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From Clicks to Bricks: How Cross Channel Sales Can Transform Your Business


From Clicks to Bricks: How Cross Channel Sales Can Transform Your Business

How do you go from clicks to bricks? Cross channel sales can completely revolutionise your business.

The bricks and clicks business model brings together the running of an eCommerce store and a physical store to maximise potential profits. And while e-commerce sales are ever-increasing, most consumers continue to do most of their shopping in physical stores. Which is why this model is a great way to achieve success from both outlets.

What is the Clicks to Bricks Model?

The clicks to bricks model is where a business makes sales via both an eCommerce store and a physical store. Shoppers are are far more likely these days to use a combination of organic search, Google Shopping, and PPC ads in conjunction with going to the shops.

This approach enables business owners to unite their two primary sources of revenue, expand their client base and have a greater outreach and presence. The clicks to bricks business model is increasingly popular as it meets the needs of your customer base.

By diversifying, you can also get a deeper understanding of your customers’ habits by seeing how they develop in front of your very eyes. You can then feed back this information to a Google Ads specialist who can then build a more comprehensive ads campaign.

What are the Benefits of the Clicks to Bricks Model?

The clicks to bricks model increases the accessibility of a product. Consumers love having access to products both online and in physical stores. The benefits of this model are endless, including:

Improved Flexibility

One of the principal aims of this model is to provide flexibility for customers. By providing two ways of accessing your products, you are providing more flexibility than a big proportion of your competitors.

Take shopping in-store for example: customers can make a purchase in store from a centralised computer. They can buy from an actual employee, or go home and complete their purchase online. The product can be shipped to the customer, a designated location, or to the store for pickup.

Improved Customer Experience

This business model prioritises the needs of the customer and values their experience. Not only does the clicks to bricks model take into consideration customer insights and data, but it also enables you to grow interpersonal relationships with your customers and take feedback more constructively.

The model works to cater to the customer’s shopping preferences and shopping needs. This helps you to broach new markets based on instant feedback, thus improving customer experience by being more available – something Google Ads companies sometimes lack.

Increased business Growth and Brand Awareness

Financial success is the focal point of any model. This strategy works to enhance the shopping experience for your customers, which provides increased revenue by providing a unified shopping experience with several points of sale.

What also helps to increase business growth is brand awareness, which is amplified by having both an online and physical presence. If your business is recognisable across multiple channels, customers are more likely to trust you.

How to Make the Clicks to Bricks Model Successful

The implementation process of this model is unique for each business, even more so as it involves investing in a physical shop.

So, what should you focus on to make the clicks to bricks model successful?

Implement a Robust POS System

The right point of sale system is important for any business. Indeed, when you integrate your POS system with your eCommerce website, you can manage both revenue channels seamlessly, be it from your website or physical store.

Improve your Merchandising

To appeal to customers both online and in-store, it’s good to consider improving your merchandising. If it’s for your physical store, then consider in-store advertising and displays. It’s also worth looking at how to best layout the space to make it welcoming and easy to navigate.

On your eCommerce website, make sure your images are high quality and your product descriptions are short, detailed and optimised for SEO. Keeping your merchandising consistent across both these platforms is key to success.

Use Analytics to your Advantage

You can utilise analytics to maximise the success of both your online store and your physical base. When creating an eCommerce site, it is beneficial to have access to the best available analytical tools that can help monitor your sales. You can also gain valuable insights from your customers in person and cross reference that with your online data.

The Importance of Sustained Business Growth Within the Clicks to Bricks Model

The Clicks to Bricks model does more than just bridge the gap between online and offline sales; it lays a foundation for sustained business growth. In today’s rapidly evolving market, the ability to adapt and grow consistently over time is not just beneficial, it’s essential for long-term success. Integrating both digital and physical shopfronts allows businesses to diversify their revenue streams, making them more resilient to market changes and consumer behavior shifts.

Sustained growth within this model is driven by leveraging the strengths of each channel to support and amplify the other. For instance, insights gathered from in-store customer interactions can inform more targeted and effective online marketing strategies, such as personalised PPC campaigns. Conversely, data from online analytics can reveal trends and preferences that can enhance the in-store experience, encouraging repeat visits and increased loyalty.

Moreover, a focus on sustained growth encourages businesses to continuously innovate and improve their offerings. By consistently analysing performance across both channels, businesses can identify opportunities for expansion, whether through introducing new products, entering new markets, or enhancing customer service. This proactive approach ensures that the business not only keeps pace with the competition but also sets new standards in customer satisfaction and engagement.

Incorporating a strategic focus on sustained growth into the Clicks to Bricks model ultimately ensures that businesses are not just surviving but thriving. It allows them to build a robust and adaptable operation that can withstand challenges and capitalize on opportunities, securing their place in the market for years to come.

PPC Geeks – Cross Channel Specialists

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