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17 Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024


17 Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024

***This post has been updated for 2024***

If you’re seeking a Google Ads company that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than PPC Geeks. We’re not your typical PPC agency; we’re a team of dedicated experts who live and breathe pay-per-click advertising. With a geek-level expertise in PPC, we’re here to help you achieve outstanding results.

At PPC Geeks, we’re not just another PPC agency in London; we’re your partners in growth. Our commitment to clarity, honesty, and excellence sets us apart. We believe in data-backed strategies and crystal-clear communication. We’re dedicated to helping both FT100 companies and SMEs thrive by harnessing the power of PPC marketing.

As a leading Google shopping agency, we understand the importance of data-driven decisions and scalable strategies. Our team of PPC experts is passionate about delivering exceptional results that translate into a healthy return on investment for your business.

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, PPC Geeks stands out as a trusted partner. We’re driven by a passion for helping UK-based businesses succeed. Our devotion to customer service is unmatched, and we strive for continuous improvement, making every day an opportunity for growth.

PPC ads are more than just a marketing tool; they’re a pathway to online success. Whether you’re a Digital Marketing Manager, Head of Department, or a business owner with a substantial marketing budget, investing in PPC ads is a wise choice. With PPC Geeks, you gain access to a team of experts who not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

Discover why PPC Geeks is one of the 17 best PPC Ads agencies in the world. Our unwavering commitment to transparency, exceptional customer service, and results-driven decision-making sets us apart. We invite you to explore our services and experience the difference of working with a PPC agency that’s truly passionate about your success.

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Who are the Best PPC Ads Agencies?

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And so, when searching for the most suited agency for you and your business, it’s an important question to consider: Who are the world’s best PPC Ads agencies? 

Understanding who the best PPC Ads agencies are can prove hugely profitable.

  1. PPC Geeks
  2. KlientBoost
  3. Disruptive Advertising 
  4. AdVenture Media Group 
  5. Ignite Visibility 
  6. JumpFly
  7. Radd Interactive
  8. Savage Global Marketing
  9. Holini
  10. Hanapin Marketing
  11. Art & Science
  12. Rocket Clicks 
  13. UAWC Agency
  14. Webrageous
  15. Loud Mouth Media 
  16. Zeller Media
  17. UAATEAM 

Numerous touchpoints feed into what makes these 17 particular agencies the best PPC Ads agencies in the world. Here’s why in a bit more detail:

Best PPC Ads Agencies 1. PPC Geeks

Points of note: 

  • Google Premier Partner 2023
  • 1-10 employees
  • Founded 2017 

Everybody here at PPC Geeks is very honoured to be the best PPC Ads agency in the world, specialising in creating long-term value and making an impactful mark online and on behalf of our clients. Across the world, one thing is true of our team: PPC Geeks are PPC Ads authorities and appreciate that constructing a healthy PPC Ads campaign takes a lot of help and support, but also expertise, knowledge and a creative touch that many agencies simply cannot compete with. 

Website: PPC Geeks Website 

Reviews: PPC Geeks Reviews

Homepage of PPC Geeks showcasing their award as one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024, with an image of London at twilight and a gold excellence badge

Best PPC Ads Agencies 2. KlientBoost

Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £1,000+
  • £100-£150 / hr
  • Key clients include Bloomberg, Airbnb and Juniper Networks 

KlientBoost is a highly focused group of PPC, SEO and Google Ads experts based in California. With over 50 employees and specialist PPC Ads experience, KlientBoost creates, executes and manages your PPC Ads, marketing your business and generating a healthy ROI whilst being approachable and friendly. As a digital marketer, you may have often asked yourself, which is better: SEO vs PPC? Both are key areas of digital marketing and, as they’re both generally focused on search results, it makes sense to compare the two.

Website: KlientBoost Website

Reviews: KlientBoost Reviews 

KlientBoost's team page, awarded a silver badge as one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024, featuring a diverse team and a bold headline about performance marketing.

Best PPC Ads Agencies 3. Disruptive Advertising

Points of note: 

  • 50-250 employees 
  • 100% PPC Ads focused 
  • Key clients include PennyMac, Adobe and Diesel Power Gear 

In their own words, Disruptive Advertising is passionate about building robust relationships on a foundation that starts building their clients the best PPC Ads campaigns possible. Founded in 2012, Disruptive Advertising radiates a unique USP, resulting in a PPC Ads campaign you can depend on. 

Website: Disruptive Advertising Website 

Reviews Disruptive Advertising Reviews 

Disruptive Advertising homepage with a bronze badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024, highlighting their commitment to partnership and client success.

Best PPC Ads Agencies 4. AdVenture Media Group

Points of note:

  • Minimum project size £10,000+
  • 50-250 employees
  • Located New York, NY 

A PPC and Google Ads agency you can trust, AdVenture Media Group are 100% focused on making money for their profits – on average, they manage around £50 million in media spend. Founded in 2013, AdVenture Media Group are established, experienced and adept at Paid Advertising – making them deserving of a place on our list of the best PPC Ads agencies in the world. 

Website: AdVenture Media Group Website

Reviews: AdVenture Media Group Reviews

Adventure Marketing's homepage displaying a blue award badge for being one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024, with a claim of 100% Neurotic Digital Advertising Services.

Best PPC Ads Agencies 5. Ignite Visibility

Points of note: 

  • 50-250 employees 
  • £100-£150 / hr
  • Key clients include Tony Robbins, The Knot WorldWide and Jazzercise 

Ignite Visibility is one of the most highly recommended, best PPC Ads agencies in the world. With perfect reviews across the board, Ignite Visibility provides one-of-a-kind SEO, Google Ads audit, and, obviously, Pay-per-click advertising. With a record envied by some of the most established names in the marketing sector, Ignite Visibility is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to PPC Ads. If you are a novice in the digital marketing arena, here’s a closer look at PPC ads. 

Website: Ignite Visibility Website

Reviews: Ignite Visibility Reviews

Ignite Visibility's laptop screen displaying a graph with Ignite as a market leader, alongside a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

Best PPC Ads Agencies 6. JumpFly

Points of note: 

  • 85% pay per click focus
  • 4.9/ 5 reviews
  • Key clients include Harvard Business Services, NuWave, TY 

JumpFly’s execution and management of some of the biggest and best PPC campaigns enables them to maximise their results for their clients thanks to their vast and varied experience. Indeed, proper setup of a PPC Ads account is so important for industry-leading businesses, so JumpFly understands more than most just how integral it is to get this right, making them both PPC and Google Ads specialists

Website: JumpFly Website

Reviews: JumpFly Reviews

JumpFly's website header with a blue award emblem for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024, featuring their smart digital marketing services.

Best PPC Ads Agencies 7. Radd Interactive

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2012
  • Key clients include The Honey Pot, Kenco. Corp, and Jerome’s Furniture 
  • 90% focus PPC 

Radd Interactive’s PPC Ads team is the envy of the digital marketing sector, utilising award-winning strategies and experienced creatives to deliver robust campaigns that garner incredible results, be that brand awareness or ROI. A unique Google Ads agency, Radd Interactive are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through PPC advertising. Follow this link to maximise PPC ROI and elevate your campaigns with a professional PPC audit.

Website: Radd Interactive Website

Reviews: Radd Interactive Reviews 

Radd Interactive's website featuring a collaborative team environment and a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

Best PPC Ads Agencies 8. Savage Global Marketing

Points of note: 

  • Located Fort Lauderdale, FL 
  • Minimum project size £5,000+
  • 4.9/ 5 reviews

Savage Global Marketing has the resources, creativity and experienced team to help your business achieve success via PPC advertising. From managing your accounts to turning over a significant profit by implementing a bespoke PPC strategy, Savage Global Marketing certainly deserves a place on our list of the best PPC Ads agencies as their team is, without doubt, made up of some of the best-paid advertising marketers in the world right now. 

Website: Savage Global Marketing Website

Reviews: Savage Global Marketing Reviews

Savage Global Marketing's homepage with a clear call to action, accompanied by a blue award badge as one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024


Best PPC Ads Agencies 9. Holini

Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £25,000+
  • Located Tallinn, Estonia 
  • 10-50 employees 

A vibrant, experienced and award-winning Google Ads company based in Estonia, Holini sets up and executes PPC campaigns for B2B clients with turnovers that reach more than £200 million. Choosing to focus on the things they do best, Holini only hires specialists to work on a client list envied by most of the more recognisable PPC Ads agencies in the world. 

Website: Holini Website

Reviews: Holini Reviews 

Holini's Google Ads agency homepage for B2B tech companies, featuring top client reviews and a blue award badge as one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024

Best PPC Ads Agencies 10. Brainlabs

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2004
  • 50% focus PPC
  • Key clients include The Weather Channel, Home Depot, University of Chicago 

Brainlabs is an industry-leading digital marketing agency that manages campaigns for high-functioning businesses. Their advertising services include paid search, paid social and SEO. Furthermore, Brainlabs’ expertise spans multiple industries and ad channels, and its clientele includes some of America’s biggest businesses. 

Website: Brainlabs Marketing Website 

Reviews: Brainlabs Marketing Reviews 

Brainlabs Digital Marketing Agency homepage with a witty greeting and a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

Next on the List: Best PPC Ads Agencies 11 – 17

11. Art & Science

Points of note: 

  • Located Toronto, Canada 
  • 4.9/5 reviews 
  • Key clients include Toronto International Film Festival, Clearco and Knowledge First Financial 

Art & Science is a multi-award-winning digital agency unlike any other. They combine the creative inspiration of the artist with the analytic rigour of the scientist to produce PPC campaigns that stand out amongst the generic strategies we see every day. With some of the most recognisable names in Canada choosing to work with Art & Science, is there any wonder why they feature so highly on our list? 

Website: Art & Science Website

Reviews: Art & Science Reviews 

Art & Science digital agency's minimalist homepage with a focus on strategy, featuring a blue award for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

12. Rocket Clicks

Points of note: 

  • 5/5 reviews 
  • 60% pay per click 
  • 10-50 employees 

PPC advertising is tough to get right, that’s why it takes a specific type of know-how for it to work, something Rocket Clicks has in spades. Tailoring its strategy and services to fit your business’s unique needs, Rocket Clicks prides itself on its personalised, transparent and comprehensive service. With 5/5 reviews and a steadfast passion for PPC advertising, Rocket Clicks is certainly a force to be reckoned with within the marketing sector. 

Website: Rocket Clicks Website 

Reviews: Rocket Clicks Reviews

Rocket Clicks homepage with a message on digital marketing effectiveness, featuring a blue award badge as one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

13. UAWC Agency

Points of note: 

  • Located Kiev, Ukraine 
  • Founded 2014
  • £25-£50 / hr

Based in the stunning city of Kiev, UAWC doesn’t bother with a USP, rather they have a goal: To bring the relevant audiences to your website and to individualise your website content for each of your users. A bold statement indeed. That said, they are 100% deserving of a place on our list of the best PPC Ads agencies because they get the most out of your campaigns thanks to their thorough research techniques, comprehensive way of working and constant drive to be the best. 

Website: UAWC Agency Website

Reviews: UAWC Agency Reviews 

UAWC agency's homepage featuring a cartoon rocket mascot and a blue award badge, recognized as one of the Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

14. Webrageous

Points of note: 

  • 100% focus PPC
  • Key clients include Bahama Beach Club, National Laser Institute and Attorney Davis Ketchmark 
  • 5/5 reviews

Based in Reno, NV, Webrageous is exceptional at what they do; and what they do is PPC advertising. With 5/5 reviews across the sector, and with a wide and diverse range of clients, this agency has been functioning since 2001 for a good reason: they are exceptional at marketing your business online. Learn more about the crucial role of PPC agencies in modern digital marketing.

Website: Webrageous Website

Reviews: Webrageous Reviews

WebRageous homepage touting PPC expertise with a free consultation offer and a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024

15. Loud Mouth Media

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2011
  • 10-50 employees
  • 4.9/5 reviews

Based in Belfast, Ireland, Loud Mouth Media is a multi-award winning PPC Ads agency that specialises in everything including Paid Search, Paid Social and SEO in particular. Named as a Top 3% PPC Agency by Google, Loud Mouth Media produces spectacular work, earns a healthy ROI for their clients, and works at a hugely enviable rate. 

Website: Loud Mouth Media Website

Reviews: Loud Mouth Media Reviews

Loud Mouth Media's website banner stating 'Stand out from the noise.' with a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024


16. Zeller Media

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2019
  • 2-9 employees
  • Key clients include Titanic Belfast, The IFA, GT Omega 

Zeller Media is a specialist digital marketing agency that specialises in paid search ads. Zeller Media excels in direct response marketing to help businesses generate qualified leads. Working with a wide cross-section of businesses from many sectors including finance, insurance, education, law and gambling, Zeller Media is one of the most upwardly mobile agencies in 2024. 

Website: Zeller Media Website

Reviews: Zeller Media Reviews 


Zeller Media's homepage with a succinct digital marketing agency description and a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024


Points of note: 

  • Founded 2014
  • 50-249 employees
  • Located Vaughan, Canada

UAATEAM prides itself on providing a unique approach for each of its customers. UAATEAM knows exactly how to increase ROI for whatever type of business it services, whether through paid ads on social media, online or via email. 

Website: UAATEAM Website

Reviews: UAATEAM Reviews

UAATeam's homepage with bold 'U Are Awesome' text and a blue award badge for Best PPC Ads Agencies in 2024.

How Do I Choose the Best PPC Ads Agency?

There’s a lot of work that goes into choosing what PPC agency you want to work with. Finding a PPC agency isn’t easy, but consulting a list with as many established agencies as this, it certainly makes the job a whole lot easier. 

From deciding on what price you want to pay to knowing what you want your PPC Ads campaigns to look and feel like, these are just some of the ways of selecting the best PPC agency on the planet. 

Why Invest in PPC Advertising? 

A bespoke PPC campaign can help you increase your ROI and boost sales. Whether it’s vibrant imagery or slick ad copy, a bespoke PPC campaign can be built and managed to target a wide demographic and increase everything from revenue to profit margin. 

In addition, with search advertising spend set to reach £22.8bn, there’s no doubting why you should invest in PPC advertising.

PPC Geeks – PPC Ads Experts

We pride ourselves on what we achieve for our clients daily, be that significant results or helping them put in place a successful PPC Ads campaign. Contact PPC Geeks to see how we can help transform your business through the use of PPC Ads.

We always have your best interests in mind. If you require any help or want to improve your PPC or Google Ads, then invest in one of our 100% FREE PPC Ads audits.



Has worked on hundreds of Google Ads accounts over 15+ years in the industry. There is possibly no vertical that he hasn't helped his clients achieve success in.

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