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What Are Examples of Social Media Audits? Depending On The Platform & Your KPIs Audits Will Focus On Different Things. Here Is Our Guide!


What Are Examples of Social Media Audits? Depending On The Platform & Your KPIs Audits Will Focus On Different Things. Here Is Our Guide!

What Are Examples of Social Media Audits? Social Media Audit Examples by Platform

What Are Examples of Social Media Audits? To maximise results, social media audits must dive deep into assessing performance and optimisation opportunities on each major platform. The audit approach for Facebook may look quite different from TikTok.

In this guide, we’ll provide examples of what to look for when creating a social media audit. We will go through some of the leading social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.


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Want to know the average costs for an audit?

Expect to invest at least £500 for a short social media audit examining just one or two platforms. For a robust audit of channels with competitor research, budget £2,500 to £5,000+.

While the initial outlay for a social media audit may vary, the potential return on investment can far outweigh the cost. By identifying areas of improvement, you can refine your social media approach to yield higher engagement rates, increased conversion rates, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Social media landscapes are ever-changing. Investing in a social media audit not only improves your current performance but also future-proofs your strategy. Insights gained from the audit can guide you in adopting new platforms, technologies, and trends.

Get insider tips on How Much is a Social Media Audit with our free guide.


Why Platform-Specific Audits Are Essential

Taking a platform-by-platform approach in your audit is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Unique features – Each platform has proprietary features, formats and interfaces that require tailored strategy.
  2. Differing algorithms – The feed algorithms shaping content exposure vary widely. Optimising for each is key.
  3. Distinct audiences – Each platform draws different audience demographics that expect tailored content.
  4. Measurement differences – Key metrics like video views or engagements are defined differently on each network.
  5. Competitive landscapes – The top brands successfully engaging users and your relative performance differ by platform.

With these factors in mind, let’s examine real-world audit examples for major social platforms.


Facebook Audit Example

What Are Examples of Social Media Audits? Depending On The Platform & Your KPIs Audits Will Focus On Different Things. Here Is Our Guide!

As the world’s largest social network, Facebook deserves significant focus in any audit. Key Facebook ads audit areas include:

  1. Page optimisation checks
  2. Organic and paid content performance
  3. Post types and formats utilised
  4. Engagement trends across posts
  5. Competitor page benchmarking
  6. Ad campaign results
  7. Audience demographic analysis
  8. Recommendations such as:
  9. Increase use of video and Live formats
  10. Leverage engagement ads for current followers
  11. Test shoppable posts for ecommerce products
  12. Localised content for top regions

View Full Facebook Audit Example

Tailoring the audit process specifically to your Facebook Ad Strategy yields the most targeted recommendations.


Instagram Audit Example (What Are Examples of Social Media Audits)

Instagram Audit Example (What Are Examples of Social Media Audits)

Given Instagram’s visual nature and rising importance, brands must audit it independently. Key Instagram audit elements include:

  1. Profile optimisation checks
  2. Grid vs Stories vs Reels performance
  3. Hashtag and @mention research
  4. Audience demographics analysis
  5. Content performance by type/theme
  6. Competitor account benchmarking
  7. Ad campaign performance
  8. Recommendations such as:
  9. Increase Reels creation
  10. Add shoppable links in Stories
  11. Leverage influencers for expanded reach
  12. Test Instagram Live capabilities

View Full Instagram Audit Example

Customising the audit for Instagram helps brands maximise their presence.


YouTube Audit Example

YouTube Audit Example

As YouTube continues growing as a social platform, auditing your channel specifically becomes essential.

Key YouTube audit components include:

  1. Channel optimisation checks
  2. Video content performance
  3. Views, watch time and traffic source analysis
  4. Audience retention benchmarks
  5. Top-performing video themes/topics/formats
  6. Competitor channel benchmarking
  7. Community analysis
  8. Recommendations such as:
  9. Increase consistency in uploads
  10. Optimise titles and descriptions
  11. Use channel memberships and merchandising
  12. Leverage YouTube community tab

View Full YouTube Audit Example

YouTube’s unique video-first nature requires an audit tailored to the platform.


Twitter Audit Example

Twitter Audit Example

While Twitter attracts a smaller overall audience than other social platforms, it remains very influential. A targeted Twitter audit looks at areas like:

  1. Account optimisation checks
  2. Tweet engagement benchmarks
  3. Top-performing tweet themes and formats
  4. Audience demographics and interests
  5. Competitor account benchmarking
  6. Community analysis
  7. Recommendations such as:
  8. Increase use of images, GIFs, and video
  9. Leverage Twitter Spaces for events
  10. Add Twitter newsletter integration
  11. Monitor branded hashtag conversations

View Full Twitter Audit Example

Optimising your Twitter presence requires a specific focus on engagement trends and conversations.


LinkedIn Audit Example

LinkedIn Audit Example

For B2B brands, digging into your Social Media Ads LinkedIn presence is critical. Key LinkedIn audit components include:

  1. Company page optimisation checks
  2. Content topic performance
  3. Post engagement and click-through rate
  4. Audience demographic analysis
  5. Competitor page benchmarking
  6. Lead generation optimisation
  7. Recommendations such as:
  8. Increase video testimonials
  9. Host LinkedIn Live video events
  10. Grow employees’ networks and engagement
  11. Utilise targeted paid ads

View Full LinkedIn Audit Example

Auditing LinkedIn performance independently ensures your B2B marketing gains maximum impact.


TikTok Audit Example


Given TikTok’s meteoric growth and unique format, brands must audit it separately. Key elements in a TikTok audit include:

  1. Profile optimisation checks
  2. Video performance benchmarks
  3. Top hashtags and sounds
  4. Audience demographic analysis
  5. Competitor benchmarking
  6. Paid ad campaign results
  7. Recommendations such as:
  8. Produce more duet and reaction videos
  9. Test TikTok LIVE and other interactive features
  10. Launch a branded hashtag challenge
  11. Partner with influencers to expand reach

View Full TikTok Audit Example

Optimising your TikTok strategy requires a specialised audit approach.


Take Your Paid Social Media Audits Platform by Platform: What Are Examples of Social Media Audits

As these examples demonstrate, taking a platform-specific audit approach is essential to maximise results. The insights uncovered and recommendations made will be far more targeted.

Conducting an audit across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and your other key channels may require a larger time investment upfront. But the long-term benefits for your brand engagement and growth will be substantial.

Most social media audit experts offer customised packages with the option to focus on your top priority platforms. Their platform expertise, analytical tools and outside perspective can prove invaluable.

Set your brand up for social media success by auditing each channel independently. Keep iterating as the platforms themselves continue evolving.


Next Steps for Your Platform Audits

Once your platform-specific audits are complete, be sure to take these next steps:

  1. Share findings across your broader marketing and creative teams to educate them on key platform distinctions.
  2. Prioritise opportunities and create channel-specific roadmaps for acting on audit recommendations over the next 6-12 months.
  3. Focus initial efforts on 1-2 quick wins per platform to build momentum.
  4. Revisit quarterly and re-audit at least annually per platform as algorithms and best practices continue changing.
  5. Leverage platform-specific analytics like Instagram Insights more regularly for ongoing optimisation.

Following these best practices will ensure your audit drives continual improvement on each social platform essential to your brand.

Now is the time to dive deep into auditing your presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and beyond. Let the tailored insights uncovered guide your content and community growth efforts ahead.

If you want fast and free advice on how to improve your ROI book in for your free Social Media PPC Audit with us today.



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