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Alvin Joy Avendula Has Passed All Google Ads Exams and is Fully Certified for 2022-2023

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Alvin Joy Avendula Has Passed All Google Ads Exams and is Fully Certified for 2022-2023

Good news! I am very happy to announce that I, Alvin Avendula passed Google exams and am fully certified for 2022-2023. I was lucky enough to pass with top marks meaning I am now Google Ads certified for 2022-2023.

Here at PPC Geeks, we’re constantly striving to improve our knowledge of everything PPC and marketing related. So, my graduation from Google Ads training and gaining my certification is a positive example of how steadfast we are as a team, and how dedicated we are to helping your business grow and realise its objectives.

With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you what it takes to pass these exams and why they are a good indicator when looking for a PPC agency to align with. It’s important to choose an agency with a team of certified PPC experts such as myself and the rest of the team here at PPC Geeks.

What is a Google Ads Exam Certification and Why is it Relevant?

Google Ads certification is an industry standard, professional qualification that marketers can gain by demonstrating a proficiency for both basic and more advanced components of Google Ads.

Be it Google Ads, YouTube Ads or App Ads, at PPC Geeks we believe it’s important for our marketer’s to work towards as many Google certifications as possible. Moreover, what these exams highlight is not only the fact that you can do a good job, but also how it is just as important that at PPC Geeks, as one of the best Google Ads agencies in the world, we provide our amazing team with adequate training to showcase their talent and expertise as individuals.

Every Google Ads agency in the world likes to think of themselves as the best, but most don;t even come close. We, on the other hand, have the certificates to prove it. At PPC Geeks, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond in order to back up our specialist status.

Why Trust Certified Specialists Like Me and the Team?

I am now a certified  Google Ads specialist as I, Alvin Avendula passed Google exams and will continue to share on as much of my knowledge and expertise as possible to an already esteemed team of authoritative experts who you can trust immeasurably not only with your PPC campaigns, but also your entire business empire.


Google Ads is a multifaceted advertising platform, and so if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can waste a large amount of money without seeing any return of investment. As an award-winning PPC agency, we help businesses to grow through the power of advertising on Google. That is why it is an absolute must that the team and I are comprehensively certified by passing the Google Ads Certification, even more so when it comes to showing our potential clients that they are in safe hands.

Why Choose PPC Geeks to Manage Your Google Campaigns

At PPC Geeks, we are a specialist PPC advertising agency with a wealth of experience to draw upon – an agency, nevertheless, I am incredibly happy to now be a part of. And though we are extremely knowledgeable, myself and the team are constantly working hard to increase our knowledge of the PPC sector and make sure we are up to date with the latest practices.

Start your journey with us today and reap the rewards of working with the likes of myself and the team. You can also benefit from our FREE Google Ads audit today and give your business the best start in the marketing world.



Has worked on hundreds of Google Ads accounts over 15+ years in the industry. There is possibly no vertical that he hasn't helped his clients achieve success in.

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