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Exciting New Features for Google Discovery Campaigns Explained


Exciting New Features for Google Discovery Campaigns Explained

In a recent announcement, Google unveiled three exciting new features for its Discovery Campaigns. According to Google, brands are already experiencing a 94% increase in sales from prospective customers. With a 28% year-on-year increase in return on advertising spend,

Google Discovery ads have been upgraded, with new tools announced to help brands increase their awareness. Google Ad experts have said that the new and improved product feeds seem to spark audience interest. While product-level reporting feels improved. You can now measure incremental impact through Conversion Lift Experiments.

So, I thought I’d look at these new Google Discovery Campaign features and explain the impact they have.

Google Discovery Campaigns: Engaging Layouts and Product Feeds

Now, marketers can explore exciting new layouts such as carousels, squares, and portraits, to create more engaging and rewarding ad campaigns.

With this new tool, marketers can show products to customers based on their interests and purchasing intent. eCommerce businesses can now use images and punchy copy from their Google Merchant Centre content bank to serve more relevant campaigns to their target audience.

Product feeds in Discovery ads with lead generation goals can result in 45% more conversions at a similar cost per action rate.

Google Discovery Campaigns: Improved reporting and measurement

Thanks to product-based reporting, advertisers can now track the performance of their Google Merchant Centre catalogue items in product feeds. This is based on metrics like impressions and clicks.

Indeed, retailers who are advertising a diverse range of products can now discern which types of products are generating the most interest, empowering them to make more informed, data-led decisions.

Discovery Campaigns can get a more detailed understanding of a brands’ campaign performance within the Google family through data. Google credits conversions based on how users engage with your campaigns; it then uses your data to find which campaigns are performing best under your larger business goals.

Your Google Ads agency can then use these insights to inform your automated bidding strategy to generate more sales.

Google Discovery Campaigns: Conversion Lift Experiments

As part of their Discovery Campaigns, Google have introduced Conversion Lift Experiments to assess the performance of your campaigns. They brought this new tool in last year, though paired with Google Discovery Campaigns, its impact has been transformative.

Google said: “For advertisers who are running both Discovery ads and Video action campaigns, you can use Conversion Lift based on geography to measure their impact together. Reach out to your Google account representative to learn how you can take part.”

In short, these new tools can help to improve your Discovery Campaigns. By utilising product-level reporting, Conversion Lift Experiments, and the new product feed layout, PPC experts can easily identify which products are driving more interest and channel their resources accordingly.

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Rory Bettany

Rory has worked with a variety of businesses in different industries around the world to deliver results based, data driven digital marketing strategies.

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