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What are Performance Max Campaigns?

Google has launched a new ads campaign type: Performance Max campaigns. Enhancing your advertising strategy through the power of automation and machine learning, Performance Max campaigns have been introduced with the main objective of generating leads and driving online sales.

So, with this in mind, we thought we would delve a bit deeper into what you can expect from Google’s newest ads campaign type: Performance Max (PMax) campaigns.

What Are Performance Max Campaigns


The Performance Max campaign type leans heavily on a combination of automation and machine learning to support marketers and help them execute their sales objectives. Importantly, PMax campaigns have a wide reach across Google’s broad network of campaign types, reaching customers on Display, Search, YouTube, Gmail and Shopping Ads respectively.

Whether your objective is to boost online sales, improve lead generation or increase organic sales, you can achieve your goals by utilising P-Max campaigns effectively and assuredly.

How Do Performance Max Campaigns Work?

Performance Max is an automated objective-based campaign type that uses machine learning to serve relevant ads up to audiences through the power of optimal bidding, thus maximising campaign performance.

Put simply, a marketer selects a marketing goal and then chooses the conversion type that compliments the objective.


In addition, to guarantee that your campaigns are optimised to drive the best ROI via automation, advertisers can also assign more than one goal and several unique values to a single campaign whose objective is to boost conversions.

Who Are P-Max Campaigns For?

If your KPIs are centred around increasing online sales or lead generation, then PMax campaigns could seriously improve your chances of realising your objectives. In addition, Performance Max campaigns can help maximise your output without being limited by which channel your ads are served up on.

Moreover, PMax campaigns can help you significantly reach people across Google’s broad range of advertising channels via a single campaign, whilst they can also help you get additional reach and conversion value beyond keyword-based search campaigns.

So, if your business is goal orientated, then this automated campaign enables you to focus on strategic performance drivers like those listed above.

What Are the Main Features of P-Max Campaigns?

There are three key aspects of PMax campaigns. They include:

  • URL Expansion – The default URL Expansion feature selects a landing page based on customer intent so as to drive the best audiences in relation to your goal. This is achieved through machine learning.
  • Asset Groups – In a move away from ad formating, Asset Groups include a set of assets in relation to a singular theme or audience parameters.
  • Audience Signals – By using Audience Signals, you can effectively alert Google that a user is more likely to convert.

In addition, PMax campaigns have also a new reporting tool which explains everything from what the machine learning is accomplishing to what signals are in use. This breakdown is a very effective new tool indeed.

Performance Max Campaigns Should be Used to Complement Existing Campaigns and Not Replace Them

In short, PMax campaigns should run alongside your core campaigns – you should absolutely not replace or stop running your search campaigns. If anything, by running P-Max campaigns alongside regular, keyword-focused campaigns, you should see even more improved results.

These objective-formed campaigns have so much to offer advertisers looking to reach their audiences whilst simultaneously increasing conversions and sales, however, be cautious of solely depending on them.

Maximise Your Google Ads with Max Campaigns and PPC Geeks

If used correctly, P-Max campaigns should help many marketers and businesses who are sales-driven not only improve their chances of closing sales, but also help them understand their campaigns in much more detail.

And so, if you require any help with this or want to improve your Google Ads campaigns to run effectively alongside your PMax campaigns, then why not try one of our completely free, fully comprehensive Google Ads audits?


Kate Graham

Kate has 10+ years’ experience driving high-quality and results-focused campaigns. Having an extensive background in all aspects of PPC and Paid Social marketing management.

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