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Social Media Ads Audit: The Complete Guide to Auditing Your Social Media Ad Performance for Maximum ROI


Social Media Ads Audit: The Complete Guide to Auditing Your Social Media Ad Performance for Maximum ROI

Social Media Ads Audits. Learn Why Regular Social Media Ad Audits Are Essential!

Social Media Ads Audits in today’s ever changing digital landscape are more important than ever! Social media advertising has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. However, without regular auditing and analysis, it can be difficult to determine if your social campaigns are truly effective. Conducting regular social ads audits allows you to track key metrics like reach, engagement, conversions, and return on investment. Auditing campaign performance over time can reveal opportunities for optimisation and ensure you are getting the most value from your ad spend. Being proactive about reviewing social ad results will enable you to adjust targeting, creative, and budgets as needed to improve performance. Overall, consistent social media auditing practices are vital for gauging what’s working, identifying issues, and driving continuous improvement for your paid social efforts.

With so many different social media platforms you might want to see some examples, follow this to find our comprehensive list and guide on what are examples of social media audits.

Social ad auditing frequency

Many brands treat social ad auditing as an occasional, passive exercise or something to tackle only when problems arise. But aiming to maximise your ROI like a ppc management expert requires making audits a regular, proactive part of your regimen. Here’s why ongoing auditing is essential:

  1. Social platforms rapidly evolve along with user behaviour and preferences. Frequent auditing spots how changes impact performance, book your free social media pay per click audit.
  2. ROI tends to gradually decline over time without vigilant optimisation as competition rises. Auditing catches downward trends early.
  3. Key performance metrics fluctuate daily, weekly, and monthly based on budgets, tests and external factors. Regular auditing reveals patterns to leverage.
  4. Campaign updates and changes take time to manifest in the data. Auditing at strategic intervals ensures you fully capture their impact.
  5. One-off social media ads audits provide only a snapshot, which fails to show important performance trends.
  6. Infrequent auditing makes it difficult to correlate specific optimisations with lifts in metrics.
  7. More data over time allows more nuanced analysis and actionable insights.

In summary, consistent auditing furnishes the accurate, holistic analysis required to make smart optimisations that will push performance upward over the long haul. By auditing energetically and applying insights to continually refine, you’ll reach peak ROI and avoid some of the common Social Media Advertising Mistakes.


Want to Know What a Social Media Ads Audit should Include?

If you really want to know How To Do A Do a Social Audit then keep reading and we will help you become a PPC expert. To gain a comprehensive view of paid social performance and opportunities, your auditing practices should thoroughly examine these key elements:

Campaign Structure
> Assess overall architecture including objectives, funnels, ad sets, creatives, placements and bidding strategies. Confirm alignment to conversions.

Audiences & Targeting
> Investigate audience targeting across campaigns. Pinpoint standout segments driving strong results or underperformance indicating a need for adjustment.

Ad Creative
> Dissect how different styles, messaging, formats and specific creatives are performing. Identify your star players.

Landing Pages/Conversion Paths
> Inspect landing page experience and conversion funnel drop-off points. Find where friction is hindering conversions.

Spend & Budget Allocation
> Gauge how budgets are distributed by campaign, audience and platform. Check for gaps between funding and performance.

Ad Frequency
> Evaluate impression and reach metrics to confirm ideal ad exposure levels. Avoid over saturating audiences.

> Benchmark performance metrics against competitors. See where you lead or lag.

Platform Performance
> Compare results across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Emphasise platforms delivering strongest ROI.

Metrics & KPIs
> Track key metrics over time like CTR, CPC, CPA, and ROAS. Audit against core KPI and goal targets.

> Regularly auditing all these facets furnishes the cross-functional intelligence necessary to heighten ROI.


What Is The Cost Of A Social Media Ads Audit?

The price for a professional social media audit can vary dramatically based on the depth of the analysis and deliverables included in the final report.

But expect to invest at least £1,000 for most standard audits.

Currently, PPC Geeks presents an enticing opportunity with our free social ads audit, allowing businesses to benefit from expert insights without a financial commitment. This can be a valuable starting point before deciding on a paid audit option, ensuring you make informed decisions about your social media strategy.

Check out How Much is a Social Media Audit for more info and breakdowns on what your typical audit will cost you from our competition.


Tools and Best Practices for Efficient Ad Auditing

Thoroughly auditing multiple elements across many campaigns and platforms is time-intensive. If you are asking what are social ads in marketing then keep reading and we will uncover everything for you.

Make the process more efficient with these tips:

  • Consolidate reporting: Use cross-channel tools like Sprout Social to compile data from all platforms into unified reports. Eliminates manual aggregation.
  • Automate: Set reports to run automatically on a consistent schedule. Automation removes manual refresh duties.
  • Build dashboards: Construct visual dashboard views in reporting tools focused exclusively on key data points and trends to monitor.
  • Leverage platform tools: Tap into the powerful analytics and reporting built into Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms for campaign insights.
  • Prioritise key metrics: Audit against benchmarks tied directly to campaign goals and KPIs like lead volume, conversion rate and cost per conversion. Disregard vanity metrics.
  • Compare over time: Pull previous reports to spot performance trends across weeks and months. See how changes impacted metrics.
  • Segment data: Break down performance by audience, placement, messaging and other factors to pinpoint what’s working best where.
  • Find outliers: Identify metrics significantly over or under-performing norms. Outliers reveal problems or opportunities.
  • Annotate: Add notes about tests, changes, launches and events directly in reporting dashboards to simplify correlating actions with results.

Following these best practices amplifies insights without over-taxing resources.

Social Media Ads Audit: The Complete Guide to Auditing Your Social Media Ad Performance for Maximum ROI

Turning Social Media Ad Audit Findings into Optimisations

The most vital part of auditing a social media ads account is taking action on the findings to lift performance. Employ these techniques to convert audit insights into ROI gains:

  • Identify quick wins: Make easy optimisations first where clear data already exists, like pausing poor performing ads or increasing budget for a top audience.
  • Run new tests: Use top-funnel metrics like CTR to test new creative, audiences and platforms showing initial promise before allocating major budget.
  • Refine targeting: Add or remove interest, behavioural and demographic targets based on over or underperforming segments uncovered in audits.
  • Adjust bidding: Shift bids up or down for audiences and placements based on proven value shown in audits.
  • Reprioritise budgets: Give more budget to platforms, campaigns and targets delivering best results. Curtail consistent under performers.
  • Overhaul poor performers: For troubled campaigns or targets, conduct deeper diagnostics into issues and overhaul approach entirely.
  • Double down on what works: Allocate more resources to messaging, creatives, targets and strategies demonstrating ability to hit KPIs.
  • Realign campaigns: Repurpose or restructure campaigns that have drifted from original goals based on audit data on who they reach and how.
  • Update landing pages: If your social media ads audit shows high drop-off at landing pages, tackle friction points and optimise pages to better match campaign messaging.


Maintaining an Audit and Optimisation Mindset

While a one-time PPC audit provides useful insights, maximising ROI demands building an ongoing culture of optimisation fuelled by audits. Some tips:

  • Set a consistent audit schedule, like the first Monday of every month, and stick to it.
  • Standardise reporting templates and dashboards to allow direct comparison from audit to audit.
  • Backtest: compare latest metrics to previous audits to see performance impacts over time.
  • Maintain a bias toward action by continually optimising based on audit findings. Don’t let insights languish.
  • Closely monitor implementation of changes for 1-2 audit cycles to confirm positive impact.
  • Look beyond surface metrics to understand why performance shifted, then capitalise on drivers.
  • Regularly review and refine the audit approach to enhance relevance.
  • Share audit takeaways across all paid social marketing teams and partners.

Ingraining auditing and optimisation as essential parts of your social ad process ensures continually improving ROI quarter after quarter.


The Power of Rigorous Social Media Ad Auditing

For brands investing in paid social advertising, maximum impact from budgets is mandatory. Follow our simple guide here on shat is included in a social ads audit and you will get better results from your social ads! Thorough, recurring Auditing of Your Social Media Ads provide the key, follow these 6 key principles on crafting your very own social media ads audit review. By making audits a consistent practice, you gain the intelligence needed to continually refine and boost performance across platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Auditing frequently and completely reveals how changes, tests and external factors are influencing metrics over time. Analysing this rich performance data then enables you to double down on proven successes and rapidly fix under performers. It’s a closed-loop cycle of continuous optimisation.

We have put this helpful guide together for you on how to do social media marketing audits and we encourage you to level up your skills by following it. 


Regular auditing requires dedication

While committing to regular auditing requires dedication, the long-term payoff is substantial in the form of lower customer acquisition costs, expanded audiences, and increased conversions. Establish rigid auditing processes now to drive your paid social ROI upward for years to come.

Additionally, businesses can save time and resources by taking on the implementation and management of closed loop marketing strategies. Our team of experts can handle tasks such as tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), monitoring conversion rates, and identifying areas for improvement. This allows businesses to focus on other core activities while still benefiting from the insights and expertise of our agency.

Getting a handle on your paid social strategy can be challenging, but our PPC experts at PPC Geeks are here to help. As the top rated PPC agency in the UK, PPC Geeks offers a free, no-obligation Social Media PPC Audit for new clients. Their team of certified professionals will analyse your account to provide data-driven insights and recommendations tailored to your business goals.

A free audit from PPC Geeks can help reveal opportunities to enhance campaign performance, increase ROI, and propel your paid search strategy forward. Don’t continue guessing about the effectiveness of your social campaigns. Contact PPC Geeks today to claim your free PPC Ads audit and get expert guidance on how to maximise your ad investment.



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