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LinkedIn Retires Lookalike Audiences


LinkedIn Retires Lookalike Audiences

LinkedIn has announced the retirement of its lookalike audiences feature. From February 29th, LinkedIn lookalike audiences will be a thing of the past. Here’s what our business clients need to know about this significant change and how to adapt effectively.

Understanding the Change: The End of LinkedIn Lookalike Audiences

LinkedIn lookalike audiences have been a staple in digital marketing strategies, allowing businesses to target ads to users similar to their existing customer base. However, this feature will be discontinued starting February 29. LinkedIn suggests transitioning to predictive audiences or audience expansion as viable alternatives.

For current ad campaigns utilising lookalike audiences, it’s crucial to shift to predictive audiences or activate audience expansion to maintain a dynamic targeting strategy. It’s important to note that expired audiences will be deleted and will no longer be accessible. After February 29th, it won’t be possible to create new lookalike audiences or edit existing ones. However, active campaigns using these audiences will continue to deliver using the static audience set.

LinkedIn Retires Lookalike Audiences: Transitioning to Predictive Audiences and Audience Expansion

Predictive Audiences: High-Intent Targeting

Predictive audiences are designed to reach potential customers with similar characteristics to those likely to convert. This method uses various data sources, such as Lead Gen Forms, conversions via the Insight Tag or Conversions API, or contact lists. By leveraging this data, predictive audiences provide a more focussed approach, targeting users who demonstrate high intent and are more likely to engage with your campaign.

Audience Expansion: Broader Reach

Audience expansion primarily utilises professional demographics, combined with Matched Audience segments, to target users with attributes similar to your desired audience. This approach offers a broader reach, ensuring your campaigns engage with a wider yet relevant audience base.

LinkedIn Retires Lookalike Audiences: Adapting to the New Norm

The discontinuation of LinkedIn lookalike audiences necessitates a shift in your digital marketing strategies. Embracing predictive audiences or audience expansion will not only align your campaigns with LinkedIn’s new framework but also open up opportunities for more refined and broad-reaching targeting.

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For more information on predictive audiences, visit LinkedIn’s resource page here.


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