this in mind, Emizen Tech is 100% deserving of a place on our list of the best eCommerce platforms. 

Website: Emizen Tech website 

Reviews: Emizen Tech reviews

Emizen Tech's website homepage featuring a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023, showcasing their role as a trusted technology partner.

9. Best eCommerce Platforms: 121 eCommerce

Points of note: 

  • 4.8/ 5 reviews
  • Minimum project size £10,000+
  • Founded 2014

Acclaimed business and eCommerce growth experts, 121 eCommerce are adept at building website platforms that excel and thrive in the digital landscape. With almost perfect reviews across the board, and with a knack for slick, clear communication, 121 eCommerce deserve a place on our list of the best eCommerce platforms because they are easily industry leaders and an exceptional Google Ads agency too. 

Website: 121 eCommerce website

Reviews: 121 eCommerce reviews


121 eCommerce homepage with a cityscape background, featuring a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023, highlighting their Magento expertise.

10. Best eCommerce Platforms: Pivofy

Points of note: 

  • Located Chicago, IL
  • 2-10 employees
  • 100% eCommerce focus 

Pivofy is a Chicago-based company specialising in the execution of end-to-end eCommerce platforms, concentrating on brand-driven and user-centric strategies and creating exceptional user experiences. Pivofy is an exceptional eCommerce platform builder, and appears on our countdown for a myriad of performance-based reasons. 

Website: Pivofy Website

Reviews: Pivofy Reviews

Pivofy's homepage presenting a blue award badge, signifying their excellence as one of the Best eCommerce Platforms in 2023, focusing on Shopify Plus experiences.


Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £10,000+
  • 90% focus eCommerce platforms 
  • Key clients include Versace, Columbia University and Mavi Jeans 

With clients such as Versace and Columbia University, it comes as no surprise that MOBIKASA features so highly on our countdown of the world’s best eCommerce platforms. This eCommerce company is an expert at helping their clients launch their eCommerce platform – and thanks to MOBIKASA, they are guaranteed a level of service that is unrivalled by many in the industry. 

Website: MOBIKASA Website 

Reviews: MOBIKASA Reviews

Mobikasa's homepage with a global map backdrop, showcasing a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023, emphasizing their worldwide service delivery.

12. Netsmartz LLC

Points of note: 

  • Founded 1999
  • 4.9/ 5 reviews
  • Key clients include Samsung, Arc Holding and Unite Private Network 

Based in the US and founded as far back as 1999, Netsmartz LLC have been working with eCommerce businesses for a seriously long time, amassing a wealth of knowledge to help accelerate the growth of the likes of Samsung and Swift Medical, for example. With a split focus between IT, app development and eCommerce platform building, Netsmartz LLC is a truly talented company made up of even more talented individuals.

Website: Netsmartz LLC website

Reviews: Netsmartz LLC reviews


13. Gauss Development

Points of note: 

  • 4.9/ 5 reviews
  • £25-£50 / hr
  • Located Osijek, Croatia 

Gauss Development is an award-winning eCommerce company that recently made it onto Deloitte’s list of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies. Despite the acclaim, Gauss Development remains committed to building their customers the best eCommerce platforms imaginable. 

Website: Gauss Development website

Reviews: Gauss Development reviews

Gauss agency's office environment on their website, highlighted by a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023, signifying their innovative approach.

14. FATbit Technologies

Points of note: 

  • 4.9/5 reviews
  • 50-250 employees
  • Founded 2004

FATbit Technologies is a leading software development company with a global customer base. Established in 2004, the company focuses on developing result-driven and customer-centric eCommerce solutions based on the insights gained over years of industry experience and knowledge in terms of eCommerce platform development.

Website: FATbit Technologies website

Reviews: FATbit Technologies reviews

FATbit Technologies' website featuring a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023, emphasizing their agile digital solutions.

15. Trellis

Points of note: 

  • £150-£200 / hr
  • Minimum project size £25,000+
  • 4.8/5 reviews

Trellis is a full-service eCommerce platform provider that specialises in providing eCommerce services for businesses of multiple sizes and unique disciplines. Their objective is to create vibrant eCommerce platforms that increase sales and accelerate brand visibility. 

Website: Trellis website

Reviews: Trellis reviews

Trellis homepage with a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023, showcasing their expertise in B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions


16. Sunrise Integration  

Points of note: 

  • Founded 1999 
  • Minimum project size £5,000+
  • 5/5 reviews

Sunrise Integration crafts high-quality custom eCommerce solutions so businesses can focus on what makes them great. Sunrise Integration specialises in helping everyone from startups to FT500 companies succeed in bringing eCommerce projects to life. Indeed, they have a proven process and experience in giving companies a cutting edge over their competition.

Website: Sunrise Integration website

Reviews: Sunrise Integration reviews

Sunrise Integration's eCommerce development services page with a blue award badge for Best eCommerce Platforms 2023


Why Invest in an eCommerce Platform

Choosing an eCommerce platform is a big decision that needs time to make, so it’s important to consider everything before making your decision. 

Encouraging customers to buy online can save money, time and work. 

For a product-based business, that means being more competitive in the marketplace as the benefits are even greater than those who persist with having a physical presence on the high street, making the decision to develop an eCommerce platform a complete no-brainer. 

PPC Geeks – eCommerce Experts

We pride ourselves on what we achieve for our clients daily, be that significant results or helping them choose the best eCommerce platform for them. Contact PPC Geeks to see how we can help transform your business in 2024 by helping you maximise your eCommerce output. 

We always have your best interests in mind. If you require any help or want to improve your PPC or Google Ads, then invest in one of our 100% FREE eCommerce Ads audits



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