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Performance Ultimate Campaigns Launch to All Google Advertisers

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Performance Ultimate Campaigns Launch to All Google Advertisers

After launching as a beta in October last year, Google Ads has launched Performance Ultimate campaigns to all advertisers. Giving your advertising strategy the boost it needs through the power of machine learning, these campaigns are now the main objective of driving leads and generating online sales.

So, as this new campaign type was unveiled last year, we thought we’d go into a bit more detail about what these campaigns actually are and why this roll out is important.

What Are Performance Ultimate Campaigns

These campaigns depend mostly on a combination of automation and machine learning to benefit advertisers and help them execute their sales objectives. Importantly, these campaigns have a wide reaching range across Google’s broad network of campaign types, reaching customers on Display, Search, YouTube, Gmail and Shopping Ads respectively.

Google Launch

Whether your objective is to boost online sales, improve lead generation or increase organic sales, you can achieve your objectives by maximising the comprehensive roll out of these campaigns to all advertisers.

Local Campaigns to be Upgraded to Performance Ultimate Campaigns

In a recent statement, a Google spokesperson said: “To help you increase sales, Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will both upgrade to Performance Ultimate in 2022.”

What this translates to is that, at some point, Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will soon no longer exist in their current state, with the advertising agency readying themselves to make the transition to Performance Ultimate campaigns.

In a further statement, Google also noted: “We see Performance Ultimate as a single, unified campaign type and we wouldn’t be delivering on the performance promises of that if it didn’t include Smart Shopping campaigns and Local campaigns, which is why they are going to be upgraded and included in the new campaigns moving forward.

Why Advertisers Should Care About the New Campaign Roll Out

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the behaviour of consumers has been continually disrupted as they try to adapt to the new circumstances.

With this in mind, Google has rolled out its automated campaigns such as Performance Ultimate, for example, as a way to help advertisers stay ahead of trends by leveraging Google’s monumental machine learning network.

Furthermore, good news for advertisers: this strategy is even boosting a 13% average increase in incremental conversions. This roll out has been in the works since last year and is only being rolled out now as many advertisers would have had a roadmap in place for the 2021 holiday season.

Boost Your Google Ads with Max Campaigns and PPC Geeks

If used correctly, Performance Ultimate campaigns should help many advertisers and businesses who are sales-driven not only improve their chances of closing sales, but also help them understand their campaigns in much more detail.

And so, if you require any help with this or want to improve your Google Ads campaigns to run effectively alongside your Performance Ultimate campaigns, then why not try one of our completely free, fully comprehensive Google Ads audits?


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