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Why is Tracking so Essential to Optimum eCommerce Performance?


Why is Tracking so Essential to Optimum eCommerce Performance?

Accurate tracking is essential for a highly optimised Google Ads campaign. Both for monitoring ad spend and investment, and providing the Google algorithm with data.

I thought I’d take a more detailed look at why tracking is so essential to optimal eCommerce performance.

Why is Tracking so Essential? Accurate ROI Data

Do you know exactly how many of your leads from each ad click convert into revenue? Do you know what that cost per acquisition is? Precise ad tracking helps you to know exactly what each pound of spend brings you in sales.

Without this, you will never know when to change your ad content or change your ad spend. This is one of the biggest areas where tracking can make a difference to your eCommerce campaigns.

By installing up-to-the-minute tracking of calls, leads, forms, purchase and revenue, you will never have to make a decision blind ever again. Which will ultimately improve your eCommerce efficiency.

Optimisation of Best Performing Products

Here at PPC Geeks, we maximise accurate tracking insights to identify exactly how and where the most underperforming – and even best performing – products can be improved upon. Even if this means removing the lowest performing products from your eCommerce website altogether.

In doing so, we optimise budget spend to achieve maximum performance. This is based on real life performance and thorough data analysis.

Google Artificial Intelligence is Integral When Running a Modern eCommerce Business

Google artificial intelligence is a powerful tool. It aims to serve your products to the right audience at the best time. It is this premise that underlies all automated bidding strategies. However, this very powerful aspect of marketing is only useful if your tracking data is accurate. If your tracking data is not 100% precise, the Google AI will ultimately learn from incorrect data. And, in turn, waste your ad spend targeting the wrong customers for your products.

As the Google AI is so effective, if you input the wrong data into it, your products will operate at a higher cost per conversion and will lose money rather than generating it. And no PPC expert will be able to reverse it without having to spend even more money.

Why is Tracking so Essential? Test and Experiment

Google Ads is a great platform for testing and experimenting, even more so with the beta launch of its new experiment function. Accurate tracking propels Google Ads testing into a powerhorse of useful and usable data. Which can then be used to your advantage when running an eCommerce business.

The Google Ads platform has been developed to enable eCommerce experts to test and run different experiments. Such as bid strategy testing, ad copy testing, and landing page performance analysis.

This allows you to make optimal decisions based on meaningful data and useful customer touchpoints.

PPC Geeks – The Best PPC Agency in the UK

We pride ourselves on what we achieve for our eCommerce clients on a daily basis. Be that incredible results or tracking your campaigns to make them more profitable. So, if you want to work with one of the top PPC agencies in the country, then PPC Geeks is the place to be to make sure you are maximising the data available to you.

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