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Free Social Media Pay Per Click Audit: A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Audits From the PPC Experts


Free Social Media Pay Per Click Audit: A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Audits From the PPC Experts

Welcome to Your Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Audits

Free social media Pay Per Click audit: welcome to your expert guide to Social Media audits! Remember, if all of this seems like hard work you can book your 100% free social ads audit with us.

In today’s digital landscape, social media is an essential component of marketing success. But maximising your return on social media investments requires rigorous, recurring audits that is why our free social media Pay Per Click audit is perfect for busy brand owners and digital marketing managers. This guide will provide a deep dive into how to audit your social media efforts for optimal performance. You’ll learn what elements to assess, tools to streamline analysis, how to identify opportunities and trouble spots, and most importantly – how to translate audit findings into impactful optimisations. Whether managing social media in-house or with an agency, these auditing best practices improve your strategy. Find out What Are the Six Key Areas of a Social Media Audit here if you want six quick ways to audit your own accounts.

For brands investing time, money and resources into social media, conducting regular audits is essential to maximise results. But what exactly is a social media audit and how do you make the most of the process? Perhaps you might be asking yourself: Are PPC ads worth it? There are many social platforms these days so this guide on what are examples of social media audits might be something to look at next on your PPC journey.

Follow this comprehensive guide we will examine and show you how to Audit Your Social Media Ads and what a social media audit entails, why it’s valuable for brands, how to conduct an audit successfully, and tips for executing on the findings. Let’s begin with your complete guide to effective social media auditing!


How Much Should A Social Media Pay Per Click Audit?

Knowing the typical price range for a professional social media audit helps set reasonable expectations. Costs usually start around £1,000 but can exceed £50,000 for thorough in-depth analysis. Get the full details in our guide on How Much is a Social Media Audit page.


What is a Free Social Media Pay Per Click Audit?

A social media audit is a thorough, top-to-bottom evaluation of a brand’s social media presence, performance, audience engagement, and strategy. It provides key insights into what’s working well and areas needing improvement.

The goal is gaining an objective view of your social media efforts in order to refine your strategy and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Social media advertising insights can help you maximise your marketing budget by providing data that allows you to focus on the strategies and platforms that are most likely to be effective. By understanding which demographic groups are most likely to see and engage with your content, you can ensure that your message reaches the right people at the right time. Additionally, metrics such as impressions and click-through rates


The Benefits of an Free Social Media Pay Per Click Audit

Conducting consistent social media ad performance audits provides immense value by generating the insights brands need to optimise efforts and unlock greater impact.

The wide-ranging benefits of regular auditing include: evaluating overall performance to double down on what’s working and improve upon deficiencies; informing content strategies based on engagement data; ensuring social ad spend is optimised across placements, audiences and campaigns; adapting approach as platforms and algorithms change; tracking progress over time against KPIs; gaining competitive intelligence; uncovering opportunities for innovation; and justifying additional budget or resources based on data-driven needs. Learn How to do Facebook ads audit here with our Facebook Ad Strategy specific guide.

In essence, recurrent auditing helps future-proof strategies by providing the visibility required to evolve along with the brand, competitors and social platforms. Committing to ongoing audits keeps your finger on the pulse so you can continuously refine efforts and succeed. There are a number of reasons committing to regular social media audits is worthwhile for brands:

  1. Evaluate overall performance – Assess strengths to continue and weaknesses to improve.
  2. Inform content strategy – See how different post types and topics perform to guide future efforts.
  3. Optimise ad spend – Ensure social ad budget is allocated to highest performing placements, audiences and campaigns.
  4. Adapt to changing platforms – Adjust approach based on latest features, algorithms and best practices.
  5. Track progress – Benchmark results over time and against goals.
  6. Gain competitive edge – Understand competitors’ social activity and engagement levels.
  7. Uncover new opportunities – Identify areas for innovation and improvement in strategy.
  8. Justify resources – Make data-driven case for any additional budget or staff needed.

Regular audits help ensure your strategy evolves as your brand, competitors and social platforms do.


What’s Included in a Free Social Media Pay Per Click Audit

A comprehensive social media audit examines several core aspects of your brand’s presence and activities.

Hopefully your ads are not falling into any of these Social Media Advertising Mistakes as many others do, if your account is, then let us audit your account and advise you on how to get out of the mess you are in!

Social media ad performance is crucial for online marketing success. By measuring effectiveness, you can identify top-performing campaigns and make adjustments for overall improvement. Key metrics to track include impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement levels

While Paid Social Media Ads Audits scope can range based on specific goals, most dig into these key areas: social media profiles, evaluating branding, optimisation and consistency; content performance, determining what topics and formats resonate best with your audience; community growth, demographics and engagement levels; paid advertising results by campaign, creative and target audience; social analytics, compiling historical data into actionable reports; and competitor benchmarking, researching their social presence and engagement.


Crucial pillars for success

Assessing these crucial pillars holistically delivers a 360-degree view of your social media program, highlighting what’s working well to amplify and what needs refinement. An audit inclusive of these elements provides the insights to advance efforts and returns across the board. See our what is included in a social ads audit guide to understand what you should be including. While audits range in depth, most examine six core aspects of your social presence:

1. Profiles – Audit social media profiles and ensure branding and optimisation best practices are followed.

2. Content – Analyse performance of different content types and topics to identify what resonates.

3. Community – Evaluate audience growth, demographics, and engagement levels.

4. Advertising – Assess paid ad performance by campaign, creative and audience.

5. Analytics – Compile historical performance data into digestible reports.

6. Competitors – Research competitor social activity and engagement.

Combining analysis across these pillars provides a 360-degree view of your social media program.


How to Conduct an Audit

Executing a productive social media audit requires following a methodical process to generate strategic insights. How Do You Do a Social Audit is something we often get asked, follow our free guides and you will be PPC’ing like a pro in no time!

The steps you should include in your Social Media PPC Audit: defining goals and KPIs the audit should address; leveraging social media management tools to compile historical performance data; evaluating branded profiles and highlighting optimisation opportunities; analysing posting strategies, content types and engagement; reviewing community growth and interaction trends over time; examining paid advertising results by platform and campaign; researching competitors’ social presence and engagement; interviewing your team for qualitative insights; identifying future opportunities for innovation; and presenting audit findings and recommendations via reports and presentations.


Systematic auditing process

Investing time in this systematic auditing process just like a PPC expert is essential to guide continual optimisation as the social media landscape evolves. With regular comprehensive audits, you can maintain a pulse on performance and progress. Follow this step-by-step process to conduct a complete audit:

1. Set goals – Define the key focus areas, metrics, questions the audit should answer.

2. Use tools – Leverage social media tools to compile historical analytics and insights.

3. Evaluate profiles – Audit each branded social profile and highlight optimisation opportunities.

4. Assess content – Analyse posting strategy, content types, engagement levels, etc.

5. Review community growth & engagement – Evaluate changes in followers and interactions over time.

6. Examine advertising results – Dig into paid campaign performance by platform.

7. Research competitors – Benchmark competitor social presence and engagement.

8. Interview team – Get qualitative insights from community managers and marketers involved.

9. Identify future opportunities – Highlight areas for improvement and innovation in strategy.

10. Present findings – Create reports and presentations to share audit findings and recommendations.

Investing the time upfront means your efforts stay optimised as the social media landscape evolves.


Social Media Audit: A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Audits From the PPC Experts


Social Media Audit Templates & Tools

To streamline audits, leveraging templates and tools is highly recommended.

  • Tools like Sprout Social, Rival IQ, Social Insider and Hootsuite provide analysis of historical performance data across platforms.
  • Templates like those from Hootsuite, Sprout and HubSpot offer frameworks for auditing profiles, content, engagement and more.

Tap into these resources so you can spend less time compiling data and more time gleaning strategic insights.


Turning Audit Findings into Action

The true value of conducting a social media audit comes from Social Media Ad Targeting helping to drive strategic impact based on the findings.

This involves: identifying quick wins that can be easily implemented within 3 months to build momentum; setting specific, measurable goals for growth using audit baselines. A professional PPC agency in London or Manchester will be building a roadmap and timeline to phase in broader initiatives based on priorities; educating your team on audit insights to align everyone on the forward strategy; and revisiting the audit data regularly through quarterly pulse checks and annual comprehensive audits to keep optimising efforts.

If you have ever found yourself asking what is social ads in marketing, then keep reading and I promise you that we will answer your question!

An audit provides immense insights, but realising the full ROI requires rigorously and rapidly executing on the opportunities uncovered. Staying focused on implementing regular audits of your social media advertising and taking learnings from the findings is the key to maximising the return on your audit investment through enhanced social media performance. The true value of a social media audit comes from driving impact based on the findings.

  1. Identify quick wins – Find 1-2 opportunities that can be easily implemented in the next 3 months.
  2. Set goals – Use audit baselines to set specific, measurable goals for growth.
  3. Build roadmap – Create a timeline of broader initiatives to phase in based on priorities.
  4. Educate your team – Ensure everyone understands audit insights to align on strategy.
  5. Revisit regularly – Conduct quarterly pulse checks and annual comprehensive audits to keep optimising.

Staying focused on execution is how you maximise return on your audit investment.


Make Regular Social Media Audits Part of Your Social Media Routine

Free Social Media Pay Per Click Audit: In today’s crowded social media landscape, brands can’t afford to stand still. Conducting regular audits provides the insights needed to keep improving your presence, engagement and results over time.

Commit to making audits like the steps outlined here part of your standard operating procedures. It’s one of the smartest investments you can make in social media success.

In today’s digitally-driven world, brands cannot afford to manage social media efforts based on hunches and assumptions alone, you need a professional ppc management company to look after this area for you. Comprehensive, recurring audits are imperative to guide strategy with hard data and insights. We have a large back catalogue of guides on how to do social media marketing audits so please feel free to let us show you how to do your own. Conducting full audits focused on profiles, content, community, advertising, analytics, and competitors provides a 360-view to capitalise on what’s working and fix deficiencies. Following a methodical audit process ensures all aspects are reviewed objectively.

But realising the full value requires dedicating resources to executing on audit findings, through quick wins and long-term roadmaps. If you want to learn how can I do a social media audit for free then we have a guide for that also.

Making social media auditing a consistent practice empowers brands to optimise efforts based on performance and turn data into impact. An audit will help you in avoiding common tracking mistakes to ensure your tracking efforts are accurate and effective. Stay ahead of platform changes, audience shifts, and competitors by making PPC audits your regular strategic compass to chart the course to social media success.



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